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Chapter 893: 893
Chapter 893: Not Willing to See You Hurt

The day still came worrying or not .

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Neither Mo Sha or Wu Lingyu appeared . Ba Jia Zi and Hua Xiu came to find her and took her to a secret chamber .

Little Seven was not assured that she had to follow . But she was not allowed to enter .

“Only Young Master You Yue can enter . ” Hua Di said . “Young Master, King, High Priest and your Senior Brother are waiting outside for you . Please go alone . ”

Sima You Yue let go of Little Seven’s hand and pushed open the door of the secret chamber . As soon as she entered, the door of the secret chamber shut tightly, closing from the eyes of the outsiders .

The secret chamber was very dark . Suddenly a flame lit up from the edge of the chamber and a small dim oil lamp glowed faintly, cutting through the darkness .

Through this faint light, Sima You Yue could make out the secret chamber layout .

There were two huge stone platforms . Wu Lingyu sat cross legged on the left stone platform with his eyes closed .

Hong Yuan stood behind him and was doing something to him .

Mo Sha sat aside . When You Yue looked over, he opened his eyes, and the two glanced at each other .

“Are you prepared?” Mo Sha asked .

“Mm . ”

“You’ll get injured . ”

“Injuries can heal . ”

They had thought of terminating the contract earlier, but during the termination of contract, the two did not have anything to say .

Hong Yuan waved his hand, and the secret chamber was neatly filled with all kinds of things, including medicinal herbs and the huge devil crystal stone she gave .

“Now that you are ready, let’s begin . ” Hong Yuan glanced at Sima You Yue .

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Sima You Yue nodded, ready to release to the contract between them Mo Sha floated in front of her, stopping her actions .

Hong Yuan frowned, not knowing what he wanted to do .

“What are you going to do by condensing your soul?!” Sima You Yue murmured anxiously .

Wasn’t it a waste of soul power?

Mo Sha hugged her, leaning over and kissed her lips .

“Knowing you’ll be hurt, you still don’t mind . But I don’t want you to be hurt . ” He whispered .


You Yue was shocked . Knowing his decision, she wanted to stop him, but she did not know what Mo Sha did to her . Her vision darkened and she fainted .

Mo Sha caught her slipping body and carried her to the right of the stone platform . His hands lingered on her face, reluctant .

“My King…” Hong Yuan looked at him in disapproval .

He made You Yue unconscious, intending to take the initiative to cancel the contract . In this case, wouldn’t his soul be hurt? Once the soul power is weakened, it would definitely affect the fusion .

“This King has decided . ” Mo Sha raised his hand, stopping Hong Yuan from continuing .


“This King is not willing to hurt her, let alone let her get hurt because of me . ” Mo Sha said . “Let’s start now . ”

Hong Yuan couldn’t help glancing at her unwillingly .

Mo Sha initiated terminating the contract, forcibly cutting off the contract relationship, which caused him to suffer serious injuries .

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Hong Yuan rushed over, bringing the prepared spirit fluid over .

Mo Sha soaked in the spirit fluid for a while, waiting for the critical condition to pass . “Start fusing . ”

The contracted soul once released was the best time to fuse . It was best to merge immediately . In this way, the soul can merge best and eliminate the traces left by tearing the soul to the maximum extent .

Sima You Yue didn’t know how long she slept . But she knew she dreamed again, but this time it was about Mo Sha and Wu Lingyu and how well they treated her .

Suddenly, the scenery changed . She saw two cracked souls staring at her, telling her that the fusion failed . Their souls were broken, and they would no longer exist in the world in the future .

She burst into tears in her dream . Her heart was crying and her tears kept falling .

Mo Sha told her, her strength was too low . The physical problems of her body were unsolved and she had to figure it out herself in the future .

Wu Lingyu told her, You Yue, in the future, Senior Brother cannot protect her . She have to take care of herself

The two souls split apart at the same time, and their final words also shattered .

They both said, You Yue, I love you…

“Mo Sha, Senior Brother!”

She screamed, but her voice didn’t seem to be hers . She chased after the shattered pieces, but she could only watch them dissipate in front of her eyes .

“Mo Sha, Senior Brother! Don’t let go, don’t…”

On the stone platform, she kept calling their names, and tears kept falling from her eyes .

“Useless woman!” Hong Yuan looked at her in disdain . Human women only know how to cry, not any better than women of the Devil Realm .

With disdain and disgust, he still wanted to wake her up .

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He was surprised to see that You Yue had broken through the unwakeable dream on her own .

With tears in her eyes, she looked at the wall above her head and was still immersed in sadness .

After a few seconds, she sat up suddenly . The oil lamp was still dim, and the space was still inside the secret chamber . The people were gone except Hong Yuan packing up .

“Where are they?” She asked .

Hong Yuan glanced at the front and did not speak . His head was lowered .

Sima You Yue followed his gaze . There was a crystal bed beside the wall, and Wu Lingyu laid on it, unknowingly dead or alive .

She came down from the stone platform and ran over in double strides . Seeing Wu Lingyu’s body still possessed life, her suspended heart fell slightly .

“How’s there fusion? Mo Sha, he…” She didn’t dare ask but had to .

“Not successful . ”

Hong Yuan beat down her hesitation . Was it really … a failure?

Hong Yuan looked at her pale face and continued, “But it has not failed completely . ”

“What do you mean?” Sima You Yue looked back at him with tears filled with hope .

“The soul fusion is successful and they’ve completely merged, but…”

“But what?”

“In order to prevent you from being injured, King took the initiative to break the contract and his soul suffered damage, and in addition, body changes . After the fusion, there is some repulsion from the body . I don’t know when he’ll wake up, and what’ll happen after he wakes up . ” Speaking of this, Hong Yuan had a trace of regret in his silver eyes .

It would have been good if he stopped King at that time…

But was it useful to persuade King with his stubborn personality?

“I heard you are a doctor, so stay here . ” He packed up everything and opened the secret chamber . He went out without looking at her .

Either Sima You Yue didn’t care about his attitude to her or she didn’t see his dissatisfaction and disdain at all .

There was only the person lying on the crystal bed in her eyes . How could she see him?

His breathing was weaker . It was better than not breathing at all .

His soul was unstable, but it was better than without soul .

What’s more, the soul fusion was perfect, which was better than what she imagined .

Before fainting, she understood his thoughts . She was worried that his injury would affect fusion, so she had that nightmare .

Fortune within misfortune, her dream didn’t come true . Although the situation was not good now, there was hope as long as he’s alive!

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