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Chapter 916: 916

“Yue’er, I believe that you wouldn’t do anything bad, but if there are evil disciple in the clan next time, I am afraid that they will use the clan to break the law and commit crimes . ” Ximen Qi said .

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 “I will make them swear an oath before they join . I can’t stop them, but the rules of heaven and earth can . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “This method might work, but for those people who are joining, are they willing to?” Aunt Yi asked .

 All Spirit Lords were proud people, they would definitely be unwilling to if they were asked to swear an oath .

 “I won’t let them swear on anything that is over the line, I only asked for them not to loot from others, not to do any evil on their own initiative . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Whoever is not willing to, then so be it . Actually, there are a lot of them who didn’t do evil things willingly on their own accord, some are forced, some did it involuntarily . ”

 “I believe you can handle this well . ” Ximen Qi said .

 “Eldest Sister said before, next time when we are seeking revenge, we won’t drag others down, those who want to join will be notified that there will be a war in the future . Whoever is unwilling to, we will respect their decision . ” Ximen Li said .

 Once Sima You Yue went back, she called Ximen Li out, after all this time of cultivation, she could noticeably felt that Little Dough’s strength increased .

 “Yue’er’s ways of handling things have always been proprietary . ” Aunt Yi said .

 “Oh right, Eldest Brother, where is Second Brother?” Ximen Li looked around for Ximen Feng and asked .

 When she went back, she thought Ximen Feng stayed here to build houses, but she didn’t see him here either!

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 “Feng’er went to fetch Third Aunt . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I contacted Little Roc a while ago, it said that they are already rushing back, they should be here anytime . ”

 “Are we going to see Third Aunt soon?” Ximen Li excitedly held onto Sima You Yue’s hand, “I haven’t seen Third Aunt for so many years, I miss her so much!”

 “I miss her too . ” Said Little Roar who stretched its head out from her chest and stared with big round eyes .

 Beauty, haven’t seen her for so long!

 When Sima You Yue saw Little Roar’s lecherous manner, she took it out from Ximen Li’s chest and threw it behind, she really didn’t want to look at it, what an eyesore .

 “This time Third Aunt will come back with some embroidery ladies, next time, the spirit cloth business will be one of our main pillars . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “We can recruit more of other occupation masters . ” Ximen Qi continued, “If you want to develop a clan, we will need more business . ”

 “We already have Alchemist, Armament masters, Array masters, Beast Tamer and Spirit Seeker, although the numbers are little, but we are only starting up, so our demand for that is not high . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “I feel that the most important thing for us to do now is to build up all these houses . ” Little Seven said .

 “I will ask Grandpa and the rest to come out and help . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Lots of people, lots of power . ”

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 “Speaking of building houses, the best architect belongs to the Dwarf Clan . ” Wu Lingyu continued, “The houses they built are the most secure and reliable . ”

 “Dwarf Clan, the one that is most capable of armament and construction?” Sima You Yue frowned, “Isn’t the one legend has it, a group of small ethnicity? But now, their ethnicity is extinct . ”

 “Says who?” Wu Lingyu laughed, “Since there’s legend of it, it means that they existed, maybe some of them disappeared, but there are some that were handed down . ”

 “Really? Have you seen them before? What do they look like?” Ximen Li looked at him curiously .

 Wu Lingyu patiently explained to her as he respected his future sister-in-law, “They weren’t very different from us, they have eyes, nose and ears as well . Just that their body shape was much shorter and smaller than us, their palms are much thicker . ”

 “If the Dwarf Clan really exist, we can look for them . I heard that they are natural born Armament masters, the spirit weapons that they forged were delicate and strong . ” Sima You Yue said .

 Speaking of strong, a thought flashed through her mind .

 “Yue Yue, do you want?” Wu Lingyu asked .

 “You know where it is?” Sima You Yue’s eyes shined brightly .

 Wu Lingyu liked to see this bright expression of hers that shined into his heart .

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 “Mm . If you want, I know where the survivors are, we can try . But I can’t promise that we will make it . ” Wu Lingyu said .

 Survivors… .

 “We will try to find them if there is time . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Let’s forget it for now, we should build some houses to live in first . Uncle Qi, do you know how to build houses?”

 “Mm, this isn’t a big deal . ” Ximen Qi said .

 Sima You Yue called out Sima Lie and Yin Lan, Ximen family members thought that they were sealed in Little Realm, so he wasn’t really surprised .

 Instead, Feng Kai and the rest were shocked, they were even more shocked after they knew Sima You Yue had a Little Realm .

 After they got to know each other, everyone started to build houses .

 Sima Lie and the rest built in the spirit pagoda before, so it was easier and handy for them . The guards in Ximen Clan built the houses in the valley, so they were experienced .

 Plus the materials were readily-available, that was how a few courtyard was built near the mountain .

 Everyone picked their own house and moved in, Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu went to set up an array .

 Sima Lie and Ximen Qi got to know each other as they built the house together and they became good friends . After they were done building, both of them gathered, drank and chatted together .

 “Thank you for raising You Yue . ” Ximen Qi said in gratitude, “If she doesn’t exist, there wouldn’t be You Yue’s rebirth . ”

 “You Yue is a good girl, even though she wasn’t my biological granddaughter, but she treated us the same . ” Sima Lie said as he sipped on his alcohol .

 “After changing a soul, you must be very sad at that time . ” Ximen Qi asked as he thought that Sima You Lie was talking about the loss of a biological granddaughter’s soul .

 He understood Sima Lie’s feelings, a granddaughter that became someone else’s after raising her for ten over years, one could well imagine that feeling .

 “At first, we didn’t know that her soul was changed . We only thought that she became mature and hardworking . After we accepted her like this, she then told us the truth . At first, when I knew that she was no longer her, it felt weird, but I accepted anyway . ” Sima Lie continued, “I wonder what her biological parents would think if they knew about it . ”

 “Isn’t she your own?” Ximen Qi asked curioously .

 “No . She was a child that my benefactor left, to be raised by me . ” Sima Lie said, “If I guessed right, she should be from a much more powerful clan in Primordial Lands, that clan’s family name is also Sima . ”

 A much more powerful Sima Clan, Ximen Qi immediately thought of the one in the inner regions .

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