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Chapter 881: 881
Chapter 881: Kind of unlucky

“Not strong enough, but you want to summon it by force . You’re going to lose control, aren’t you?” Sima You Yue knew her condition at a glance and spoke out to remind her .

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“Even if I lose control, I’ll beat you first!” Hua Piao Miao said .

“That depends on whether or not you have the capability . ” Sima You Yue said, “Actually, you’re rather unlucky . ”


“You’re a bird . ”

“She was unlucky because she was a bird?

What logic was that!

Actually, if she had not looked down on Sima You Yue so much and paid more attention to her, she wouldn’t have lost so badly today .

After all, there were many in the sect who knew about You Yue’s situation . For example, the fact that the King of birds was her contracted beast .

If she knew about this, she would truly understand why Sima You Yue would call her unlucky .

“Divine Crane, this unknown human dares profane your existence . You definitely have to teach him a lesson!” Hua Piao Miao turned around to ask of the divine crane .

After speaking, she took out a knife and slit open the palm of her hand before dripping the fresh blood on the divine crane .

It was clearly a spirit beast that she had materialised, but once her fresh blood dripped onto its body, it absorbed it .

After the divine crane absorbed the blood, its eyes opened and glared at Sima You Yue, dripping with bloodthirst .

“Go, Divine Crane . ” Hua Piao Miao sat weakly on the ground, her burnt leg giving her excruciating pain .


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Divine Crane screeched loudly, charging towards Sima You Yue .

Kill! Kill him!

Hua Piao Miao agitatedly thought .


Why did Divine Crane stop right in front of her? He should continue to attack!

Hua Piao Miao spat out a mouthful of blood, looking at Divine Crane with confusion .

She was not the only one who was confused . The others were the same . It was clearly going to attack her, so why did he stop?

The judging teacher had already been prepared to interfere, but the divine crane had stopped just before he acted, causing him to stop prematurely .

“What’s going on?”

Everyone watching the stage was confused . Could it be that the divine crane had suddenly woke up to reality at the final moment?

“He’s trembling! The divine crane is trembling!” Some people had sharper eyes and cried out while pointing at the divine crane .

“Really?! Hurry, look! The divine crane really is trembling!”

Everyone took a closer look, and the divine crane was really trembling non stop!

“What’s going on?” Hua Piao Miao cried out .

Why was Divine Crane trembling in front of Sima You Yue?!

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“Hmph! Just a tiny little crane, but you dare move against This Lord’s contracted master!”

After the first sound of his voice, Little Roc appeared in front of Sima You Yue . He did not appear in a flowery way, neither did he do so arrogantly . However, just standing in front of Sima You Yue gave everyone a feeling of suffocating awe .

“This is the aura of the Legendary Great Roc?!” Someone cried out .

“Legendary Great Roc? Oh damn, that’s the king of birds? We actually managed to see him with our own eyes!”

“He really is the contracted master of the king of birds . I thought those rumours were false!”

“If that’s true, does that mean the other rumors are as well? Damn, that’s too perverse!”

When Hua Piao Miao saw Little Roc appear, she knew it was over . The bloodline in her already subconsciously wanted to prostrate herself in worship when she saw Little Roc .

“King of birds…” She was already paralysed on the ground . She just had no energy to stand back up .

No wonder . It was no wonder Sima You Yue said that she was unlucky . For a bird to meet the King of birds, especially to match up against its master, was it not looking for death?

If she was not of the bird clan, and if Sima You Yue had not contracted the Legendary Great Roc, perhaps the outcome would not be like this today .

It was a pity that the word did not have room for any ‘ifs’ .

Little Roc watched the divine crane . It was merely an imprint left behind by an old bird, but it was strutting around like it was the real deal .

“You really are bold, aren’t you? You actually dared to act against my master . ” Little Roc allowed his aura to burst forth, even adding a bit from Crimson Flame . He pressured the old guy till he was half dead .

Before he went out, Crimson Flame told him that this guy was very powerful . He had been around for a long time . If he used his own aura alone, he may not have been able to suppress him, so he lent him a bit of his power to suppress the old guy .

As expected, the old guy was only stunned for a moment, which caused him to stop his attacks . However, he did not retreat, nor was he afraid . However, when he experienced Crimson Flame’s aura, he was definitely terrified of the opponent and his body began to tremble .

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He now intensified his strength, causing this guy to kneel down .

Sima You Yue stuck her head out from behind Little Roc and said, “Don’t’ make this a big deal . Just finish it . ”

Little Roc nodded, saying to Divine Crane, “I pronounce your sentence . Ignorance means you have no fault . When I return, I will not commit your error to memory . ”

Divine Crane’s eyes shone with reluctance, but Little Roc’s pressure had already rendered him unable to resist . Much less move to fight back .

“No way, you can’t give up!” Hua Piao Miao cried out from the ground, “You’re absorbed my blood, you can’t disobey me! I order you to beat them up!”

Hesitation flashed in Divine Crane’s eyes .

Hua Piao Miao was different from him . She was not a pure blooded bird, so Little Roc’s bloodline suppression would not have that big of an effect on her .

But it wasn’t the same for him!

Hua Piao Miao could disregard Little Roc’s suppression, but he couldn’t .

However, he had a contract with her right now . They had a connection, and he couldn’t ignore her words . Especially when she invoked the blood blood sacrifice .

After receiving her order, he had to act . Although he was afraid, he could only harden his heart .


Little Roc saw that he actually dared to attack them and waved his hand, a majestic wave of power pouring out in attack .

Divine Crane had been terrified from the start . Although Hua Piao Miao was unable to give him too much power, it was enough to defeat the people here . However, now that the Little Roc’s bloodline had suppressed him, he was only half as strong as he was before .

Little Roc inserted a bit of crimson Flame’s strength into it . It was merely one hit, but he was already wavering before, and it finished him .


Divine Crane vanished and Hua Piao Miao spit out a mouthful of blood, fainting right away .

At this moment, her boiling blood had finally settled down . He raging body had regained a human appearance, just that her clothes had already been torn . It didn’t cover all of her body .

The judge waited for one minute, and when he saw that she was no longer moving, he said, “This competition is won by Sima You Yue . ”

Mao San Quan got the judge to take her off the stage before turning to Fan Lei, “Principal Fan, I’ll have to trouble you . ”

Fan Lei glared at Mao San Quan, saying, “Go by yourself . You always ask me to do it . ”

“I don’t have the patience or ability!” Mao San Quan said, “I didn’t think that she’d be of the Thousand Crane clan . Her body is now completely revealed . If we don’t rescue her, it might be really problematic later on . Those people might transfer their anger onto You Yue’s body . If Xu Jin knew…”

“Enough . I’ll go . Don’t talk to me about that Xi Jun . I’ll take the people with me . Whether or not I can cure her, I cannot guarantee . ” Fan Lei took her and left .

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