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Chapter 878: 878
Chapter 878: Dual Attribute Spirit Master

The fireball flew towards Hua Piao Miao, the flame that carried You Yue’s rage burnt brighter .

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Hua Piao Miao didn’t care about her attack . She put her hands in front of her chest, weaved a beautiful hand knot and a water dragon flowed out of her palm .

The water dragon flew a few rounds around her before protecting her in the middle .

When the fireball got closer to the water dragon, it gradually extinguished .

“Sea Dragon!” Hua Piao Miao shouted, as the water dragon that revolved around her flew out and quickly became huge behind her . The tiny water dragon transformed into a huge legendary Sea Dragon .

“Roar——” The legendary dragon cried, and everybody was stunned .

“It unexpectedly made a sound! Her spirit skills are too powerful!”

“Exactly, usually spirit skills that transformed into beasts don’t make any sound, didn’t expect that hers would be able to!”

“Indeed billboard’s rank three, this strength is indeed different!”

“Is Senior Sister Hua angry? I’ve never seen her use this technique before . ”

“The Sea Dragon technique is Hua Piao Miao’s supreme feat . She doesn’t usually use it and I didn’t expect that she would use this technique to deal with a freshman . I think she is angry . ”

“Ha, who asked her to piss Senior Sister Hua off!”

“Exactly, Senior Sister Hua reminded her nicely, but she didn’t pay attention to it and still dared to disrespect Senior Sister Hua . She will have a taste of Senior Sister Hua’s power! See if she still talks like this!”

Sima You Yue watched the Sea Dragon getting bigger, but she wasn’t afraid at all . Instead, she quickly used both her hands and weaved a seal, as a tiny Vermilion bird formed in front of her .

“Chirp chirp——”

After the Little Vermilion bird was formed, it was only less than one foot in size, it was like comparing an ant to an elephant, it was incomparable .

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“Hahaha, look at his spirit skills, he transformed his spirit skill into such a tiny beast, how can that compare to Senior Sister Hua’s Sea Dragon!”

“That dragon will definitely kill that tiny bird in minutes!”

“That goes without saying…”

Fatty Qu overheard their discussion, angrily said, ” A bunch of fools! Wait till You Yue’s bird finishes that Sea Dragon, we’ll see if you guys can still say that!”

“Since they like to talk, let them be, the results will be a slap in their face . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

Both the spirit beasts had successfully transformed, after their owner commanded, they charged towards each other .


“Chirp chirp——”

Both beasts met in the air, one fire and one water . As both attributes clashed, a huge impact was made when they encountered each other . Just like the real spirit beast, it sent forth tremendous power .

“It didn’t dissipate!” People on the viewing platform said shockingly .

Since Hua Piao Miao’s strength was stronger than Sima You Yue, if both the spirit beasts collided, shouldn’t the Little Vermilion bird have scattered?

But why did the Little Vermilion bird only tremble with no signs of being scattered? Instead, the Sea Dragon’s body swayed .

“Sea Dragon, eat it!” Hua Piao Miao commanded .

“Little Vermilion bird, go . Show her that it doesn’t have the capability to eat you!” Sima You Yue said .

With their owner’s command in mind, both beasts flew out again . The Little Vermilion bird flew into the Sea Dragon’s mouth .

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The Sea Dragon swallowed the Little Vermilion bird and made a resounding noise, celebrating its own stage of victory .

But that stage wasn’t over yet, as the noise it made became sharper, and it sounded like it was in pain .

“Chirp chirp——”

Everybody thought that the Little Vermilion bird had already scattered, but it made a noise . That sound was coming from the Sea Dragon’s stomach .

“Chirp chirp——”


Little Vermilion bird flew out from the Sea Dragon’s stomach, followed by a mournful sound scattered into droplets of water spirit energy, blending into the air .

“That little bird unexpectedly finished Hua Piao Miao’s Sea Dragon!”

“Although both attributes clashed, water can extinguish fire, fire can also evaporate water into air . Regardless, fire attributes’ attacks have to be stronger than water attributes . ”

“I only won on that point . ” Someone said, “Hua Piao Miao’s supreme feat is not only this . ”

Hua Piao Miao knew that fire attributes restrained each other, she lost her Sea Dragon and it wasn’t just because the attributes clashed, there were other reasons too .

“Ice long sword!” She shouted while both her hands formed a seal, and many ice swords flew towards Sima You Yue .

“Is she a Dual Attribute Spirit Master?” Sima You Yue muttered, “Dual attributes are not rare, but the ice and water combination is rarely seen . ”

She saw the ice swords coming towards her, but not only did she not move, she was still standing there in a daze .

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“Chirp chirp——”

Little Vermilion bird flew over and ate those ice swords .

This was also a defence!

Hua Piao Miao didn’t expect that Little Vermilion bird actually had such power to swallow her spirit skill, that was why she didn’t use all her strength . Now the ice sword had been eaten, it was too late to regret .

“You’ve actually got some skill!” Hua Piao Miao continued, ” What a pity, this isn’t enough!”

“Whether it is enough or not, Senior Sister Hua will know in a while . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Such confidence! Hope that you will still have it later!” Hua Piao Miao continued, “I don’t like to drag my battles, let’s finish it fast! This move, you better catch it well!”

After she finished her sentence, both her hands quickly formed a seal . Water started to flow from her palm to the ground, it became more and more, very quickly, the ring was filled with water .

Because there was a spirit barrier at the side of the ring, the water that flowed in the ring didn’t spill . Instead, it rose higher and higher .

That water looks like it had a little stickiness to it, it stuck to her leg, preventing her from flying up .

“Frozen miles!”

She held out her hands with her palms facing upwards . Cold air transmitted out from her body, which made the temperature inside the spirit barrier drop abruptly .

Sima You Yue felt her face become ice cold, she looked up and to her surprise, it was snowing .

This wasn’t just any top of mountain or any cold place, but she made snow . Hua Piao Miao’s strength had reached the stage of merging with nature .

The snow wasn’t made of natural snowflakes . Once they landed on the water, it turned the water into ice rapidly, with the snowflakes as the focus, it froze the water in the surrounding as well .

“Kcha kcha!”

The sound of water freezing broadened widely, Sima You Yue lowered her head, the ice had already frozen up to her ankle .

“It’s not too late to concede defeat now . ” Hua Piao Miao continued,” If your whole body gets frozen, even if i control my strength, you will still get hurt . ”

She was still being so fake .

Sima You Yue glanced at her and dully rejected .

“Isn’t it too early for me to concede defeat now?”

“Then we shall continue!” Hua Piao Miao continued, “If you concede defeat, I’ll stop immediately . ”

Sima You Yue’s body turned into flame, but it still couldn’t stop the spread of the ice .

“This is not a water attribute, your fire doesn’t hurt it much . ” Hua Piao Miao continued, ” If you turn the ice into water, it will extinguish your fire . If you are thinking of using that, it won’t work . ”

“Who said that I want to use that method?” Sima You Yue continued, “Isn’t it just a dual attribute? Hmph! You’re not the only one who has it!”

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