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Chapter 898: 898
Chapter 898: You have to take responsibility for me

“You don’t have to worry too much about this . I have my arrangements . Those from the Devil clan should not come to the human realm for the time being . ” Mo Sha said .

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“But of your safety, King…”

“I have devil beasts by my side . ” Wu Lingyu said . He clapped his hands, and although Hong Yuan did not see any devil beast appear, he truly felt its aura . That was a very powerful and ancient aura .

The aura of the devil beast disappeared quickly, as if it never appeared .

“That is the one from the rumors…” Hong Yuan asked, confused .

“Mm . ” Mo Sha nodded, “You do not have to bother yourself with the things in the human realm . Just settle things well in the Devil Realm . ”

“Yes, King . ”

“Once you have contacted the old subordinates, get their clan leader to meet me . ” Mo Sha said .

“Some powers have already concealed themselves for a long time . It will be a little hard to contact them . I will need a bit of time . ” Hong Yuan said .

“There is no rush . I have some things to do and will not return to the Devil Realm for a while . Just manage it well to ensure that Mo Lou does not know anything . You also have to be careful around Mo Lou . ”

“Yes, King . ”

“Call Hua Di and Ba Liang Qi over . ” Wu LIngyu said, “I have something I need them to do . ”

“Understood . ”

Wu Lingyu instructed Hua Di and Ba Lang Qi on a few things before warning them a few more times . After promising to go to the Devil Realm when he had the time, he chased them all back to the Devil Realm .

By the time Sima You Yue awoke, her friends had already left .

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She opened her eyes and found herself lying on the bed . She was no longer in the secret room .

“You slept a long time, You You . ” Wu Lingyu lay beside her .

Sima You Yue suddenly turned to him and saw his normal expression, crying out with joy, “You’re awake?!”

“Yes, I awoke after you helped to perform acupuncture on me . ” Wu Lingyu said, “When I woke up, I happened to see you ravaging me . ”

“When did I ravage you! I was treating you medically, alright!” Sima You Yue glared at him .

“The process may be different, but the result is the same . ” Wu Lingyu said, “Nobody has ever seen me naked before, so…”

“You want to ask me to take responsibility again?” Sima You Yue understood what he meant once he heard what he said, “I have seen many men before . Do you want me to take responsibility for all of them just because I’ve seen them?”

“You don’t have to take responsibility for the others, and you can’t see anymore guys in the future . ” Wu Lingyu asserted dominantly, “You just have to take responsibility for me alone . ”

“If you want me to take responsibility for you, that will depend on my mood . ” Sima You Yue said, “Whenever I want to, that’s when I’ll take responsibility . ”

“I believe that you will gladly do it soon . ”

Sima You Yue pushed his hands away as she sat up and glared at him, “What is your identity right now? Senior Brother? Devil King?”

“I am Wu Lingyu when we are in the human realm, and only a devil clansmen when we are in the Devil Realm . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“You’re also saying that you still have to use Senior Brother’s identity?”

“It’s not that I have to use it, but that I am . ” Wu Lingyu said, “Our souls merely fused together, like a 2-in-1 . We did not devour each other, so Wu Lingyu is still me, and I am also Mo Sha . However, others may not know of the name Mo Sha, so my identity can only be Wu Lingyu . ”

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“Oh . ” Sima You Yue understood, “What’s going on with your body? You just fused with your soul, but how did your body really utilise the devil clan’s aura?”

“The soul influences the body . You wouldn’t understand even if I told you . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“Let me examine your body again . ” Sima You Yue had calmed down from her initial joy of seeing him awake and said .

Wu Lingyu knew that it was useless to resist, so he obediently let her examine him .

“You have yet to fuse completely . Your soul will still suffer the repercussion because you fused while injured . ” Sima You Yue frowned after her examination, “Your body will be weak periodically . ”

“I know . Hong Yuan has already told me . ” Wu LIngyu said, “It’s not something that will last forever . You do not have to mind it . ”

“You were too rash . ” Sima You Yue disapproved of what he did, “Did you ever think what would have happened if you had injured yourself too severely, you would not have been able to fuse?”

“The reason I did that was because I had my own reasons to be confident . ” Wu Lingyu said, “I’ve said it before . I will not let you injure yourself for my sake . ”


Sima You Yue felt like she was both happy and angry at the same time . She was unable to speak when she looked at him .

“You are not to do anything as dangerous as this in the future . ” She glared at him .

Who knew how worried she was when he had knocked her unconscious . When she woke up and heard that his fusion had been a failure, how terrified she was . She never wanted to go through something like that a second time .

Wu Lingyu was no longer under a contract with her, and was unable to directly sense her way of thinking and feeling . However, he could still tell how worried and terrified she was . Her eyes that had ensnared his soul were communicating that to him, clear as day .

He sat up and caressed her face before pulling her into his embrace, saying, “Don’t be mad . I won’t’ do something like this anymore . ”

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“I don’t believe you!” Sima You Yue mumbled .

“Really . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“Hmph . ”Sima You Yue huffed, “You won’t have to fuse your soul again, and we don’t have a contract anymore either . Of course something like this won’t happen again . ”

Cough cough, he was found out .

“Forget it . If the words of you men were reliable, pigs would be flying in the sky . ” Sima You Yue pushed him away as she flipped off the bed .

Wu Lingyu was not upset as he let her push him back onto the bed . He smiled as he watched her put her shoes on and leave, heart feeling full .

It turned out that being able to embrace her like this, was such a blissful feeling .

Sima You Yue wore her shoes, glared at him, then left . When she went out, she saw Little Seven coming in with a downcast expression .

“Little Seven, what’s got you down?”

Little Seven walked over and said, “You You, when are we leaving this place? This place isn’t fun at all . ”

“Bored? You can play with Bia Jia Zi and the others . ”

“They’ve all returned . Sigh, I’ve already been bored alone for two days . ” Little Seven said .

“They returned to the Devil Realm?”

“Yeah, they’re all gone . ” Little Seven said, “Now that you’ve woken up, when are we leaving?”

“Go back and ask Senior Brother . If there’s nothing else to do…”


The door opened as Wu Lingyu walked out . He leaned on the door, saying, “We’ve already finished what we came here to do . Once you’ve rested, we can head off . ”

The moment Little Seven heard it, she turned to look at You Yue with joy .

Sima You Yue petted her head, saying, “I’ve already rested enough . We can leave now, then . ”

“Where are we going?” Little Seven asked .

Sima You Yue turned to look at Wu Lingyu .

Wu Lingyu shrugged, saying, “I’ve said it before . Where you go, I will go . ”

“Then I’ll go ahead and do my things . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Going to recruit people? Ha ha, finally!” Little Seven gushed .

“Nope, we’re not going to recruit anybody yet . We first have to stabilise him . ” Sima You Yue said .

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