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Chapter 921: 921
Chapter 921: Ringed silkworm acceptance

“Ping ping pong pong… . ”

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“Again, one more . ”


The miasma here was so thick that they couldn’t even see anything more than three metres deep .

Third Aunt Du was outside the miasma, she couldn’t see the scenes inside and only managed to hear wailings coming from inside, she couldn’t help but worried for Sima You Yue .

But she couldn’t go in so she could only wait outside anxiously, walking to and fro .

“Third Aunt, you don’t have to worry, they even handled the poison substance in the inner regions, moreover, it’s only ringed silkworms . ” Ruo Li comforted her, “Also, even though the ringed silkworms are vicious and love to fight, their fighting strength isn’t strong . I believe they will handle this fast . ”

“Mm . ” Third Aunt Du said, “I hope so . Little Seven’s fighting strength made others gasp in admiration, that Senior Brother of You Yue’s, I don’t see what he is capable of . ”

“Indeed, he makes people feel like he is deeply hidden . ” Ruo Li continued, “Also, he has an aura that I don’t like . At first I thought it was a dark aura, but his body definitely gives off a bright aura and he also cultivated Sage Pavilion’s core array, that makes others feel that he is pure and holy . Since then, I felt that my senses were wrong . ”

“That’s weird?” Third Aunt Du continued, “Could he be someone dangerous?”

“Maybe my senses were wrong at that point of time . ” Ruo Li said, “You know, us green silkworms are close to nature, which makes us sensitive to dark things . We can sense it even if something is a little off . ”

“I know what you are capable of . ” Third Aunt Du said, “But maybe this time you are wrong . You Yue’s Senior Brother is the holy son of the Sage Pavilion, he is also Divine Devil Valley Master’s disciple, naturally, he doesn’t belong to the dark attributes . ”

“Mm, maybe my senses were wrong . ” Ruo Li said .

“AH——don’t burn! Don’t burn!”

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The screams coming from inside interrupted both of them chattering, after Third Aunt Du heard this, she smiled and said, “Looks like You Yue and the others won . ”

“I told you, you don’t have to worry . ” Ruo Li said .

In the miasma, Little Vermilion bird wandered around the forest, it knocked into trees from time to time and an old tree that was ten thousand years old became ashes in the blink of an eye .

Sima You Yue held the flame in her hands, facing the ringed silkworm that was beaten badly by three of them and said, “How was it, do you all also want to try the power of my Little Birdie?”

“No! No!” The ringed silkworm’s King shouted, “We are willing to listen to you, stop burning!”

“I thought you guys wanted to fight us?” Little Seven waved her fist .

The ringed silkworm’s King looked at her and quickly kowtowed and pleaded, “We dare not, we dare not, we were wrong, we were wrong, young lady have mercy on us . ”

“Hmph, this guy has no guts!” Little Seven looked at its terrified face, who doesn’t show any characteristic of a King .

Look at Jiu Yin, with his temperament, that was noble and immaculate! This poison silkworm’s King’s … . status was lowered!

“I am not going to waste our time . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I came here for something . ”

“What, what thing?” The ringed silkworm’s King asked, trembling in fear .

“We want your silk . ”

“Want our silk?” He was stunned for a moment before he asked, “How much do you want?”

“All . ”

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“All, all?” The whole ringed silkworm clan asked .


Little Birdie flew around them in a circle, they were so scared that they lay down immediately and didn’t dare to move .

Little Seven winked at Little Birdie, what a clever guy!

“We have some silk this past few years, if you want it then take it . ” The ringed silkworm’s King said .

“Not enough . ” Sima You Yue shook her head .

“Still not enough?” At this point of time, the ringed silkworm’s King had no other ways .

“We build a force in the central regions, next time we want to set up a spirit cloth business . ” Sima You Yue continued, “We want you to supply us with silk . ”


“If you guys are willing to join our forces, then you will be one of us . ” Sima You Yue said, “If you are one of us, you will also get quite a lot of benefits . But if you don’t want to join us… . ”

“We are cruel to outsiders . We might even beat you up for nothing . ” Little Seven threatened .

After hearing her words, its body shivered unconsciously .

“If we join, what benefits will we get?” The ringed silkworm’s King asked .

“I heard that other than eating poison, you guys also like to eat crystals and herbs . ” Sima You Yue continued, “For poison, we don’t have the capability to manufacture it on a large scale, but we can fulfill the other two things for you . If you join us then you don’t have to waste your effort to look for crystals and herbs, how about that?”

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“I need to discuss with my clan members . ” ringed silkworm’s King said, “I am an open-minded King . ”

All three of them looked at the round and dark guy speechlessly .

This narcissistic ugly guy really made others feel like poking their own eyes .

“Go ahead . ” Sima You Yue said, “I will give you ten minutes . ”

A group of ringed silkworms dragged their own injured bodies, gathered around and started their rustling discussions . In order to prevent You Yue from listening to what they talked about, they even used their own clan language .

After ten minutes, Sima You Yue faked a cough and those guys immediately ran behind the ringed silkworm’s King .

“Done discussing?” She asked .

“Yeah . ” ringed silkworm’s King continued, “If you want us to join you, fine, but there shouldn’t be a lack of crystals and herbs for us . ”

“No problem . ” Sima You Yue agreed .

“And also, you can’t make us leave here . ” The ringed silkworm’s King said, “We have lived here for a few generations, if you make us leave here, it’s equivalent to leaving our native’s hometown . I won’t agree to that . ”

“We don’t intend to migrate you . ” Sima You Yue continued, “You can live here as long as you want . ”


“Why would I bluff you . ” Sima You Yue continued, “We let you join us because we only wanted your silk, not to sell yourself for slavery . ”

Although they didn’t like the sentence selling oneself for slavery, but since they didn’t have to leave here and they could only turn with their crystals and herbs, then they could have all the silk they wanted!

“Good, then we will agree to join your clan . ” ringed silkworm’s King said .

“Mm, after I have done researching the antidote for inner regions, someone will get in touch with you to make arrangements . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Now, give me all the silk you’ve produced so far . ”

“There’s one more request . ” The ringed silkworm’s King continued, “Since we are a part of your clan, next time if there are any attacks from the poison creatures, you have to protect us!”

“If you are one of us, nobody will dare to bully you in Heartbreak valley anymore . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But if you go out to break the law and commit crimes yourself, don’t blame us for ignoring you . ”

“Alright . ”

With this assurance, it was better than nothing . The ringed silkworm’s King comforted himself before he ordered his members to carry out all the silk that they produced .

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