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Chapter 897: 897
Chapter 897: Residual Effects

Ba Jia Zi blinked at Little Seven, telling her not to make her cockiness so apparent .

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Not only did Little Seven not tone it down, she raised her chin even higher .

“Are you okay now?” Hong Yuan ignored Little Seven, asking as he looked at Wu Lingyu .

“Satisfactory . ” Wu Lingyu said, “It was tough on you to go back . Keep the black snow lotus with you, we’ll use it in the future . ”

“Yes . ” Hong Yuan looked down, but he didn’t say anything . “Although King has awoken, you should still let your subordinates take a look at you . ”

“You You is too tired . Take her back to rest first . I’ll let you examine me once we’ve helped her settle down . ”

After speaking, he hugged You Yue and carried her back to their house from before .

Little Seven and Hong Yuan went along with him . The others thought about it as well, but they did not go along . Instead, they went back to their respective houses .

Wu Lingyu placed Sima You Yue on the bed in their room . He wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, but saw Little Seven watching him with wide open eyes .

“Do you want to steal a kiss from Yue Yue?” Little Seven even looked at him with a sincere expression .

“No-” Wu Lingyu refused to admit it .

“Really? Your eyes shone the moment you looked at her . ” Little Seven pointed at his eyes as she spoke, saying, “I can’t see anything right now . If you want to steal a kiss, do it quickly . ”

Wu Lingyu’s head was filled with black lines as he looked at Little Seven, who had grown quite a bit, “Your previous state was better . ”

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After speaking, he turned around and went out .

Little Seven placed her hands down and looked at her back, blinking in confusion . Her previous state was better?

Her previous self did not like to speak and did not like interacting with others . After her evolution, her personality changed . She felt like she was rather cute this way, why did he not like it?

It must be because he wanted to steal a kiss from Yue Yue but was unable to . That was why he didn’t like her .

That must definitely be it!

Hmph hmph, she had even covered her eyes to let him kiss her . He was the one who didn’t want to . Why would he blame it on her?

Once Yue Yue woke up, she definitely had to tell her that this guy wanted to steal a kiss from her . Hmph hmph!

Wu Lingyu went to the living room where Hong Yuan had been waiting for him since long ago .

When he saw him enter, Hong Yuan stood up and bowed .

“King, may I examine your body?” He requested .

Wu Lingyu nodded and walked to the main seat and sat down . Hong Yuan went to help him examine his body .

“How is it?” Wu Lingyu’s expression was devoid of concern and his tone was light .

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“King’s soul and body did not perfectly fuse together . However, to be able to heal you to this state in such a short period of time proves that her medical arts are formidable . ” Hong Yuan said honestly .

“Her talent is something that is hard to believe in unless you are by her side . ” Wu LIngyu said, “If you were really to fight in a battle to the death, you might not be her opponent . ”

“King has a lot of confidence in her abilities . ” Hong Yuan smiled faintly . He did not take his words to heart .

From his perspective, Sima You Yue was only that young . No matter how powerful she was, she couldn’t defy heaven, could she?

Wu Lingyu must speak this way because his eyes were clouded by love . He was overestimating her abilities .

Wu Lingyu did not refute him as he merely said, “If the chance ever arises, I’ll let you experience it for yourself . ”

“Your subordinate looks forward to it . ”

Hong Yuan had Hong Ming’s aura on him . Wu Lingyu watched him and felt a little closer . As for Hong Yuan, it was because he had obtained Hong Ming’s inheritance along with his dedication to Wu Lingyu and, while the two were not very familiar with each other, they felt like they had known each other for a few thousands of years .

“King, although your soul has stabilised in the meantime, it has not perfectly fused together . Your body still repels it somewhat . We definitely have to solve this problem . Otherwise, there will be many side effects . ” Hong Yuan said .

“You’re a devil doctor as well . If there is no solution to this problem, what will happen?” Wu Lingyu asked .

“King’s body will enter a deep sleep after a set period of time . During this period, your power will greatly diminish . ” Hong Yuan said, “However, King, there is no need to worry . Every time your body enters a deep sleep, it is because your body and soul are fusing together . When your body and soul finally complete the fusion, the side effect will naturally disappear . ”

“Mm . ” Wu LIngyu was not worried about this at all .

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“Actually, the time we have to pay attention to the most will be just before and after . During that time, you will be extremely weak . Your strength will be about ten percent its usual . If you encounter an expert during this time, the consequences will be dire . ” Hong Yuan said, “This is why, when you go through the weak seasons, you definitely must have a bodyguard with you . ”

Wu Lingyu did not contest this and Hong Yuan continued to say, “My identity has not yet been exposed, so I cannot stay by your side for long . However, many of your past subordinates are waiting for your return . If you, King, return to the Devil Realm, we will definitely have mutual protection . ”

“Let us not yet speak of the return to the Devil Realm . ” Wu Lingyu said, “It is not yet time for my return . ”

“But everyone is waiting for you . If they knew of your return, they would definitely follow you . ”

“What are the developments over with Mo Lou?”

“He has not yet heard of your return . However, after so many years, the royal clan has never given up on looking for your soul . ” Hong Yuan said, “It could be because his ancestor is one of his subordinates, but they did not let me participate in this . I do not even know of their leads . However, this time when I went back, it seemed like something big was happening . ”

“Although I fused with my soul in the human realm, there might be some kind of changes that happened in the Devil Realm . All the Hua clan and Black Jade Clan Leaders are not in the inner sect, so someone will definitely realise this . Later on, the moment they guess it, it won’t be hard to think of me . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“We still have to get the Hua and Black Jade Clans to hurry back . ” Hong Yuan said, “Right now, it’s not yet the time to play hardball with the royal clan . ”

Mo Sha’s soul had just fused, and he was not that powerful . Right now, he was less than ten percent as strong as he used to be . If he wanted to return to his previous powerful state, he would need a lot more time .

As for his old subordinates, not all of them were waiting for him to return . There were many who had already flocked under the banner of the current royal family . There were also those who had completely forgotten the instructions of their ancestors .

He needed to tidy up the powers from before . He knew without thinking that his current strength was not enough to go against the royal family .

That was why, at this moment, Mo Lou and the others definitely could not know that Mo Sha had already returned . Otherwise, before he could return to the Devil Realm, he would be killed in the human realm .

“Since things are alright now, Hua Clan and Black Jade Clan’s Clan Leaders can return . You should head back as well . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“What about you, King?”

“Me?” Wu Lingyu said, “My identity is still the Holy Son of the sage pavilion . I will naturally remain in the human realm . Even if they realise my identity, Mo Lou will not be able to send men into the human realm . It will buy me some time . ”

Hong Yuan felt like it was better for him to remain in the human realm as well, and did not disagree with his arrangement .

“However, it’s still better for you, King, to take a group of people with you . ” If something happened, it would be good to have a helping hand .

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