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Chapter 927: 927
Chapter 927: Establishing a sect (2)

“Is there anyone else coming?” Sima You Yue’s curiosity was piqued as she asked .

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“Hahaha, of course . ” A cheery voice sounded out .

Sima You Yue’s eye lit up the moment she heard the voice and cried out with joy, “Godfather!”

“Haha, great, you still remember your Godfather!” Wu La Mai’s voice resounded as a group of people walked out .

“Godfather, Godmother, Brothers, what are you doing here?” Sima You Yue flew up to greet them .

“Your establishment of a sect is such an important event, how could you not let us know? If not for the fact that Third Mo happened to be with us, we would not even have known about this!” Wu La Er said rather bitterly .

“That’s right, younger sis, you shouldn’t have been like this!” Wu La Xiu said .

“Yes, I shouldn’t have been like this . However, it’s not that big a deal . I didn’t want to have to trouble you to run all the way here . I was wrong, I’ll let my Big Brothers scold me later, okay?” Sima You Yue went up to hold on to Shui Qing Man’s hand, saying, “(Adopted) Godmother, how has your body been lately? Your complexion doesn’t look that good, I’ll take a look at you soon . ”


Wu La Xiu and the others burst into laughter, saying,’ Godmother is neither sick nor injured, it’s that she has a baby inside her . ”

“Godmother is expecting?” Sima You Yue looked at Shui Qing Man with shock .

Shui Qing Man nodded .

“If Godmother is pregnant, she should be recuperating in the Ninth Star Ocean . Why did you come here . You make me feel guilty!” Sima You Yue hurriedly went down to find a seat for her .

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“The moment we received the news, we all rushed here . It’s been a long time since you came back to visit us . I missed you, that’s why I came . ” Shui Qing Man said, “In any case, we wanted to see how the contin

“Let me give you an examination . ” Sima You Yue took her hand . It was only after ascertaining that she was fine that she relaxed .

“I already told you that I’m fine . I’m just a little tired . I’ll be fine with some rest . ”Shui Qing Man said gently .

“Tenth Sis, when we knew that you were establishing a sect today, we hurried over and didn’t prepare any proper gifts . We could only bring you some things from the ocean . ” Wu La Jian said .

Cheng Xiang walked up and gave a few interspatial items to Sima You Yue, saying, “Congratulations, Tenth Princess, on your establishment of your sect . ”

“Thank you, Godfather, Godmother, and my brothers . Thank you, Cheng Xiang . ” Sima You Yue walked up and accepted it . She exerted her senses and saw the things inside . She couldn’t help but cry out, “You guys didn’t just shift all your treasuries over, did you?”

“No way . We just bought two of the larger ones . ” Wu La Xiu said .

“Only two…” Sima You Yue pursed her lips . She knew about their treasuries . The smaller ones were equivalent to the riches of an entire nation . Now, they had shifted over two of the larger ones…

“Anyway, those items are just lying around . The sect you establish will definitely be a big one, so we gave you a few more things . It’s just a little bit of our sincerity . You can just relax and accept these things . ” Wu La Jian said .

“That’s right . You are our tenth princess . How could the sect you establish be run down!” Wu La Bo added on .

“Then I’ll have to thank Godmother, Godfather and my brothers . ” Sima You Yue said with a smile .

Ximen Qi and the others were stunned by their sudden appearance . Tenth Princess? What tenth princess?

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“These are the ninth star ocean’s violet water dragon king and queen, along with their nine sons . The dragon king has adopted You Yue as their adopted daughter, which is why she is their tenth princess . ” Ximen Feng explained .

Elder Mu was incredibly surprised . He knew of the ninth star ocean, and knew of the violet water dragon clan . He didn’t think that You Yue was actually the princess of the dragon water clan!

“Hey, how could you guys give her the gifts so quickly!” Third Mo cried out, “Your gifts are so huge, how could I take out what I have?”

“Enough, just let me go first . Otherwise, once you give yours, I wouldn’t be able to lift my head . ” Qin Mo said .

“No way, your family is too rich . There’s no way I’ll go after you . ” Third Mo said as he took out a box and handed it to Sima You Yue . “Here, a gift for you . Congratulations on setting up a sect . It’s a pity that I cannot join it . Otherwise, I’d love to give the vice-leader position a go . ”

Sima You Yue opened the cage . All she saw inside it was a tiny map . On it was a red line . When she took it out and looked at it, she got a shock .

“What is it?” Wu La Li rushed over and asked, not understanding the map .

“This is a vein of ore . ” Sima You yue said, “This guy, are you having fun looking for veins of ores? You gave a vein of ore just like that!”


A vein of ore!

Everyone was in chaos . How coveted was a vein of ore? Even in establishing the sect, You Yue only had one . This guy actually gave her one?

“You don’t have to be that surprised . It’s not like you can’t tell . This vein of ore isn’t even big . ” Third Mo said, “It’s one that I happened to find last time . I’ve already marked it, you can just go ahead and dig it with no worry . ”

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“Then I’ll have to thank you!” Sima You Yue beamed as she kept the map away .

Qin Mo glared at Third Mo, “I knew I shouldn’t have let you go first, this guy!”

“Hehe, even if you don’t say anything, You Yue wouldn’t say anything!” Third Mo beamed as he sat on a seat by the side .

“Although I can’t really bear to take it out, since I’ve already prepared it, then just accept that bit of my sincerity . ”Qin Mo said as he took out a box and handed it to her .

Third Mo blinked in surprise . It was such a small box, just what gift could it contain? This guy couldn’t possibly have gifted her a piece of paper, right?

Sima You Yue opened it, and there was really a piece of paper inside . However, it wasn’t like what Third Mo thought it to be . Instead, it was thickly folded .

Sima You Yue took the piece of paper and looked at it before turning to look at Qin Mo with shock .

“This is all due to my own efforts . It has nothing to do with my clan . ” Qin Mo said .

Third Mo rushed up and looked at that piece of paper, saying, “Whoa, this guy . You actually gifted You Yue the entire Memory Restaurant? There’s even a shop, another shop, yet another shop, they’re all shops! Hey, Qin Brat, you have a few thousand shops and you’re giving them all away?

Qin Mo kept the piece of paper away and placed it into the box, “If you want to establish an influence, you have to use these . ”

“Thank you . ” Sima You Yue said gratefully .

All the things that they had gifted her were useful . It was also the fastest way for her to get manpower . If she had gone to do these on her own, it’s not that she wouldn’t have been able to, but that she’d have to waste a lot of energy and resources .

Furthermore, the amount of money was incredibly shocking! Who gifted someone else a vein of ore and a thousand shops?

Damn, their hearts were about to leap out of their chests!

The more they looked on, the more they realised that every single one of You Yue’s friends were terrifying .

Alright, let’s begin . ” Sima You Yue Said, “Today, everyone is gathered in the hall to celebrate, and you can take it that the entire of our sect has gathered together . The leader is Feng’er, and there will be multiple branches; alchemy, tools, beast tamers and array masters . When we return, everybody is to select one . If you do not know of any, you will just be a disciple of the Tempest Hall . We…”

Suddenly, there was something that happened that interrupted Sima You Yue…

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