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Chapter 910: 910
Chapter 910: Little Dough (2)

When her divine sense left Ximen Li’s body, Sima You Yue opened her eyes .

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“Did you find the reason?” Ximen Feng asked .

Sima You Yue nodded . “We can discuss the specifics after Li’er wakes up . ”

Under normal conditions, spirit masters would not cultivate in front of others, because entering cultivation would enter another state . If interrupted, it would hinder cultivation and would be more dangerous .

Ximen Li was assured of Sima You Yue and Ximen Feng, so she entered the state of cultivation before them .

As soon as Sima You Yue’s words fell, Ximen Li woke up .

She felt You Yue’ divine sense dissipated, but she needed to finish a round, so she was a little late .

“Eldest Sister . ” She looked at Sima You Yue .

“Li’er, do you feel the presence of a contract beast in your body?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Contract? When did Li’er have a contract beast?”

When she asked, Wu Lingyu and them didn’t think much about it, but Aunt Yi who just came in cried out in surprise .

Ximen Li nodded . “I feel that it really seems to have a special connection with some spirit beast . ”

“Yue’er, what’s going on? Why is there a contract beast in Li’er’s body?” Aunt Yi asked .

“Li’er’s strength has not improved for so many years, so I checked her body . ” Sima You Yue explained . “I saw a dough in her body just now . It told me Li’er and it had a contract . The spirit power absorbed into the body has been absorbed by it, so she has not improved .

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“There’s really something!” Little Seven exclaimed .

Sima You Yue nodded .

“Since the reason has been found, now it’s easier to handle . ” Ximen Feng said . “A contract beast that can absorb spirit power, what kind of thing is it?”

The little dough inside Li’er’s body rolled its eyes . These two siblings both called it a thing?!

“It says it has not formed yet, so it has not received its inheritance, and it does not know what it is or what kind of spirit beast it is . ” Sima You Yue said . “It’s because it has not formed yet, so Li’er cannot feel its existence . ”

“The dough gets strength by absorbing Li’er spirit power…if that’s the case… what should Li’er do?” Aunt Yi said .

Sima You Yue told them all the information she received . Everyone learned that this was not permanent and they were relieved .

“Since there is time, there is hope . ” Aunt Yi remarked . “And in the future feedback power will double, which is equal to double the cultivation now . ”

“Since the dough is absorbing Li’er absorbed spirit power, other methods are possible . ” Sima You Yue said, “Everything that helps cultivations such as pills or spirit stones should work . ”

What she’s not lacking now were these things!

“Let’s try it . ” Ximen Feng said .

“Mm . ”

Sima You Yue handed a spirit stone to Ximen Li and let her try cultivating with it .

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Ximen Li took the spirit stone and began to absorb the spirit power contained in it . She felt that the spirit power as soon as it reached the vicinity of her dantian . She stopped her cultivation and happily said . “It works!”

“Then try this . ” Sima You Yue gave her a pill .

Ximen Li took the pill, closed her eyes and cultivated . She got the result .

“It seems they all work . ” Sima You Yue said . “Then this is easy to handle . ”

“I don’t know what kind of contract beast would be like this . ” Little Seven curiously said with her hands on the table .

“We’ll know what it is after it formed . ” Sima You Yue said .

“I am curious and want to know earlier . ” Little Seven said .

“I’m also curious . ” Aunt Yi looked at Ximen Li . after all these years, they didn’t know there was a contract beast in her body .

Knowing that it was her problem that she could not advance, Ximen Li was very happy and smiled the whole day .

Because of something, Sima You Yue stayed in the mountain valley for a few days before leaving, saying that when the matter of Heartbreak Valley is resolved, she would come pick everyone up .

She also took Ximen Li away before leaving .

Little Seven kept her appearance, while Wu Lingyu and Ximen Feng changed their appearances to others unable to recognize their original look .

Wu Lingyu’s purpose was to prevent others from recognizing his identity and causing trouble . Ximen Feng’s purpose was to evade the sight of Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace .

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On the way, Sima You Yue took everyone inside the Spirit Pagoda .

At the beginning, when Ximen Li sat the scenery changed, she thought she entered Little Black Lotus Realm . But when she looked closely, she found it was different from the Little Realm .

“Eldest Sister, where is this?” She asked in surprise when she saw the resources in the Spirit Pagoda .

“This is the Spirit Pagoda, which is my space . ” Sima You Yue replied . “There is more spirit power here and time lapses much faster . One day outside is ten days here . So cultivating here will give you twice the result with half the effort . And what else you need, Little Spirit can supply you, which will be more convenient . ”

“Little Spirit?”

Ximen Li wanted to ask who Little Spirit was, but before she could ask, a little doll appeared before them . Sima You Yue spoke, “Little Spirit, Li’er will undergo close cultivation here . Monitor her situation . ”

“Okay, Yue Yue . ” Little Spirit said .

Observing Ximen Li’s curious eyes, You Yue explained, “Little Spirit is the spirit of the Spirit Pagoda, so he can help you with anything . ”

“There’s still an artifact spirit!”

“The wonder of Spirit Pagoda can be slowly explored . Anyways, there will be time in the future . ” Sima You Yue smiled . “There are some people in close cultivation here, and you will have a chance to see them later . They are my elders . ”

“I won’t go bother them . ” Ximen Li said .

Sima You Yue gave her a tour inside the Spirit Pagoda and left after settling her down .

After they returned to Ji City, they went to the Memory Restaurant . Qin Mo took her to meet the shopkeeper . In the future, she would depend on them to do many things in Ji City . By getting to know them now, she would be able to easier give orders to them .

“Should I call the other shopkeepers in the nearby cities over . ” Qin Mo asked .

“No need, I can just look for something here . You are so busy and stay with me for so many days . I am very grateful . ” Sima You Yue refused .

“It doesn’t matter if a few more days passed . If you want to establish a force here, there will be a lot of things for them to do in the future . ” Qin Mo insisted that someone summoned the shopkeepers of Memory Restuarant over .

Sima You Yue originally came to ask Shi Qian Zhi to go to Heartbreak Valley . Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a meeting between her and Memory Restaurant’s shopkeepers . Several days had passed after she met with them and set off to Heartbreak Valley .

Qin Mo went back . Although he wanted to follow her to solve the problem at Heartbreak Valley, the Qin family recently encountered a problem . There were many things to do, and he had to go back .

Sima You Yue sent him away and with Shi Qian Zhi went to the Heartbreak Valley .

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