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Chapter 915: 915
Chapter 915: Masters in their own fields!

Even though there were a lot of poisonous grass and flowers in Heartbreak Valley, there were a lot of normal trees too . If they were to build houses, it wasn’t going to be hard for them .

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Spirit beasts were summoned, one of it could already help over ten people, those that chopped the trees would chop the trees, those that chiselled the stones will chisel stones, those that could repair would repair, everyone was in a frenzy .

Shi Chen and Feng Kai were setting up base in the valley, they chatted while taking a break .

“I didn’t expect that one day we would settle down . ” Feng Kai sighed .

To build houses, they dug out a lot of foundations, the hill was filled with potholes, the woods and stones that were transported here were all left around untidily, the whole valley looked like a mess .

But even so, this scene made them feel warm .

They lived through days where they were at the edge, filled with blood fights, last time, when they tried to settle down, they would get found out and people would try to kill them, which made their hands stained with fresh blood now .

They then slowly gave up the idea of settling down, having to move from different cities to jungles .

Today, they could finally settle down .

“Yes, I didn’t expect that either . Shi Chen said .

He ever thought of bleaching everyone, but to take that road was too hard, so hard that he didn’t even know what to do . Even up till now, he remembered a sentence that Sima You Yue told him .

She said, “In this continent, bleaching wouldn’t work . In this continent, there were massacres and getting stronger, if you became strong to the extent where no one dared touches you, those people will naturally stop coming . And only by becoming stronger, you can live the way you want . ”

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She also said, “If one’s strength can’t get strong, then gather a group of people to get strength, accumulated water can turn into an ocean . ”

Come to think of it, her way of thinking was much more practical .

“There will be a lot more unthinkable . ” You Si walked over, ” I had never thought that we would be subdued by one person, never thought that I will call someone who’s so much younger than us a boss, but now I did . ”

“I feel the days now aren’t bad . ” Ni An Yi commanded the spirit beast to put the stone at the side of the base, overheard them and interrupted, “Last time, our life was aimless, other than resisting to be killed, we can only hide from them . Thinking back, we were just getting by . Now that we can settle down, everyone will have more time for cultivation . ”

“Seems like everyone is satisfied with this way of living . ” Feng Zhi continued, “At least our decisions are right . ”

“But sometimes when I think of the boss, there are still some blows . ” Hong Wu said,” He is totally a perverse genius, I bet those talented in the inner regions can’t even win him . ”

“Boss indeed had an opportunity that others didn’t . If not, it’s impossible to have such an achievement at his age . ” Feng Zhi continued, “But he is too cruel to himself, in the dark forest that time, there were so many strong Monarch Rankers oppressing him, if it’s us, there wouldn’t even be a chance for us to counterattack . But he rather pulled everyone to hell together than to compromise . ”

“Speaking of this, I feel that it’s pretty good to follow Boss . ” Ni An Yi continued, “He did that because he wanted to protect her friends . This shows that the boss is a loyal and righteous person . ”

“That’s right . I agree . ” Dai Yo thought so too .

“I wonder what is the relationship between the boss, Zong Zheng Clan and Ximen Clan, I always feel that the boss keeps a lot of secrets . ”

“When the boss is willing to tell us, he will naturally tell us . ” Shi Chen continued, “I feel that the boss has more than one secret . ”

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“Doesn’t matter if the boss hides secrets, I still prefer the aggressive side of him . It hurts to see the sadness that comes out from him . ” Ni An Yi said .

“If things didn’t happen, the boss wouldn’t work so hard too . ” Hong Wu said .

“Since we already followed him, we will get to know him better . ” Feng Kai said .

“Boss and the others said they went to fetch someone, who is it?”

“We will know when they come back . ”

“Since they said it will be for two to three days, they should be back soon . ”

“Let’s do this, let’s not wait for the boss and the rest to come back to see this place is still in this state . ”

“Mm, let’s do this!”

When Sima You Yue came back, she saw everyone working in a frenzy .

“Mis… Master, is this Heartbreak valley’s central region?”

A line of people came out from the spatial passage, since they ate the antidote, they didn’t seem to feel unwell .

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“Yes, this will be the place where everyone lives next time . ” Sima You Yue continued, “The houses here aren’t built yet, everyone has to help each other . ”

Anyone who looked down would only see a bumpy valley, not even a house had been built yet .

Sima You Yue walked down, seeing pot-holes everywhere, Feng Kai looked at him awkwardly .

“What happened?” Sima You Yue asked .

“That, we don’t know how to build a house, so we can only move the things here, making a base . ” Shi Chen said embarrassedly .


Little Seven laughed, “I thought you guys were omnipotent, it turned out that this kind of thing will baffle you guys . ”

“Do you know how?”

“Err… . . ” Little Seven stopped laughing and answered honestly, “I don’t know . ”

Sima You Yue smiled, “Although Feng Kai and the rest has strong abilities, but there are masters in their own fields, they might not know how to do this . ”

“Yes, yes, yes, what the boss said is true . ” Ni An Yi nodded in agreement .

This sentence was too true! They are masters in their own fields, nobody studied about building houses .

Sima You Yue continued, “We will talk about building houses later, let me introduce to you, this is Uncle Qi, Aunt Yi… They are all Ximen Clan’s people, they are Feng’er and my relatives . Uncle Qi, this is Feng Zhi, Feng Kai… You should have heard of their reputation, Primordial Lands’ outstanding top ten evil person . ”

Both sides nodded as acknowledgment .

Ximen Qi was doubtful, he wasn’t sure how Sima You Yue got together with these top ten evil people, but since she said they were one of us, he could clear his doubts later when they were alone .

Once Sima You Yue saw his facial expression, she knew immediately what he was thinking . Last time Ximen Clan was an upright prestigious family, they wouldn’t hang out with people who did corrupted practices’ . Now seeing Feng Kai and the rest, it was hard to accept right away .

“Uncle Qi, Feng Kai they all are nice people, you’ll know it when you get to know them . ” Sima You Yue continued, “In future, our clan might not only recruit people who are tainted by their reputation, but we might even recruit a real evil person!”

“Yue’er, why did you…” Ximen Qi was shocked . She didn’t mention anything about this before .

“Uncle Qi, I know you can’t accept it right now, but I have my reasons . ” Sima You Yue continued, “You have to trust me, I won’t build up an evil cult to endanger commoners . ”

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