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Chapter 889: 889
Chapter 889: Everyone’s Anxiety

The working efficiency of the Devil Realm was pretty high . Sima You Yue didn’t stay for a few days when the clan elders of Hua Clan and Black Jade Clan came over .

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“Greetings to my King . ” Even the clan elders who they saw Mo Sha knelt down, performing the highest respect .

“Get up . ” Mo Sha said . “Do you know the situation?”

“Yes, I have already prepared . As soon as my King breaks the contract, you can fuse . ” Hua clan elder replied .

“Let’s confirm again and then fuse ten days later . ” Mo Sha said .

Wait another ten days? Wasn’t the timing just right?

The two heads of the clan left the room and noticed the puzzlement in each other’s eyes .

“Is King…”

“Clan head, what’s wrong?” Hua Jing and Hua Xiu were waiting outside and asked when they saw their frowns .

“We have done all the preparation work, but King wants to begin fusing ten days later . I don’t understand why . ” Hua Di, the Hua clan elder, said .

“It’s very simple!” Hua Xiu said .

“You understand?”

“King must be reluctant to break contact with the young master . ” Hua Xiu said .


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“The young master is a female . King likes her and doesn’t want to cut off contact with her all at once, so he’s reluctant . ” Hua Xiu explained .

“It’s possible to stay together after fusing . ” Hua Jing said .

“That’s different . ” Hua Xiu rebutted . “You haven’t been to the Human Realm for a long time, so you don’t understand about emotions . Although King can still meet with the young master after fusing, there is no contract contact! The contract can let them know each other’s feelings, the feeling of mutual communication . Hahaha, it’s normal for King to be reluctant . ”

Hearing this, these people realized this and sighed and shook their heads while walKing away .

Since they have to wait another ten days, they might confirm their preparations .

In another courtyard, Sima You Yue was chatting with Little Seven . Suddenly, she felt someone entered . Little Seven wanted to catch the person, but Sima You Yue held her back .

“An acquaintance . ” Sima You Yue told Littel Seven . Afterwards, she spoke towards the entrance of the courtyard, “Ba Jia Zi, why don’t you enter, what are you hiding outside for?”

When Ba Jia Zi, who was in a struggle, heard Sima You Yue, she entered . “Why’s your spirit sense so acute? You already noticed me when I arrived .

Sima You Yue smiled . “You were at the entrance, why didn’t you enter?”

Ba Jia Zi glanced at Little Seven . “Didn’t I see you have a guest here . ”

“This is Little Seven, my friend . ” Sima You Yue introduced . “This is Ba Jia Zi, a friend I met in the Devil Realm and is the princess of Black Jade Clan . ”

The two nodded and greeted each other .

Suma You Yue took out a chair and indicated Ba Jia Zi to sit down .

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“You came with your Grandfather?” She asked .

“Mm . ” Ba Jia Zi sat down and picked up the snack that was set aside . “Grandfather didn’t let me come at first . But under my unceasingly pester, he had to take me along . This is my first time to the Human Realm! Sure enough, our human resources are so abundant that I am dazzled! Grandpa didn’t want to bring me to such a good place . ”

“Your grandfather is worried about your safety . ” Sima You Yue said . “If people know you’re from the Devil Realm, I’m afraid they’ll pursue and kill you . ”

“Your human race rejects our devil clan . ” Ba Jia Zi said .

“Doesn’t your devil clan reject the human race as well?” Sima You Yue said . “This is a longstanding issue . Human race and Devil and Ghost Clan are in opposition . No one can accept the other . ”

“If they were like you more . ” Ba Jia Zi grunted .

“My situation is special!” Sima You Yue said . “If it wasn’t for Mo Sha at the beginning, I wouldn’t have accepted the devil clan . ”

“That’s true . ” Ba Jia Zi sighed . “If not for King, we probably wouldn’t accept you all . ”

Therefore, the hostility was inborn!

Sima You Yue smiled . If the human race and devil and ghost clan were so easy to reconcile, there would not be a bloody tunnel of thousands of years .

“By the way, I heard you want to break the contract with King?” Ba Jia Zi asked .

“Mm . Without terminating the contract, he and my senior brother can’t merge . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Will the termination of contract affect you? Will you be injured?”

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“It’s possible . ” Sima You Yue replied . “By forcibly terminating the contract, the active party will be hurt . Mo Sha’s soul fusion is a very dangerous thing, so it is only me who can guarantee his soul power . But I haven’t experienced it, so I don’t know how much damage . ”

“Yue Yue, don’t worry . I will protect you!” Little Seven said .

“Fortunately, nothing bad will happen . ” Sima You Yue said . “The contract between me and Mo Sha is not the serious kind . Even if there is harm, it shouldn’t be that severe . If it is a life contract, such a serious soul contract, the damage from the termination would be severe . ”

After talKing, she let out a long sigh .

After so many years, she had long accustomed to the life of him guiding her whether he’s in slumber or sober, as long she sensed the contract connection, she would be more at ease .

They agreed to terminate the contract after being acquainted for not long, and now it was time to terminate, she suddenly felt empty inside .

After the fusion, she wasn’t sure how he would appear . Wu Lingyu’s body contained half a soul . She wasn’t sure how it would look like .

Little Seven was also thinking about this issue .

“Yue Yue, your senior brother is human and the body is also human . I didn’t know after King and he fused, would he possess devil clan characteristics?”

Ba Jia Zi was taken back .

“Hehe, if your senior brother doesn’t have the devil clan characteristics, can you still be the Devil King?” Little Seven continued .

“This… probably won’t happen . ” Sima You Yue said .

“It’s still possible!” Little Seven said . “Your Senior Brother’s body is human and doesn’t possess any devil clan characteristics? The soul fusing is internal, and probably won’t affect the body?”

“Will, will not?” Ba Jia Zi’s eyes widened .

If King is not a devil, but a human, what would they do? Accept a human as the Devil King?

This is too impossible!

“Yue Yue, what Little Seven said, will it come true?” She looked at Sima You Yue, hoping for a negative answer .

“Probably not . ” Sima You Yue was not sure about this matter and said uncertainly, “Mo Sha will definitely consider this matter . Since he came back to find you, it means he has considered this issue . ”

Ba Jia Zi also thought so . If he was a human in the future, he wouldn’t go find them . Since he looked for them, this shouldn’t happen .

Thinking so, she slowly settled down .

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