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Chapter 920: 920

Jiu Yin’s eyes changed after hearing it .

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 “I know, nine turns snow silkworm will need to turn in no time . A segment will be added to your body after every turn . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But every turn is hard for snow silkworm . It was alright in the initial phase, but after five turns, it gets harder behind . Snow lotus can help you to turn successfully, but the amount is little . To you, it’s harder to get snow lotus . Afterall you guys don’t go out often . Am I right?”

 “Humans indeed have a lot of thoughts . ” Jiu Yin said faintly, couldn’t tell if he was angry or happy .

 “Snow lotus is precious, even we don’t have much . ” Sima You Yue said, Little Spirit rolled his eyes in the spirit pagoda .

 In her heart, Sima You Yue asked him not to interrupt, and continued saying, ” And also even if you eat snow lotus, they might not be able to succeed . But for this pill, I have added other precious herbs, I can guarantee that it will be a hundred percent success rate . You can test it . ”


 “This pill is a gift for you, take it as our meeting gift . You can find someone who keeps failing to turn and try it and see the result . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I am here, if anything happens, you don’t have to worry that I won’t be here to give you an explanation . ”

 Jiu Yin hesitated .

 “King, let me try it then . ” That seven turns snow silkworm said, “Since I am stuck here for so many years, if it succeeds then good, if it fails, there’s nothing to lose anyway . I can test it for everyone . ”

 Jiu Yin gave it a thought and passed the pill to him and said, “If anything happens to you, I will send them to keep you company . ”

 It seemed like even though he looked cold, he was nice to his people .

 Actually, deep down in his heart, he believed that the pill would work . Afterall snow lotus was rare, she didn’t have to lie to him about that .

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 Seven turns snow silkworm ate the pill, its body started to twitch, a ring of silver silk appeared around its body and wrapped it up . At last, it became a thick cocoon ball then it stopped .

 “How long does it take for every turn?” Little Seven asked .

 “Time taken for every turn is different, but this is the eighth turn, time taken will be longer . According to the usual speed, it seems like it will take four days . ” Ruo Li said .

 “We have to wait for four days?!”

 “No need . This pill can speed up their process, two days should do it . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Yue Yue you have good foresight, you prepared knowing this would happen . ” Little Seven said .

 “This is prepared by Senior Brother . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I had been busy, where do I get the time to find out about the habits of nine turns snow silkworms, where do I get the time to refine this pill . ”

 “Why didn’t I see you refine the pill?” Little Seven looked at Wu Lingyu .

 “When you ran out to look for food . ” Wu Lingyu said .

 “Since it needed two days, then we will wait . ” Sima You Yue continued, “After we settled this, we will go and find the next one . ”

 “Next one?” Third Aunt Du was confused .

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 “You said before, if Heartbreak valley has spirit silkworm, it should be the ringed silkworm . ”

 “Are you saying that the ringed silkworm is here too?” Third Aunt Du looked at her shockingly .

 Initially she said that if there were any spirit silkworms here, it would be ringed silkworms, but she didn’t expect that she was actually right about it .

 Sima You Yue nodded and said, “Ringed silkworm is indeed at Heartbreak valley, it’s not far from here . Right, King Jiu Yin?”

 Jiu Yin faintly glimpsed at Sima You Yue and didn’t deny .

 “I didn’t expect it to be here! Then next time when we build our clan here, we will have two big spirit silkworms clan behind us . Plus Ruo Li’s silk, next time we don’t have to worry about our supplies of silks!” Third Aunt Du said .

 “Ringed silkworms are vicious, your little tricks won’t work on them . ” Jiu Yin said disdainfully .

 “Vicious ones are easier, we can just use our fist to talk . ” Little Seven continued, “They will agree after I beat them up to the extent that their parents can’t even recognise them . ”

 “Little Seven, how many times have I told you, you are a girl, don’t be so violent, you can’t always use your fist to talk . ” Sima You Yue touched Little Seven’s head affectionately and said .

 Little Seven kept her fist, pulled her sleeves down and acted like a virtuous lady .

 They waited on the peak of the snowy mountain for two days, on the third morning, there were movements from that silkworm cocoon . A ray of lights shot out from inside and broke the silkworm cocoon .

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 “Hahaha, finally I successfully completed eight turns!” Seven turns snow silkworm, wrong, now it was eight turns snow silkworm, jumped out from the cocoon, laughing heartily and said, “King, I did it, this pill is indeed useful to us . ”

 Jiu Yin’s cold pupils flashed a smile and said, “Not bad . ”

 “How is it, can we make it a deal now?” Sima You Yue asked with a smile .

 This result didn’t surprise her at all . Wu Lingyu’s alchemy skills were better than hers, there would definitely be no problems with the pills he refined .

 Jiu Yin finally looked at her in her eyes and said, “How do you want to deal… . ”

 After half a day, they went down the mountain with a satisfied smile on Third Aunt Du and Sima You Yue’s face .

 “I didn’t expect to get so much silk this time, next time we can still come up to collect once every season . Just the thought of it makes me happy . ” Third Aunt Du’s eyes filled with smiles at the thought of the pile of silk in Little Realm .

 “Almost no one had been to the territory of the nine turns snow silkworm clan, all these were stacked up from the past . Naturally there are more quantities . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Given the speed that they are producing silk, in future, our supplies of silk wouldn’t be a problem . ”

 “I didn’t expect the snow silkworms clan to have so many members, they have more than Ruo Li and the others by many times!” Third Aunt Du said pleasantly, “But their condition is quite harsh, they need ten snow lotus pills in a month . What if there is not enough?”

 “There won’t be a problem . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “But didn’t you just say, snow lotus is rare?”

 “It’s rare in other places, but at my side it’s not rare . Little Spirit has so many there!” Sima You Yue said .

 It was because of this, she was despised by Little Spirit earlier on .

 “Yue Yue, are we going to find the ringed silkworm now?” Little Seven asked .

 “Mm, let’s go, we will solve the problem of spirit cloth’s supplies today, so next time it’s easier for Third Aunt and the other embroidery ladies to handle . ” Sima You Yue said .

 They went around a few valleys and came to a forest that is surrounded by miasma, but because the poisonous gas is too strong, Sima You Yue couldn’t guarantee Third Aunt’s safety, so she left her outside .

 Not long after they went in, a line of silk attacked towards them at a fast speed .

 “Ringed silkworms are indeed vicious, they attacked without saying a word . ” Sima You Yue caught that silk and pulled it hard, a black silkworm was pulled down from the top of the tree, “Since you like violence so much, then we will communicate with violence then . Fight!”

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