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Chapter 885: 885
Chapter 885: Sleeping in each other’s arms

Sima You Yue didn’t think that he would suddenly appear in front of her, and was momentarily stunned .

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“Senior Brother? What are you doing here?”

Wu Lingyu walked over and held onto her small face, saying with a smile, “I heard that there was somebody trying to find out news about me, worrying about me . So I came over . ”

I missed you, so I came…

These were the words in his heart that he didn’t say .

Sima You Yue came back to her senses after her sudden shock and joy from seeing him, when she heard what he said . It was rare for her not to fight him .

“Was it all fine for you before?” She kept feeling like there was something off about it, not something as simple as closed door cultivation .

“I was fine . ” Wu Lingyu said with a light smile . When he saw the concern in her eyes, he said while smiling gently, “Even if there was something wrong, it’s all good now . ”

When Sima You Yue heard what he said, she knew that there was definitely something wrong before . It was no wonder he looked so tired .

“When did you arrive? Where do you live now?”

“I just arrived in the city . I haven’t found a place yet . ”

“Then just stay here . ”

Wu Lingyu shook his head, saying, “I want to stay with Junior Brother . Let’s stay over at your place . ”

“My place…” Sima You Yue wanted to tell him that nobody was home, but seeing how tired he was, it would be good for him to stay in a quieter place anyway . Nodding her head, she said, “Let me take you there . ”

Wu Lingyu only knew that Sima Lie and the others weren’t around when they arrived at her place . He watched as Sima You Yue busied about for his sake, setting up a house for him quickly .

“Senior Brother, it’s all cleaned up now . ” Sima You Yue changed the bed sheets before turning around to speak to Wu Lingyu, who was at the door . “The bedsheets are fresh, so you should rest for a while . ”

Wu Lingyu walked over . You Yue thought that he would rest on the bed for a moment . However, he stopped beside her, stretched out his hands and hugged her .

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“You You, I really missed you . I thought that I would never see you again . ”

His tone was calm, but it carried a dense wave of longing and fear .

Sima You Yue lifted her hands, but put it down again when she heard what he said . After he hugged her, he nestled his head into the side of her neck .

“You…” She wanted to ask him what happened, but she swallowed her words, just stretching her hands forth to hug him .

Wu Lingyu was stunned as his weary eyes shone with joy and surprise .

“Sorry, Senior Brother . I wasn’t by your side when something happened to you . ” Sima You Yue said guiltily .

Apart from her family, he treated her the best . However, because of what happened when she was young, she had forgiven him but still didn’t care for him . Even when she felt like he was in danger, it was but an afterthought . She also knew very little about his condition, and was unable to locate him when something happened to him .

The more she thought about it, the guiltier she felt .

Wu Lingyu could sense her mood, and left a light kiss on her cheek .

“You don’t have to feel guilty . ” He said lightly into her ear, “As long as I can see you and hug you, that’s more than enough for me . ”

She had changed her attitude towards him . He had not come to find her in vain .

Sima You Yue could feel like her ears were getting a little red . They were obviously the same person,so how could one half of his soul be so cold, while the other so romantic?

“Eh, you look tired . You should rest . ” She stuttered .

Let him sleep in his room?

Wu Lingyu smirked as he hugged her and spun two rounds before they both landed in a heap on the bed . He was still holding her in his embrace .

“You look tired as well . Why don’t we rest together . ”

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“you …”

Sima You Yue wanted to escape his hold, but he trapped both of her hands in front of her and she heard him mutter, “You You, don’t move . Let me hug you for a while . ”

Then, she felt his heavy breaths by her ear .

She was shocked . He fell asleep so quickly?

She wanted to take his hands away, but that light movement woke him up and he hugged her tighter .

“You You, don’t move…”

He mumbled before falling back to sleep .

A few more minutes passed and she tried again, but the result was the same .

The moment she tried to leave, he would wake up, mutter a sentence and fall back asleep .


She sighed inwardly . She had no choice but to accompany him like this .

Her right hand happened to be resting on his left wrist, so she wanted to help him take his pulse and check out his current condition .

After taking it, she was so angry she was ready to spit fire .

Did he know what his current condition had deteriorated to? Did he know how badly his mental state was damaged? Did he not know how to rest and recuperate?

He . .

Of course he knew . However, he didn’t do it because the moment he had found out that she had asked for news of him, and knew that she was worried about him, he couldn’t help but rush over .

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… in order to see her sooner .


She was angry and her heart ached at the same time . She turned around to look at him before taking out some pills and feeding them to him . Then, she looked at his face and zoned out .

She hemmed and hawed, wondering why he treated her so well .

She had also spent a lot of her mental energy on her treatment of Shi Qiu Shuang today, and felt rather tired now that she had relaxed . Learning on his chest, she fell asleep as well .

When she had fallen asleep, Wu LIngyu opened his eyes as his eyes hooked into a victorious smile, as if he had gotten away with it . He kissed her lightly on her forehead before he closed his eyes and fell back asleep .

As the two of them lay there, they lay there until the afternoon of the second day .

When Little Seven came to the house, Sima You Yue woke up .

She raised her head and the first thing she saw was his perfect chin . Looking up further, she saw his brilliant eyes . .

“Morning . ” His musical voice revealed the good mood of its owner .

“What time is it now?” Her voice, having just awoken, was rather lazy . It carried with it its own charm .

“Afternoon . ” Wu Lingyu said .


Sima You Yue cried out as she sat up .

The afternoon of the next day? They slept together for an entire day? How was she able to sleep so well?

“Done resting?” Wu Lingyu rested his left hand on her head, smiling as he looked at her .

“Yeah . ” Sima You Yue nodded .

He looked to be more energetic now . Thinking of how she had taken his pulse yesterday, her anger bubbled once again .

“I took your pulse yesterday . ” She said .

“Yeah . ” He wasn’t flustered as he stretched forth a hand to play with her hair .

“Do you know what the state of your body is right now?” She angrily snatched her hair back, scolding, “Your spiritual energy is near dry, mental energy exhausted . Do you not know how to rest properly? Do you think you are made of steel? Just what could be more important than your own health?”

Seeing the way he stared at her, she raged even more, “Even if I was worried about you, I wouldn’t die if I saw you a few days later!”

“I wanted to see you . Knowing that you were looking for me, I couldn’t sit still . ” Wu Lingyu said, “Don’t be mad, I know the condition of my body . I only pressed on because I knew I could . ”

Sima You Yue turned away in a huff .

Wu Lingyu saw that she was really mad as he stood up and walked over . He leaned his head on her shoulder, “I won’t do it anymore . ”

“You said it before last time . ” Sima You Yue said .

Last time?

“The last time, you went to look for an array book for my sake . You were trapped for one to two years . At that time, you said the same thing . You’re a man whose words can’t be trusted . ” She scolded him .

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