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Chapter 926: 926
Chapter 926: Establishing a sect (1)

Sima You Yue’s courtyard was on the top of the mountain, and Ximen Feng was beside her . The Mountain Valley was in a L shape, and the distance between her courtyard and the front of the mountain valley was a thousand metres . There was even a bend .

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Once she led everyone out, the initially boisterous mountain valley immediately quieted down . Everyone watched the encroaching silhouettes with bated breaths .

“That’s- that’s boss…” Dai Yi swallowed the wine in his mouth as he breathed out .

“That’s really… Boss!” Ni An Yi felt as if his heart was about to leap out of his chest as it thumped heavily and rose to his throat .

Nobody dared to speak loudly, afraid to profane this beautiful moment .

“See, I told you that they would definitely be shocked!” Ximen Li ran beside Sima You Yue and said gleefully into her ear .

“You Yue’s charm isn’t even hindered by her male clothes . Much less so for her in female clothes . ” Bei Gong Tang said . “If you tarry any longer, they’re going to start drooling on the floor . ”

Sima You Yue smiled . It’d been too long since she wore a dress and was a little unused to it . As she was about to head over, a portal appeared in the space above and Wu Lingyu walked out .

He noticed Sima You Yue in female clothes immediately .

A hint of shock flashed in his eyes as his eyebrows furrowed . He was rather upset .

“Done settling your things?” Sima You Yue looked at him, very satisfied with the way his expressions changed .

Wu Lingyu walked over and grabbed her hand, saying, “There’s still a little bit left but I rushed back . ”

In front of everyone else, she didn’t pry . “Since you’re back, you should join the celebration . ”

“Is Feng’er not yet back?”

“He should be back soon . Even if he can’t pick Xiang Yi up, he should return on his own . I’ve already told him what time the event would be . ” Sima You Yue said .

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“Then let’s head over . ” Wu Lingyu held her hand and pulled her over . On the way, those people watched them openly holding hands with fuming red eyes, and their hearts burned with envy .

Bei Gong Tang walked behind him and said as she watched the both of them, “They’re more compatible the more I look at them . ”

“What do you mean compatible? It’s obviously an affront to the eyes . ” Sima You Yue glared hatefully at their hands, barely able to stop himself from going up to pull them apart .

Irksome, irksome . It was truly irksome!

“Mm hmm . It really is irksome . ” Sima You Ran agreed, “She is clearly our sister, how could she hold the hand of someone else?”

“We can’t stand for this . ” Sima You Ran said .

“We can’t accept it . ” Sima You Qi agreed, “She’s our sister . How can we let her be cheated away so easily?”

“Yeah . We have to think of a way . ”

“I agree . ”

Everyone heard what the four brothers were discussing, and they couldn’t help but sweat for Wu Lingyu .

This guy was finished . If it were others who wanted to test him, he might have passed with flying colours . However, they were You Yue’s brothers . No matter what they did, he would have to endure and not fight back .

Haha, why was it that when they thought about this, they were all rather happy?

They were really looking forward to it…

Sima You Yue arrived in front of everyone and Ni An Yi was the first to run up .

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“Oh damn, Boss . You’re beautiful! If I knew that you were female earlier, I would definitely have pursued you!”

The moment he heard this, Wu Lingyu furrowed his eyebrows and his brothers face-palmed .

Gone . This guy couldn’t avoid it this time .

Shi Chen went up and dragged him back, saying, “It would have been useless even if you had known earlier on . You should just hurry back now . ”

“Ahhh, I’m still talking to the boss!” Ni An Yi cried out, “Boss, you…”

Shi Chen covered his mouth with a palm . My Good Brother, I’m doing this for our own good! Didn’t you see that the guy beside her has an expression so dangerous it could kill .

Sima You Yue saw the way Shi Chen was acting and couldn’t help but laugh . With that single chuckle, the sky lost its colour and everyone was captivated by her smile .

The sky suddenly split apart as three people walked out .

When they saw the dazed looks of everyone below, Kong Xiang Yi turned around to look at Ximen Feng .

They didn’t get it wrong, did they?

“Let’s go” Ximen Feng pulled on her hand as he flew beside Sima You Yue .

“You’re back? We were waiting for you . ” Sima You Yue smiled at the couple .

“Whoa, You Yue . You’re so beautiful in female clothing! If I were a man, I would definitely pursue you!” Kong Xiang Yi pulled on Sima You Yue’s arm as she checked her out, beaming .

Wu Lingyu really wanted to say that he wouldn’t be calculative since it was a female that said it, but he was really upset, okay? Really upset!

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“Then, do you want me to research a pill for you to change your gender?” Sima You Yue said with a smile, before turning around to that old person, “This is?”

“He is my Master . He is not from Kong Valley, and will not speak of our situation . Master was worried for me, so…” Kong Xiang Yi felt like she had let Sima You Yue down .

“This old man has said that I will not expose anything you’ve done . I will naturally have sealed it with a heavenly oath . ” The senior said .

Heavenly oath? Sima You Yue was shocked .

“Master has sworn…” Kong Xiang Yi said .

Sima You Yue didn’t think that the senior would be so resolute as she said with a smile, “Since he is your master, he is naturally our senior . Feng Zhi, please lead the guest up to a seat of honor . ”

Feng Zhi went forwards and cupped his fists in salute to the senior, saying, “Senior Mu, please . ”

The moment he went forwards, he spoke his name . This showed that Feng Zhi recognised him .

“The Ten Great Evils . ” Senior Mu narrowed his eyes at Feng Zhi as he looked at him .

Feng Zhi smiled and didn’t deny it, making another gesture to invite him along .

Senior Mu kept away his look of surprise as he followed him to the seat of honour .

Ximen Feng brought Kong Xiang Yi in front of Ximen Li and, before she said anything, Ximen Li went forward to hold Kong Xiang Yi’s hand, saying, “Future sister-in-law, I thought that you wouldn’t come today! You’re so pretty . ”

Kong Xiang Yi had a rather open personality and, now that she saw Ximen Li, called her Future Sister-in-law, turning her face red .

“You should be Li, right . I heard your brother mention you . He was ecstatic to hear that you were still alive . This is a gift for you . We prepared it in a hurry, don’t disdain it . ” Kong Xiang Yi said as she took out a box and handed it to Ximen Li .

“Whoa, I really have a gift!” Ximen Li took the box happily as an emerald bracelet lay in it .

“The bracelet is helpful for defense . It can deflect attacks from a monarch ranked expert three times . ” Ximen Feng explained from the side .

Ximen Li was relatively weak right now, so this was very useful for her right now .

She kept the box away and said happily, “Thank you, future sister-in-law . ”

“Sect Leader, Yue, the celebration is about to begin . ” Ximen Qi walked over and said, “Yue, when will your friends be coming?”

“One of them is coming soon . I am uncertain whether or not the other will be coming . ” Sima You Yue said, “His whereabouts are unknown and I wonder if I can contact him . ”

“You Yue, I’m upset with what you said . You’re establishing a sect . Of course I have to be here . ”

Space split open and a portal appeared as Qin Mo along with Third Mo who had disappeared for a long time emerged from it . After they came out, the portal remained open, signalling that someone was still inside and waiting to come out .

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