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Chapter 934: 934
Chapter 934: Blood Fiend City

After a few days, Sima You Yue led Little Seven, along with Feng Kai and Shi Chen by her side and showed up in front of a city gate .

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The escorts from Feng’s family came out before she left, saying that wherever she went, they had to follow her, protecting her safety .

Sima You Yue couldn’t fight with their stubborness, so she had no choice but to keep them inside the Little Realm, this time round she kept all of them inside, so Feng One or Feng Two wouldn’t have to fight over who to stand beside her .

“Boss, this is Blood Fiend City . ” Shi Chen said, “Once we step into this city gate, we have to follow the rules here . ”

“This is the rule of Blood Fiend City’s City Lord?” Sima You Yue questioned .

“No, this rule is acknowledged by everyone . Whoever dares to defy the rule, everyone in the city won’t allow him to stay here . ” Shi Chen explained .

“The name, Blood Fiend City sounds bloody, but don’t allow any murder inside . This rule is weird . ” Little Seven said .

“Blood Fiend City stood for a long time without any of the influences, it doesn’t let any influences tie them down . Those who came here while they were being hunted will be protected . As long as they don’t step out of this city, they won’t be hunted by their foe . ” Feng Zhi said, “So basically, most of the people here have foes . ”

“Why those foes that came here won’t kill them?” Little Seven was puzzled, “If it was me, even if he ran in, I would still kill him . ”

“Blood Fiend City City Lord’s background is very mysterious, not many have seen them before . But their strengths are strong . Someone tried to kill their foe by disregarding the rules here and insisted that Blood Fiend City to hand over his foe and despite having quite a bit of power, they wanted to force their way in and attack the city, but ended up running away with their tails in between their legs . ” Feng Kai said .

“So powerful?”

“This thing happened a thousand years ago, but from then on, nobody dared to come here to stir problems . Those fugitives that came in here is equivalent to entering a sturdy cage . ” Shi Chen said .

“Sturdy cage?” Sima You Yue peered at him, “Why didn’t you guys come here in the first place?”

“We came here before and lived here for a period of time . Then we left . ” Shi Chen explained .

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“Why leave?”

“There’s no freedom here . ” Shi Chen said, “That feeling, being trapped here forever, doesn’t feel comfortable . And…”

“And what?”

“Here, we can’t gain strength . ”

“Can’t gain strength?”

“Yes, no matter how we cultivate, our strength won’t grow . When you come here with whatever strength you had, after one hundred years, your strength will still be the same, it won’t improve . ”

“There’s even such a weird thing? Why?”

“I don’t know . Maybe the price of these people being able to live, is that their strength can’t progress forever . ” Feng Kai guessed .

“Is this a deal… . ” Sima You Yue hooked up an interested smile . “Let’s go, let us go and see how Blood Fiend City looks like . ”

Four of them walked to the city gate, there were no guards on watch, but the city gate was closed tightly .

Shi Chen took out ten top-graded crystals and put it in a dark groove on the city wall, after the dark groove took it in, the city gate gradually opened .

“This is so mystical!” Little Seven raised her head as she watched the huge door, her eyes widened in shock .

“Nobody managed this place at all, if you want to go in, you just need to put top graded crystals . ” Shi Chen explained .

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“This is amazing!” Little Seven felt the door with her hands, but didn’t find anything different .

“Let’s go in . ” Feng Kai told Sima You Yue who was in a daze .

Sima You Yue kept her gaze from the door, nodded at Feng Kai and said, “Okay . ”

They went into the city, the city gate closed heavily soon after they stepped in, hearing that dulled noise, Sima You Yue subconsciously knitted her brows .

“Brother Feng Kai, are we going straight to recruit people?” Little Seven asked .

“It’s morning now, nobody is out yet, we are going to find an inn to rest in . ” Feng Kai answered .

“Then will we come out at night again? How are we going to recruit? Right away?”

“You will know when the night comes . ” Feng Kai smiled and said, “We can’t discuss this here, we will get beaten . ”

“Is someone going to beat me? Great, let them come!”

Feng Kai’s face was filled with black lines, he felt that he couldn’t communicate with her .

Sima You Yue shaked her head and held Little Seven’s hand and said, “Let’s go, we will go look for an inn to stay . ”

“In the past when we lived here, we had a friend, he happened to open an inn, let’s go there . ” Feng Kai said .

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“Mm . ”

They walked around the city for two hours before they walked to the inn .

“Many people reside here, so there are very few inns . The one that we are heading to, is a bit shabby, but it’s the nearest one to us . ” Feng Kai explained, ” The inn’s shopkeeper looks a little scary, his temper isn’t good as well, but once he acknowledges you, he will treat you sincerely from the bottom of his heart . We are here . ”

Sima You Yue looked up at the so-called inn, it was a house fully made of wood, almost eroded by the wind, the inn’s door frame was halved, it was hanging crookedly on the main door . One of the worn out wooden doors had a hole in it, another one dropped on the floor after being blown by the wind and shattered into pieces .

This was … . . a little worn-out?

A guy with the left side of his face burnt, wearing a hemp garment walked out from inside, picked up that few pieces of wood and threw it to a side and said, “Seriously, what kind of evil wind blows early in the morning?!”

“I asked you to change the door a long time ago, you are just too lazy . Now the wind will help you to change it . ” Feng Kai said while holding both his arms looking at that guy .

When that guy saw Feng Kai and the rest, he seemed a little shocked, raised his brows and said, “I was wondering, why would the door drop, it turns out that you guys did it . You walked away for so many years, why did you come back?”

“I came back for some business . ” Shi Chen replied, “Old Bi, do you still have rooms here?”

Bi Sheng shot a glance at Sima You Yue and said, “Since when do I not have rooms here . Come in . ”

Sima You Yue and Little Seven went in, thinking that they would see a sloppy inn, although the things here were old, they didn’t expect that it would be clean .

“Why is it only you two? Where are the brothers in your family?” Bi Sheng went behind the counter, brought out an old book and asked without even lifting his head .

“They are outside . ” Shi Chen answered .

Bi Sheng took a look at his book, raised his head and asked, “How many of you are staying?”

“We have four, two rooms will do . ” Feng Kai answered .

“Four people, how would two room suffice?”

“Your rooms here are so expensive, if I get another two rooms, wouldn’t that be giving you a chance to suck my money?” Feng Kai raised his brows, “Unless you give it to us for free . ”

“You can just get those two rooms then . ” Bi Sheng continued, “The two rooms at the end of the second floor, go yourself . ”

Sima You Yue watched him closing his book, preparing to lay down on his lounge chair at the back and glimpsed at Feng Kai puzzledly .

Did the shopkeeper overlook something?

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