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Chapter 894: 894
Chapter 894: Naughty Little Seven

Outside the secret chamber, everyone waited anxiously for two days before the door finally opened .

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In order to prevent devil power from escaping, they set up enchantments in the secret chamber and completely enclosed the happenings inside . So no one knew what occurred in these two days .

The door opened, and only Hong Yuan came out alone . Everyone felt awkward .


“High Priest? Is King…”

“Where’s Yue Yue?”

“Something happened during the fusion . King’s soul had fused but the there’s some incompatibility with the body . Now he’s in a coma . ” Hong Yuan passed the crowd and left .

Little Seven ran in first . This guy didn’t say anything about Yue Yue . Did he take advantage of the situation to hurt her?

Everyone had their misgivings . According to their understanding, all the conditions were good . This shouldn’t happen?

“Yue Yue, are you okay?” Little Seven ran over, glanced at Wu Lingyu on the crystal bed and grabbed Sima You Yue’s hand .

Sima You Yue’s face was still wet with tears . She wiped her tears and smiled reluctantly . “I’m okay . ”

“How can you be alright, you have to break the contract, so you’ll be hurt . ” Little Seven didn’t believe it .

“I didn’t break the contract . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Didn’t? Then he…” Little Seven shifted her eyes to Wu Lingyu in surprise .

Sima You Yue nodded . “Mo Sha knocked me unconscious and initiated the termination of the contract . His soul got damaged, so there’s some deviation . ”

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“Mo Sha, he…” Little Seven was stunned . She didn’t expect Mo Sha to take the initiative to break the contract .

Hua Di and the others finally understood why there was some deviation from the result . They counted many factors but did not consider Mo Sha to take the initiative to cancel the contract so she wouldn’t get hurt .

“How’s King’s situation now?” Ba Jia Zi was touched by Mo Sha’s action and saluted to the person in bed .

“By the way, Yue Yue, how’s he now?”Little Seven asked .

“I haven’t checked his condition yet . ” Sima You You replied . “Let me check first . ”

“Then quickly check . ” Hua Xiu said .

Sima You Yue nodded and took his pulse .

“How is it?” Hua Xiu urged aside .

“Like what your priest said, their souls fused well . I can’t detect anything strange . However, the body and soul didn’t fit well, so he’s unconscious . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then do you have a way to save him?” Ba Jia Zi asked .

“I can try, but I can’t guarantee the result . ”

“Then what’s your plan?”

“It’s considered one!” Sima You Yue said . “I’ll try using a silver needle method complemented with pills .

Little Seven had seen her silver needle method before . Hearing her say it, she knew she had a degree of confidence . “Then you start now . ”

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Sima You Yue looked at the others and cautioned, “Those who feel disturbed by needles, please step aside for a bit . Little Seven, stay and be my assistant . ”

Hua Di and Ba Liang Qi glanced at each other with uncertainty . Hua Jing spoek aside, “Clan elder, Young Master You Yue will not hurt King . ”

“Then let’s go outside and wait . ” Hua Di said .

As everyone went out, Ba Jia Zi suddenly stopped at the entrance of the secret chamber . She turned around, “You Yue, that, what attribute is King? Human or devil?”

As soon as she said that, the secret chamber suddenly quieted down . Everyone looked at You Yue .

“I don’t know what attribute he is now, but it will certainly not insult the title of the Devil King . ” Sima You Yue replied . “He has the dark attribute . ”

Listening to her say this, the devil clan members were assured and excited .

“Yue Yue, I don’t know how . Why did you want me to stay?” Little Seven asked .

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue said . “Little Seven, I want you to save him . ”

“Me? How do I save him?”

“I need a little bit of your blood essence and flesh . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Okay, how much?” Little Seven asked .

“Two drops of blood essence and a half kilogram of flesh . ”

Little Seven bit her finger and squeezed two drops of blood essence to the bowl . Then she took out a half kilogram of flesh and placed it in a jade basin that You Yue took out .

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“Thank you, Little Seven . ” Sima You Yue gratefully and guiltily said .

When she was with her, she didn’t think of asking for her blood and flesh, but now it was required to save someone .

“We are together . ” Little Seven said . “Furthermore, this bit of thing is not important to me! It’s just a drop in the bucket . ”

“Thank you anyway . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Quickly go save him . ” Little Seven urged . “It’s because of how good he treated you . ”

“Mm, I’ll go refine the pill . ”

Sima You Yue took out the pill furnace . Besides the eye of earth’s blood and flesh, she added a lot of precious herbs . She put in especially a lot of spirit fluid .

This kind of pill was not a normal pill with a particular effect, but it was to specially extract and absorb the medicinal ingredients .

After refining the pill, she let Little Seven go out and prepared to inject Wu Ling Yu .

Little Seven winked at her with a smirk and ran out grinning .

Sima You Yue who was usually calm became embarrassed by this .

It wasn’t the first time she saw someone else’s body, but she felt awkward at the thought that she wanted to strip him .

“This damn girl has been taught bad by Little Roar when she was in the Spirit Pagoda . ” She smiled and scolded . She took out a silver needle and prepared to apply the needle .

She took two deep breaths and tried to calm down her mind . After she calmed down, she began to remove his clothes .

Undressing and piercing needles, she would regard him as her patient at this time .

Three hours later, she dressed him with her last effort and slumped on the ground .

Little Seven, who had been waiting outside, heard the movement inside and was the first to rush in . Ba Jia Zi and Hua Xiu also ran in .

“You Yue, how are you?” Hua Xiu noticed Sima You Yue’s pale face and asked .

“I’m fine . ” With Little Seven’s help Sima You Yue leaned against the crystal bed . “It consumes too much mental power, so I’m a bit tired . ”

She used the highest level method of applying the needles to Wu Lingyi . Each needle not only pierce his acupuncture points, but pour spirit power in, allowing the spirit power to circulate throughout the body to achieve the best effect .

The effect of this needle technique was increased by ten times the average, and the mental consumption was much larger than average . Her mental energy was relatively strong . If it was an ordinary person, they would have been paralyzed halfway through .

She took out the pill she just refined . “Little Seven, give him this . ”

Little Seven nodded and fed the pill to Wu Lingyu .

“If I don’t wake up after a day, remember to call me . I will have to apply another tomorrow…”

You Yue’s voice turned fainter and finally she fell asleep .

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