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Chapter 899: 899

A few days later, the group of three returned to Heavenly City . They didn’t go home, but headed to Memory Restaurant directly .

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 The manager was currently settling the accounts when he felt Sima You Yue’s aura . He raised his head and saw her, as he expected .

 “Young Master . ”

 Sima You Yue nodded at him, asking, “Which house is Feng’er and the others living in?”

 “Heavenly Fragrance Building . ” The manager replied .

 “Then I’ll go ahead and look for them directly . ” Sima You Yue said, “Right, is Shi Qian Zhi and the others still around?”

 “They’re already left two days ago . ”The manager replied .

 “I was unable to send them off . ” Sima Yu Yue mumbled, “Alright, go ahead with what you need to do . I’ll go look for them . ”

 Memory Restaurant was a wine shop at the front and an inn at the back . Most of it consisted of lone houses . Shi Qian Zhi and the others stayed in the Moonlight Building . Right now, everyone was in Heavenly Fragrance building .

 She and Wu Lingyu went to the Heavenly Fragrance building where she stopped to take a look .

 “Yue Yue, what are you think?” Little Seven puzzled .

 “Nothing much . I just thought of Qiu Shuang . I wonder whether or not she will impulsively do anything stupid when she goes back . ” Sima You Yue said, “I hope that she won’t, but everyone has their own ways of living . My thoughts can’t change her mind . After all, our strength levels are different . ”

 “If you miss her, you can just look for her when we reach the inner regions . ” LIttle Seven said, “Even if you worry about her here, she will never know . ”

 Sima You Yue smiled, but she didn’t say anything .

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 Was she worried about her? Maybe . However, it was more likely that it wasn’t worth it .

 Ni An Yi happened to come out from the house and saw the three coming from far away . He shouted excited, “Boss, you’re back!”

 Sima You Yue looked over and smiled, “An Yi, are you guys done too?”

 “We reached a few days ago . The brothers and I have been waiting for you!”

 “Then let’s head in . ”

 When they saw that Sima You Yue was back, everyone was rather excited .

 After exchanging greetings for a while, everyone began to discuss .

 “Boss, you sent us out to find a good location, and we’ve found a few in the central regions . Come and take a look . ” Feng Zhi took out a sketch and presented it to Sima You Yue .

 “”Are all these places ones that you have personally gone to see?” Sima You Yue selected a few places from the sketch . There were some large areas in the central regions and it was very expansive .

 “Yes . ” Feng Zhi said, “We have gone to all of these places to scout them out . They are all places where people are scarce and are rather secretive places . ”

 “Tell me about the general situation of each place . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Alright . We’ll talk about this place in the Barren North…

 Feng Zhi elaborated on a few places, but Sima You Yue was dissatisfied with all of them .

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 “Barren North, Western Liang, Southern Desolation, Eastern Ridge, they’re all huge . Are you afraid of finding an unsuitable place?” Wu LIngyu said, “If you feel like it isn’t good after hearing about it, why don’t you go down to take a look and decide . ”

 “Feng’er, have you seen these places?”

 Ximen Feng shook his head .

 “Then let’s go together . Senior Brother, I’ll have to trouble you . ” Sima You yue siad .

 Wu Lingyu glanced at those placed, then used his hands to form a seal and opened a portal, leading the group through it .

 They first came to the desert in the Barren North . Aside from the endless sand, there was not a single life form .

 “This environment is even more hazardous than the Karma Desert . ” Little Seven pinched her nose . She didn’t like it one bit .

 “What is outside this desert?”

 “There are third-ranked powers . ” Feng Zhi said .

 “This place isn’t a natural stronghold . If we set the sect up here, we will be discovered easily . ” Wu LIngyu analysed . ”

 “I feel the same . Let’s take a look at the next place . ”

 The group went to Western Liang, a swamp and a mountainous area . They were all rejected by Sima You Yue .

 These places were not secretive enough . They would easily be discovered .

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 “Are the other places like these?”

 “The places are different, but they’re around the same . ” Feng Zhi said .

 “Actually, the sects right now are all in areas like these . If you want secrecy, you’ll have to set up your array to block it . ” Wu Lingyu said . “When the time comes, just set up a barrier outside . ”

  Sima You Yue shook her head, saying, “The strength of our group will be different from the others . From the start, we are set to spill blood and kill . Later on, the people that will be enlisting will be those who are being hunted down as well . We have to ensure the secrecy of our sect . This way, we won’t be harassed everyday . ”

 “But for places like this, it will be rather difficult to find . ” Ni An Yi said, For a place with a natural stronghold, we’ll only be able to get it if we conquer it . However, places like these would have already been conquered by other sects . ”

 There were countless powers in the inner regions, both big and small .  The better places had long since been occupied .

 “There will always be . ” Sima You Yue said, “The continent is only so big, won’t it be occupied by others?”

 “Then, do you still want to take a look att the other places?” Ximen Feng asked .

 “No . ” Sima You Yue said, “If the other places are like this one, it will be pointless to go . ”

 “Your subordinate has failed you…” Feng Zhi said rather guiltily .

 The boss had entrusted them to find a place, and they had spent so much time trying, but they did not find a satisfactory one . She wouldn’t doubt their ability because of this, right?

 “There is no need to blame yourself . ” Sima You Yue siad, “Actually, the places that you’ve chosen are all good . However, that is for the average sect . Every single one you chose is possible . However, our circumstances are more unique . That is why these places are unsuitable . If we cannot find a better one, we will use the ones you’ve chosen . ”

 “Now that you mention it, I’ve thought of a place . ” Ximen Feng said .


 Ximen Feng hesitated for a moment before saying, “That place is a very dangerous place for others . However, for you, that might not be the case . ”

 “There’s a place like that?” Ni An Yi asked, shocked .

 “Where is this place?” Dai Yi was curious as well .

 “Heartbreak Valley . ”

 Ni An Yi and the others sucked in a breath, crying with surprise, “Heartbreak valley? That place has poisonous insects everywhere . There are even places that are poisonous to each other . Most people die when they go there . Who would be able to set a sect up there?”

 “That’s right . I heard that most people die upon going close . Even the capable ones can only wander about outside . To set a sect up inside there is too outrageous . ”

 “If you set the sect up there, the people that we recruit would die before entering . ”

 Feng Zhi and Feng Kai furrowed their brows as well . They didn’t understand why Ximen Feng would suggest this place .

 Sima You Yue’s eyes lit up as she clapped her hands, “This place isn’t bad . If we want to set our sect up in the valley, most people wouldn’t even be able to come in if they wanted to . Come, let’s go there and take a look!”

 Wu Lingyu would grant her every desire . Upon hearing that she wanted to head there, he immediately opened a portal through space .

 Feng Zhi and the others looked at each other . She wasn’t for real, was she?

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