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Chapter 900: 900
Chapter 900: Miserable Guy

The inner regions were vast . It was mainly divided into North Mo, Western Liang, Eastern Ridge, and Southern Desolation . Besides these four regions, there was an uninhabited region in the center .

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The no man’s land was not vast and it wasn’t without any creatures . It was mostly the territory of spirit beasts, so there were no human settlements .

Broken Heart Valley was centered between Southern Desolation and the no man’s land .

Standing atop the cliff in Broken Heart Valley, Sima You Yue saw the scene where she and Ximen Feng were forced apart again .

Ximen Feng also stood by her reminiscing . That year, he fell from here, thinking that he would end up in hell .

“Boss, is this really okay?” Ni An Yi glanced at the bottom of the valley . Because of the miasma, he couldn’t see clearly .

Could people live in such a place? Wasn’t it nonsensical to establish a force here?

Sima You Yue was not sure too . “We’ll know after we have a look . ”

“Have a look?”

“Of course, it depends if there’s a way to solve this problem . ” Little Seven said . “If we can solve the miasma and poisonous insects problem, it would be good to establish a force here . Right, Yue Yue?”

“That’s right . ” Sima You Yue rubbed her head and spoke to everyone, “I’ll go down and check the situation . You stay here and wait . ”

“I’ll go down with you . ” Little Seven said .

“No, you stay up here and wait . There’s too much poisonous gas below . I don’t know the exact situation . What if there is any danger?” Sima You Yue refused .

“What danger is there?” Little Seven pouted . “Don’t forget, I can’t be affected by poison .

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Her body was the eye of earth, a holy object of cultivation . General poisons and poisonous creatures were simply useless to her .

When Sima You Yue heard her mention this, she finally recalled, so she nodded . “Then you can go with me!”

“I’ll go too . ” Wu Lingyu said .


“Those poisonous creatures cannot get close to me . ”

“Well, let’s go together . ” Sima You Yue said . “You all stay here and wait . ”

Although everyone wanted to follow, but with their strength, they would be incapicitated within two steps down . They had to wait for them to come up .

Sima You Yue’s party of three flew down and encountered a poison barrier after falling for dozens of meters . These poisonous gases were useless to Little Seven, so flew on without taking any measures .

When You Yue and Wu Lingyu encountered the poison barrier, both of them ignited flames, isolating the poisonous gas outside . Once those poisonous gases approached, they would be burned clean .

Sima You Yue’s flame was from Mo Sha, while Wu Lingyu’s was black which probably was the flame of Mo Sha’ soul .

The poison barrier was about thirty to forty meters thick . The three passed through the poison barrier and flew for some hundred of meters before landing safely .

“The poison barrier atop was so powerful that I didn’t expect there would be none below . ” Little Seven looked at the fresh valley .

Sima You Yue retracted the flames on her and said, “The poisonous gas below should be absorbed by the poisonous creatures . ”

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“This is the outer part of the Heartbreak Valley, and there are not many powerful poisons . ” Wu Lingyu commented . “If you want to establish a force here, you only need to solve two problems . ”

“But these two problems are not easy to solve . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Indeed, but I believe you can . ”

“Two problems? What two problems?” Little Seven asked .

“One is the poison barrier and the other is the poisonous creatures . As long as these two problems are solved, we can occupy here!” Sima You Yue smiled .

Little Seven gazed at her calm appearance and couldn’t help and her mouth twitched . What you had summed up was really general . It sounded like two problems, but in fact, many problems?

The poison barrier was different at every spot . It would require a lot to solve this problem . As for the poisonous creatures, there were thousands of species and thousands of powerful ones . You shouldn’t summarize it as one kind of poisonous creature!

“This is only the periphery, the sect cannot be established here . Let’s go inside and see . ” Sima You Yue said .

She took out three jade bottles and handed each one . “This is for defense against poisonous insects . Sprinkle it around your body to avoid some trouble . ”

Little Seven wanted to say that she was not afraid of poisonous insects . But when she thought of when the poisonous insects came, they would have to spend time dealing with them, which would waste time . So she accepted it and sprinkled some on her body .

“Let’s go . ” Wu Lingyu naturally took Sima You Yue’s hand and walked towards the valley .

Sima You Yue struggled twice without being able to remove it and let him lead her .

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Little Seven pouted, grabbing Sima You Yue’s other hand and proudly jutted her chin at Wu Lingyu .

Seeing them like this, Sima You Yue suddenly felt a sense of confusion amongst the group of three .

The three of them walked deep into the valley, which actually was a mountain range that stretched for millions of kilometers . They were numerous steep cliffs, surrounded by poisonous barriers .

They started at the periphery of the valley, so the terrain wasn’t so dangerous . The poisonous gas wasn’t strong, and the poisonous creatures’ levels weren’t high . The further in they went, the higher the level .

“There is a water hole . ” Little Seven pointed to the water hole in front .

Sima You Yue walked over and examined the water hole . “This water hole should be the waterhole where Feng’er fell down from . According to him, there was a particularly strong poisonous creature here . Fortunately it wasn’t there at that time, so he safely survived .

“Rumble… . Rumble…”

As soon as she finished, there was movement in the water hole . First, the water rippled, and then many bubbles appeared on the surface of the water . Suddenly, the water splashed, and a huge toad popped out of the water .

When the water splashed, Sima You Yue and the group condensed their spirit power to protect themselves . Those water drops dripped on the grass next to them and corroded all the grass .

“What a strong poisonous water!” Little Seven sighed .

“This poison…” Sima You Yue’s eyes showed distress . “When Feng’er fell in it, I don’t know how much pain he much have suffered . ”

“It shouldn’t have been this poisonous . ” Wu Lingyu said . “Otherwise, with this level of poison, he can’t survive . ”

“Mm Hmm . ” Sima You Yue also thought that if that was the case, Ximen Feng wouldn’t survive and wouldn’t be able to climb out of it . He wouldn’t be able to wait til the people of the Kong Valley to save him . “So, the toxicity has increased a lot over the years . ”

“That should be!”

“But why?”

“It may be that its strength increased, or something else changed . ”

Seeing the three people who were not panicking but were also discussing so leisurely in it’s territory, the toad was furious as it kicked on its hind legs and attacked them .

Little Seven was thinking about the reason for this change, when she saw the ugly toad flying towards them . She slapped her hand and shouted, “Go away!”

The toad didn’t know what happened and was hit back into the water hole .

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