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Chapter 907: 907
Chapter 907: Offering sacrifices to Father and Mother

“Uncle Qi, Aunt Yi, you all don’t have to worry about it too much, Eldest Sister will take care of it . ” Ximen Feng said .

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“Mm, Yue’er has always been a strategist . ” Ximen Qi said .

“I believe in Eldest Sister!” Ximen Li said while leaning on Yue Yue .

“Now that we have seen it, let’s go out . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Ok . ”

While leaving Little realm, Sima You Yue asked, ” Uncle Qi, where are Father and Mother’s graves? I want to visit them . ”

“Since you came back alive, you ought to visit them . ” Ximen Qi said . “They are on top of the mountain at the back, I will bring you there . The rest can go back . ”

Ximen Qi was someone respectable here, once he commanded, the others followed and went back to their own courtyard .

Ximen Qi and Aunt Yi brought You Yue and her siblings to the mountain behind the courtyard, Little Seven and Wu Lingyu stayed .

“Why do I feel that Yue Yue doesn’t care about us after she has her family members?” Little Seven pouted .

“She just met her family, it’s normal to be excited . I don’t even mind, why would you? ” Wu Lingyu found a chair and sat down, slouching back .

“Of course I have the say!” Little Seven continued, “You are you, I am me, Yue Yue isn’t yours!”

“She will be, in the future . ” Wu Lingyu said confidently, closing his eyes to take a nap .

“Hmph . ” Little Seven ignored him and walked around the courtyard herself .

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Sima You Yue followed Ximen Qi to the back of the mountain, but only saw one gravestone, it had Ximen Clan’s Grave inscribed on it .

“It was unclear who was being burnt and killed, we just buried them together . ” Ximen Qi explained .

Sima You Yue and Ximen Feng walked over, kneeling down before the gravestone and said, ” Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother and all the people in the clan, the unfilial daughter is back!”

“Feng’er is back too . ”

Once they finished talking, they both kowtowed together .

Ximen Feng got up, Sima You Yue’s head was still on the ground .

“Sister… . ”

“Let me and Feng’er stay . ” Sima You Yue’s nasal voice sounded a little heavy, and it seemed like she cried again .

Ximen Qi and Aunt Yi looked at each other, “Then we’ll go back first, once you are done offering sacrifices then come back . Li’er, let’s go . ”

Ximen Li looked at Sima You Yue, shakes her head, “I will keep Eldest Sister and Second Brother company . ”

Ximen Feng’s eyes reddened when he saw Sima You Yue leaning on the floor crying . He wanted to comfort her and asked her not to be sad, but he couldn’t even do it himself, let alone her, who had been feeling guilty all along .

After Sima You Yue cried for a while, she got up and said, “Father, Mother and all the people in the clan, I, Sima You Yue vow before your graves, that I will exterminate Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace to take revenge for you guys!”

But, even if she killed those people, they wouldn’t come back to life . Thinking of this, she cried even harder .

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Seeing how broken-hearted she was, Ximen Li couldn’t help it but tear .

Ximen Feng didn’t hide his sorrows, he let tears wet his cheeks .

The three siblings cried for more than an hour before they calmed down slowly and Ximen Feng helped them up .

“Eldest Sister, don’t cry anymore, Father and Mother wouldn’t want to see you so sad . When they are alive, they dote on you the most, if they see you crying like this, they will feel sad . ” Ximen Li comforted her .

While saying that, her face was soaked with tears .

Sima You Yue wiped her tears for her, “I will stop crying, you guys don’t cry too . This grief is for the past mistakes, the next time we will only think of avenging them!”

“Mm! Avenging the clan, we can do it!”

“Let’s go back, if we don’t, Aunt Yi they all will get worried . ” Ximen Feng said while glancing at the two shadows below the mountain .

“Alright . ”

Sima You Yue soon realised that they had been waiting below the mountain since they setted off, they never left .

Back at the courtyard, Little Seven jumped up, “Yue Yue, what happened to your eyes? Your eyes might turn blind if you keep crying . ”

“Eldest Sister, this is…” Ximen Li liked Little Seven seeing how she was sweet and cute .

Sima You Yue held Little Seven’s hand and brought them into the living room, “I haven’t done a proper introduction just now, this is my Senior brother Wu Lingyu, Holy Son of the Sage Pavilion . This is Little Seven . ”

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Then she looked at Ximen Qi, “Uncle Qi is third grandpa’s son, my Father’s cousin . This is Aunt Yi, she’s the wife of another uncle of mine . ”

Although they were doubtful of Wu Lingyu, Son of the Sage Pavilion’s identity, both parties nodded politely .

“Eldest Sister, I am not used to calling you sister as your appearance changed . ” Ximen Li continued, ” How about I call you brother instead?”

Sima You Yue laughed, turned the illusion array around and became a girl, even her disposition changed .

“This, this is?”

“I’m a girl, just that I had an illusion array on, that allows you to see me as a guy . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But you still have to call me brother if we are outside . ”

“Mm, big brother!” Ximen Li laughed and looked at Little Seven, she couldn’t help but reach out her hands and pinched her cheeks, “Little Seven is so cute!”

For You Yue’s sake, Little Seven didn’t give her a slap, but she broke away from her hands, not allowing her to pinch .

“This kid is quite stubborn!” Ximen Qi said .

“Don’t see Little Seven like a child, her fighting strength is not weak, she is a militant . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Uncle Qi if you don’t believe, you can try but don’t say I didn’t warn you… you definitely can’t win her!”

“I’m trained in body refinement, she’s so small like a doll, I can’t bear to do it . ” Ximen Qi said .

“Help Uncle Qi to loosen his muscles and bones . ” Sima You Yue let go of Little Seven .

For this guy who said she was a child, Little Seven wanted to deal with him, so after hearing You Yue’s commands, she pounced towards Ximen Qi, took him to the courtyard, both of them started fighting . Soon there was a bing-bang sound coming from the courtyard, not long after, a shriek could be heard .

“Yue Yue, is it fine for them to fight like that? Aunt Yi was worried .

“Uncle Qi hasn’t been using his strength for so long, he must have run into a bottleneck, let Little Seven loosen his muscles and bones, who knows, this bottleneck might pass soon . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Aunt Yi don’t worry, Little Seven knows her limits, at most Uncle Qi will be in pain for a few days, for the benefits that he gets, he won’t regret getting beaten up . ”

“Really?” Aunt Yi was still a little worried, ” Afterall, that is still a child . ”

Sima You Yue laughed, “Little Seven is not human, given her age, she is older than all of us altogether, she knows what to do . ”


Ximen Li already started watching a while ago, seeing Little Seven’s fighting strength, she subconsciously drew back her hands . She was just pinching her cheeks, would she beat me up too?

Ximen Qi’s strength wasn’t bad either, he persevered for half an hour when Little Seven was goofing around, towards the end, he was beaten up badly everywhere other than his face .

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