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Chapter 924: 924
Chapter 924: Little Seven wants to become a teacher

After half an hour, Ni Ai Yi returned .

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“I’m back! Boss said that everyone should gather together tomorrow night to celebrate . She will wear female clothes out when the time comes . ” Ni An Yi told them about the news that he had just received .

Unexpectedly, he came back safe and sound without losing any of his limbs . He didn’t even have a single bruised eye or torn clothes .

“You actually came back safely?!” Dai Yi’s eyes opened wide as he looked at him with disbelief .

“Should you be that surprised that I came back without harm? Your eyes are about to fall out of your heads . ” Ni An Yi sat back in his original seat .

“I say, didn’t you go and ask Boss to wear female clothes?” You Si asked .

“That’s right!” Ni An yi nodded proudly, saying, “I went to tell the Boss, I asked if she was really female and she admitted to it . Then, I acted like I was hurt and finally suggested for her to put on some female clothes so we could take a look . She then said that she plans to wear female clothes at the meeting tomorrow . I came back after that . ”

“Nobody beat you up?” Hong Wu asked .

“No?” Ni An Yi said, “What, did you think that I would get beaten up?”

“It’s so strange that you didn’t get beaten up!” You Si said .

“No way!”

“No, why did you think that I would be beaten up?” Ni An Yi didn’t understand . What did the disappointed looks in the eyes of these guys mean?

“What about Wu Lingyu?”

“They say he went to pick someone up . ” Ni An Yi said, “It seems he went to pick up Boss’s brothers . ”

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“No wonder . ” Looks of revelation appeared on their expressions .

They just knew it . How could he have just run over without getting beaten up . It turns out that he wasn’t even there to begin with .

It was only now that Ni An Yi reacted and jumped up with his finger pointed at them, “Oh great, you all knew that I would get beaten up but you still let me go . You guys are really…”

“We wanted to pull on you but we weren’t in time . Who asked you to run off so quickly . ” Shi Chen said lightly .

Intentionally being too slow and not making it in time to stop him . It was basically the same thing .

Ni An Yi understood this point and he sat back down, fuming .

These guys, how did he not know how cruel they were before?

“We’ll be able to see her in female clothes tomorrow . I’m really curious!” Feng Kai said .

“Mm, I can’t imagine it . ”

“We’ll know once tomorrow comes . ”

“It’s the first time that I’ve looked forward to the next day . ”

“It seems so . ”

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Ni An Yi was speechless . Could they not see how angry he was right now?

Fine, these guys were ignoring him on purpose .

On the second day, in Sima You Yue’s house .

Ximen Li, Third Aunt Du and Little Wu were currently helping Sima You Yue clean up the house .

“Third Aunt, I won’t have any opportunity to use these things . ” Sima You Yue took down the things that were above her head, “If there are so many accessories, you’ll flatten my head into a pancake!”

“Today is the day that the sect will be established . You have to dress yourself up well . ” Third Aunt Du said .

“Third Aunt, the leader of the sect is Feng’er, not me . I don’t have to dress up . I can just look like how I always do . ” Sima You Yue said .

“It’s Feng’er in name, but in everyone’s hearts, you are the real sect leader . ” Third Aunt Du said, “Everyone has great expectations for how you’ll look today . ”

“That still doesn’t warrant this . ” Sima You Yue used the mirror to take a look at her unadorned hair . From the jewelry box, she found a blood jade hairpin and stuffed it into her hair . “Done . ”

She wore a white skirt, with a red phoenix vividly dancing along the edges . On her sleeves were a few red accompanying decorations, with a red belt that accentuated her slender waist .

Right now, with the addition of the blood red jade hairpin, it tied the outfit together nicely .

“Eldest Sister, do you want to put on makeup?” Ximen Li took out some items to put on her makeup as she looked to her in question .

Sima You Yue shook her head to reject it . She hated dusting these kinds of things on her face .

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“Hehe, Eldest Sister doesn’t need these make up products to look good . Look at your skin, it’s flawless . ” Ximen Li said, “Now that you mention it, Eldest Sister and I are of the same age . However, Eldest Sister has always looked younger than me . ”

“Look at you, your mouth is so sweet . ” Sima You smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror .

Ximen Li hugged Sima You Yue from behind, saying, “No matter what Eldest Sister becomes, you will always be my Eldest Sister . The three of us siblings have to remain together always .

“Alright . ” Sima You Yue smiled sweetly .

Although they had gone through so much and her heart still hurt when she thought about it, she was very grateful that she was still able to have her relatives with her .

“Do you think my future brother-in-law will be coming today?” Ximen Li asked .

“He should be . ” Sima You Yue said, “We’ll have to see whether or not your second brother will be able to make it here in time . ”

“I’m able to see your significant other, hehe . I’ll get to know Eldest Sister’s friends that you made in your new life!” Ximen Li said, “I’ve heard you talk so much about them and I’m so curious . As for your older brothers . Will they take me as their younger sister?”

“If they found out that they had another younger sister, they would definitely be really happy . ” Sima You Yue said with a smile, “They always complain that I don’t look like a younger sister at all . I was unable to let them fulfill their roles as my protector . Now that they have you, their protective older brother sides will finally reveal themselves . ”

“I used to be the youngest, and I’m still the younger now . ” Ximen Li said, “Actually, I’ve wanted to be an older sister . The feeling of being able to protect a younger one isn’t bad . ”

“You have one . Isn’t Little Wu younger than you?” Sima You Yue said, “If you guys stick together, you’ll be able to protect Little Wu . ”

“That’s true!” Ximen Li said to Little Wu, who was standing by the side, “I’ll protect you in the future!”

Little Wu pursed her lips, saying, “I will be very strong in the future, too!”

“Even the strong need people to protect them!” Ximen Li beamed, “If bad guys bully you, jus tlet me know . I’ll help you beat them up . ”

Sima You Yue heard her tone and felt a headache coming on .

“Li’er, don’t’ hang out with Little Seven anymore . ”

“Why?” Ximen Li looked at her older sister with confusion .

“She will transfer her bandit aura onto you . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Eldest Sister, are you talking about beating them up?” Ximen Li said, “Little Seven is right about that . If words are no longer useful, you should use your fists to speak . She also said that a woman should be stronger . Only then will she not be bullied . She even wants to teach me a martial art . She said that after the contract, I will be much stronger . I’ll even be better at beating people up!”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips, “Did she really say that?”

If she really did say that, then she would have to have a good talk with Little Seven to stop her from teaching her little sister from becoming someone who kept talking about beating people up!

“Yue Yue, Yue Yue, they’re here…” Little Seven ran in from outside . She saw that the way Sima You Yue looked at her was different from the usual, and shrunk her neck in .

It seemed like she didn’t do anything bad today, right? Why was she looking at her like that? Her gaze was a little off . Should she retreat?!

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