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Chapter 904: 904

Sima You Yue felt contradicting, she wanted to meet those people but at the same time she was afraid .

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 Ximen Feng held her hand the whole time, giving her courage .

 But Wu Lingyu had been staring at his hand the whole time, wanting to remove her hand from his . But seeing Sima You Yue had been restless the whole time, he didn’t bear to .

 Now he felt that he wasn’t there for her in the past, even if he is by her side now, the strength that he could give her couldn’t be compared to Ximen Feng, a brother that lived with her for hundreds of years .

 Thinking of this, he felt gloomy and stifled .

 Halcyon flew Sima You Yue towards the mountain range in the southeast of Ji City, knowing that she felt contradicted . He sighed and sped up, so she could deal with it earlier .

 And Sima You Yue didn’t even notice that he sped up .

 “We are here . ” Qin Mo’s voice recalled her from the train of thoughts .

 Sima You Yue looked at the stretch of green hills, “So fast?”

 “We already flew for half a day . ” Qin Mo continued, “They are right at the valley in front . ”

 “You’ve set up a spirit barrier?” Sima You Yue asked when she didn’t see anybody .

 “Mm . Yin Yang Palace and people from the Zong Zheng Clan were still in Ji City, to prevent troubles, I used a spirit barrier for a peace of mind . ”

 “Such a huge spirit barrier, it must have used up a lot of strength . Thank you . ” Sima You Yue said .

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 He spent so much resources to protect her family . She didn’t use much formalities, if she did, it would be ruining their relationship . She put this affection in her heart .

 “You helped me a lot, it’s nothing compared to what you’ve helped me . ” Qin Mo smiled and said,” Let’s go down, if they see you come back, they will be elated . ”

 Sima You Yue nodded . Since they were already here, she didn’t have any reason to evade anymore, there were things where she had to deal with .

 Moreover, she wanted to know who else survived .

 She… . missed them a lot .

 Qin Mo brought her into the valley, they passed through the spirit barrier, before them there was a different vision . There was not a soul in sight seeing high up from the sky, but once they went in, they saw a few courtyards and a tombstone .

 Those in the valley felt their presence once they stepped into the spirit barrier, at first they thought it was Qin Mo’s family members and came out to see who it was . Everybody was happy to see Qin Mo, before they even greeted him, they saw Ximen Feng, who stood aside him, they were all stunned .

 “Feng, Feng’er?” Something in the hand of a thick clothed man dropped to the ground .

 “Uncle Qi!” Ximen Feng recognised that man almost immediately, it was a distant relative, uncle Ximen Qi .

 Ximen Qi ran over, held Ximen Feng’s shoulders, “Feng’er, I thought you were… how did you survive?”

 “Uncle Qi, I… . ” Ximen Feng was too emotional and couldn’t say a word .

 “It’s Master! Master Feng is back! Master Feng you’re still alive!”

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 Others gathered around him, with him in the middle . Everyone was too emotional, some even teared .

 “Aunt Yi, Ninth Uncle, you all are still alive!” Ximen Feng was happy seeing them and his hands were held by them .

 You know, after what happened, regardless how the people in Kong Valley treated him, he never let anyone come near him . His temper became cold, unlike now, he showed his emotion .

 In front of them, he seemed to be the guy he used to be .

 At this time, a girl came running from the yard, seeing Ximen Feng, she stood there blankly .

 “Second Brother… . ” Once she talked, her tears rolled down .

 Her voice was soft, but it stunned Sima You Yue and Ximen Feng, as they looked at her in disbelief .

 “Li’er?!” Ximen Feng’s eyes turned red in a split second seeing her and became more emotional than he was .

 Standing behind, Sima You Yue immediately teared, murmuring her name .

 “Li’er… . . ”

 “Second Brother!” Ximen Li ran into Ximen Feng’s embrace right after running out from the doorway of the yard, bawling,” Second Brother, I thought I’ll never ever see you in this lifetime again… I thought you abandoned me and left . Sob sob, Second Brother . . ”

 “Li’er, weren’t you there that day? How did you escape from all these?” Ximen Feng hugged her tightly, reluctant to let go .

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 “When it happened, I was put in the secret chamber by Tenth Elder . ” Ximen Li cried,” My body was sealed by Big Elder, I couldn’t get out, I could only hear the screams outside, I was scared, but I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t save them, Second Brother! Second Brother! I was so scared, I missed you all!”

 “Don’t be scared, Second Brother is back, Second Brother will protect you!” Ximen Feng patted her back .

 Little Seven was infected by all the crying scenes, and felt like crying too . She pulled Sima You Yue’s hand, then she saw her gaze landed on Ximen Li with tears flowing endlessly .

 “Yue Yue, who is this Li’er?” She asked .

 “She’s our youngest sister, when it happened, she was only fifteen years old . ” Sima You Yue’s voice was choked with sobs .

 “Second Brother, Dad and Mum are gone, so is our Eldest Sister . ” Ximen Li cried, “Eldest Sister’s body…when we retrieved it… . it was already incomplete, if it’s not for the telepathy between Dad, Mum and me, I wouldn’t even have recognised them . They . . they were all charred . ”

 “Li’er wait, Eldest Sister is still alive . ” Ximen Feng pacified .

 “Eldest Sister is still alive?!” Ximen Li moved out of his arms and looked at him in surprise .

 “Eldest Miss is still alive, is it true?!”

 “Eldest Miss’s corpse was brought back, how is she alive?”

 “Where’s Eldest Miss? Why didn’t she come here with you?”

 Everyone started asking questions when they heard that she was still alive .

 “Elder sister felt that she let down everyone and blamed herself…”

 “So because Eldest Miss felt bad, so she doesn’t want to see us?”

 “Feng’er, is it true that You Yue felt bad, so she don’t want to see us?” Ximen Qi said .

 Ximen Feng fell silent, he was trying to think of a way to explain You Yue’s stuff, but everyone took his silence as acknowledgment .

 “Master, it wasn’t Eldest Miss’s fault for what happened, how can she blame herself?”

 “That’s right! It was premeditated by the Zong Zheng Clan, Eldest Miss was also kept in the dark, why would we blame her?”

 Ximen Feng wanted to explain to everyone but he changed his mind and asked, ” You guys really don’t mind?”

 Ximen Qi sighed,” We have never ever blamed Eldest Miss . Nobody thought this thing would happen . She always treated us nicely, why would we blame her . ”

 “That’s right, we want to see Eldest Miss . ”

 Ximen Feng looked through the crowd towards Sima You Yue’s direction, who was already in tears .

 Ximen Li frowned, ” Brother, I can feel it, that body was Eldest Sister’s, how… . ”

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