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Chapter 935: 935

She didn’t say anything but Bi Sheng seemed to know what she was thinking about and said, “The rooms here don’t have keys, just look out for your own belongings . ”

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 “No key? Your inn is weird!” Little Seven exclaimed .

 “In Blood Fiend City, is there a use for keys?” Bi Sheng questioned back .

 “Err… . seems like there’s no use . ” Little Seven continued, “But it’s still a formality . ”

 “Those things are so troublesome . You know my rule, then I don’t have to explain much . ” Bi Sheng lay down after finishing his sentence, without a care if they went up .

 Sima You Yue straightened the corner of her lips, this guy did as he pleased .

 “He is a lazy person, Boss, don’t mind him . ” Shi Chen said .

 Hearing the word, Boss, made Bi Sheng who was dozing off, woke up immediately .

 “Boss, you guys went out and apprenticed yourself to others?” He glanced at Sima You Yue, “Why is it a doll? Don’t tell me you Ten Brothers are living backwards!”

 “Little doll so what, little doll can beat you till all your teeth drop!” Little Seven waved her fist and cried out in disagreement .

 “Not a human?” Bi Sheng stared at Little Seven, then he remembered that something was off, “Shi Chen, have you recovered from your illness? Don’t tell me that you let this person here treat you, then after that you all acknowledge her as Boss?”

 “Something like that . ” Shi Chen didn’t deny .

 Bi Sheng started to show interest in Sima You Yue and said, “What are your intentions coming back here this time? You guys followed him here or he followed you guys here?”

 “Is there a difference?”

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 “Of course . ” Bi Sheng sat up and said, “If you guys followed him here, it means you came here for his business . If he followed you guys here, means he came here for your business . ”

 “We followed him here . ” Feng Kai replied .

 “Strange, you guys not only apprentice yourself and even follow him everywhere, this isn’t like your character . ” Bi Sheng’s body suddenly flashed while he was talking and appeared in front of Sima You Yue, as he raised his palm and struck towards her .

 Sima You Yue felt the swift and fast breeze from his palm, her body dodged and took a step back, avoiding his attack instantly .

 Such a fast speed!

 Bi Sheng narrowed his eyes, watching Sima You Yue’s attack, he clenched his fists and threw forward .

 This guy used his style to fight and counterattacked him!

 “Yue Yue, let me help you!” Little Seven wanted to rush over after rolling up her sleeves .

  “Little Seven, nothing will happen to Boss . ” Shi Chen said as he pulled her .

 “But… . ”

 Little Seven was worried, this ugly person looked powerful, what if Yue Yue got injured by him?

 “Old Bi knows his limits . Didn’t you notice that both of them didn’t use spiritual energy?” Feng Kai said .

 No usage of spiritual energy, purely closed combat .

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 Little Seven knew Sima You Yue was an expert in this, so she felt relieved, she didn’t insist on going, but she was ready to attack anytime .

 Sima You Yue and Bi Sheng fought for ten over minutes, both of them didn’t intend to concede, this shocked Feng Kai and Shi Chen .

 “Old Bi’s physical body attacks are strong, I didn’t expect that after so long, he hasn’t taken down Boss . ” Feng Kai sighed .

 “Old Bi stifled his own strength . And also didn’t use spiritual energy . ” Shi Chen explained .

 “Right . Old Bi’s forte is merging spiritual energy with body, the fighting strength will be filled to bursting . ” Feng Kai continued, “But Boss is considered powerful since they can fight for so long . Even me and you can’t . ”

 “Mm . Agree . ” Shi Chen watched Sima You Yue, “Sometimes I’m wondering if Boss is a demon . ”

 “Might be . But normally those demons weren’t as perverse genius as him . ” Feng Kai agreed . “He is definitely the demon of the demon . ”


 Bi Sheng shouted, both of them separated from each other’s deadlock and stared at each other with alertness .

 “Enough Old Bi, you are someone with age, don’t bully our Boss . ” Shi Chen exclaimed, “If you continue fighting, this shabby house is going to collapse . ”

 “If it really collapses, I will be happy too . ” Bi Sheng looked at Sima You Yue with a desire to fight .

 But Sima You Yue kept her palms back and said,”I don’t intend to play with you . ”

 “Not fighting anymore?” Bi Sheng was happily fighting, how could he just stop half way?

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 “Why should I fight with you?” Sima You Yue shot a glance at him and said, “You attacked me for no reason, I have yet to settle this with you!”

 “Then come settle with me . ” Bi Sheng said .

 “Not interested . ” Sima You Yue turned around and walked up the stairs while saying, “Little Seven, let’s go and rest . ”

 “Okay . ” Little Seven knew how Bi Sheng felt, where he wanted to fight but he couldn’t, the unbearable feeling when he was kept in suspension . Yue Yue’s method for this is great .

 Bi Sheng watched as Sima You Yue really went off, he didn’t agree with it and launched a surprise attack from Sima You Yue’s back .


 Sima You Yue turned around and stared at him, suddenly, he was stuck in midair and couldn’t move at all . His mouth seemed to be muttering something, but no voice could be heard .

 “Hahaha!” Little Seven laughed hysterically while looking at his comical looks .

 “Let’s go Little Seven . ” Sima You Yue said .

 She watched, as the stairs were on the verge of collapsing, struggled for a while and gave up, she flew up to the second floor, Little Seven followed and went up .

 On the second storey’s corner, she mumbled “Break”, Bi Sheng then fell from midair .

 When Bi Sheng fell, he stood up and raised his head, he realised that Sima You Yue was already gone .

 “****, this brat is actually an Array Master! Why didn’t you tell me!” He shouted at Feng Kai and the rest .

 “You attacked our Boss without even asking anything . ” Feng Kai gloatfully said, “Our Boss treated you fair enough when he didn’t pursue this matter with you . ”

 “You both ******! See if I beat you to death!”

 “You can’t kill us last time, this time will be the same . ” Shi Chen remarked .

 “Last time you guys had ten people, now it’s only two . I will kill you both first and think about it later . ”

 “Now, we have a Boss . ” Feng Kai didn’t mind pulling Sima You Yue into this .

 “You… . . You have guts!”

 “Old Bi, what do you think of our Boss?” Feng Kai asked .

 “Not bad, he shows some competence!” Bi Sheng continued, “Although I didn’t use spiritual energy, he is the first one who could close combat with me for this long . Speed, viciousness and accuracy, he doesn’t lack any of these, shows that he is someone with a lot of battle experience . If he goes to the Blood Arena, surely he can fight till the top five hundred . ”

 “Top five hundred?” Shi Chen shaked his head, “If he went, he would fight till the end . ”

 “You guys better not underestimate the people in the Blood Arena, once they fight, they fight with their life!” Bi Sheng continued, “But, you guys never bowed your heads down to others, why did you apprentice yourself to him? Shi Chen, has your body really recovered?”

 “Mm, it’s fully recovered . ” Shi Chen nodded .

 “Then what’s your motive for coming back here this time?” All the debris from the tables and chairs from the fight just now disappeared after Bi Sheng waved his hand .

 “To recruit people . ” Shi Chen uttered, “How, would you like to mix with us?”

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