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Chapter 883: 883
Chapter 883: Rebirth

Once Shi Qiu Shuang had sworn her oath, Sima You Yue continued, “All the flesh on your body has already rotted . The fact that you were able to survive up till now was based completely on your inner spirit energy . ”

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As she spoke, Shi Qiu Shuang awkwardly shifted, causing fresh blood to pour out .

The blood leaked onto the bed, and it was truly a disgusting sight .

‘Don’t move . ” Sima You Yue said, “It looks gross right now, but it will be fine once you’re treated . You were poisoned . There’s nothing to be awkward about . ”

Shi Qiu Shuang saw that Sima You Yue did not care or avoid it, and was a lot more comfortable .

“Later on, we’ll have to cut off all the flesh from your body . ” Sima You Yue continued to explain, “At this point, I will numb your senses and you will not feel any pain . However, you will have to relax . ”

“Mm, I understand . ” Shi Qiu Shuang said .

“Cough cough, that . Because I have to cut off all the flesh on your body, I will have to touch a few places that I shouldn’t . However, we’re all women here, so it shouldn’t be a big deal . ” Sima You Yue said .

“You’re a woman?” Shi Qiu Shuang looked at her suspiciously .

Sima You Yue twisted her ring, allowing Shi Qiu Shuang to see her previous appearance .

If it were not for the fact that she would have to touch some sensitive areas, she would not have revealed her identity .

“Because of some reasons, I cannot reveal my female status . That is why I have kept it a secret . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Relax, I have sworn to secrecy . ” Shi Qiu Shuang now understood why she would make her swear .

“Thank you . ” Sima You Yue said, “After this part, it will be more painful . However, you just have to trust me . We will definitely walk this road to the end . ”

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“I trust you . Although your age really causes one to mistrust you . ” Shi Qiu Shuang said .

“Alright . ” Sima You Yue liked having this amount of trust, “Just leave the rest to me . ”

“Mm . ”

“Then, let us get ready to begin . ”

Sima You Yue took out a large metal bucket . She has specially requested for Fatty Qu to refine it, wanting to use it for Shi Qiu Shuang .

She had placed a lot of herbs inside, adding water and getting Little Seven to boil some water .

Later on, she fed Shi Qiu Shuang some pills, took out some knives that were all gleaming coldly and looking incomparably sharp .

Shi Qiu Shuang watched as she held a small knife . She saw herself in the reflection, and her appearance was terrifying . She looked like she had been vomited out .

Because of this, she had a newfound appreciation for the way Sima You Yue treated her .

Once Sima You Yue had finished waiting for the herbs to activate, she walked beside her, “I’m going to begin . ”

She took out a metal bucket and placed it by her bedside . She tossed in the rotten flesh that she had cut off, filling the metal bucket .

Once it had been done, more than half the day had passed . Only a pile of white bones remained on the bed .

“I will use my spirit energy to protect your heart . You will be fine . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’m going to give you the antidote now . ”

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Shi Qiu Shuang was unable to move or speak . She could only blink her eyes in response .

“This will be a little painful, you have to hold on . ”

After Sima You Yue finished speaking, she took out a pill that she had refined and fed it to her . Then, she picked her up and placed her in a metal pail . She got Little Seven to stop fanning the flame .


Searing pain racked her entire body . The pill that she had just eaten was no longer effective, and Shi Qiu Shuang was in so much pain that she trembled, but she did not cry out .

Shi Qian Zhi sensed something when he was outside and wanted to run in a few times, but Little Seven’s barrier kept him outside .

Sima You Yue was observing Shi Qiu Shuang’s current condition when she could control the medicine inside, she sensed the movements outside . She said to Little Seven, “let him come in . ”

As the barrier disappeared, Shi Qian Zhi could feel it immediately as he pushed the door open . He immediately saw Shi Qiu Shuang sitting inside the metal bucket .

“Junior Sister!” He ran over and held onto the metal bucket, but was scalded by the heat .

“She’s fine . ” Sima You Yue said, “But if you do not retract your hands, she will not be for much longer . ”

Shi Qian Zhi kept his hands as his palms had already been mangled .

“Are you an idiot? The bucket is so hot, but you boldly pounced on it . ” Little Seven looked at him like he was a fool .

It was only now that Shi Qian Zhi noticed the pain . He hurriedly took out some medicine and applied it on his palms . A few minutes later, his hand had recovered .

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The results really weren’t bad! Sima You Yue glanced at him before she continued to focus on Shi Qiu Shuang .

“She looks like she is in a lot of pain . ” Shi Qian Zhi said with heartache, “Is there anything I can do to soothe her?”

“What can you do to soothe her?” Sima You Yue said, “She needs to completely change her flesh . You’re a poison master, you should know what this is like . ”

Shi Qian Zhi didn’t speak anymore . He was too familiar with its process . He has seen Jiang Jun Zhe being cooked with his own eyes, which was how he had acknowledged him from the bottom of his heart .

He never thought that the same curse would happen to his own junior sister .

After a moment passed, Sima You Yue took out a Golden Snake Fruit, placing it directly into the water after refining it into juice .

“Golden Snake Fruit?” Shi Qian Zhi was incredibly surprised when he saw the Golden Snake fruit .

Sima You Yue did not bother herself with him . As this was the time for her to add in ingredients, she had to continuously add in a few ingredients that she had already refined . She had no time to entertain him .

Shi Qian Zhi saw the ingredients that Sima You Yue had taken out and they were all rare ingredients . ones that had already gone extinct, or those that could not be found . Even as she added all these things in, they were worth more than ten million crystal stones .

He watched as she put them in without blinking an eye and his first thought was: This is so interesting! His second thought was: She’s really rich! His third thought was: How much would she force them to pay up!

However, no matter how much he had to spend, as long as his Junior Sister could be cured, he would do it gladly .

Sima You Yue had one reason for letting him enter . She wanted him to see how many things she would need . Only then would he understand how difficult a feat it was to cure his junior sister .

She had the antidote inside her while the essences of many herbs on the outside . Shi Qiu Shuang could feel that her body was going through monumental changes . She was weak, disgusting and smelly . But now, her body was graceful and full of energy .

She could feel the changes in her body bit by bit, and it was as if she had gone from hell to heaven . The world around her was no longer dark, and she could see the light once again .

However, the fact that she was able to have this new opportunity was all thanks to the one by her bedside .

Honestly, she, Shi Qiu Shuang, had the blood of many on her hands . She was not a good person . However, after this, she felt like she had been reborn . Perhaps, even if she were to be cold blooded in the future, she would always be the most sincere to You Yue .

Later on, Sima You Yue placed a few more herbs in . Once Shi Qiu Shuang was able to absorb it all, her flesh would have finished regrowing .

“Take a look . ” Sima You Yue took out a mirror and placed it in front of her .

While there was broken flesh floating on the water, the one sitting inside was like a newborn baby . She did not have any of the rot left over from before, and was no longer disgusting . The ugly pus and blood that once used to cover her, no longer remained .

The one who appeared in front of everyone was a brand new her!

She touched her face as tears flowed down her cheeks .

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