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Chapter 876: 876
Chapter 876: Battle with He Feng

On the second day of finals, Pang Jia Nan didn’t show up .

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The sect stated that he went to a forbidden area yesterday, which violated the sect’s rule, causing him to get expelled from the sect .

The Billboard’s third ranked got expelled just like that . Moreover, it happened during the billboard’s contest .

It caused a commotion after all the students in the sect heard about the news . This was a big deal!

Those who went to the forbidden area were afraid that the sect would find out about them and expel them too .

However, some people doubted the sect’s statement . After all, at this timing, Pang Jia Nan should be preparing for the second day’s contest . Why would he go to the forbidden area?

It didn’t make sense!

So the fact that he didn’t show up for the contest, meant that there must be something hidden .

But if the sect didn’t want to announce it, they wouldn’t know either .

Although Pang Jia Nan was strong, he didn’t have any followers . Those who followed him in the past knew that he was someone who was arrogant . He looked warm on the outside but in fact, he was someone who looked down on people .

With that said, no one really cared for or was close with him at all . So, when he left in the midst of the contest, it was just like a stone that was thrown into the water and disappeared like ripples .

Since one person had been disqualified, those nine people that were eliminated from before drew lots . One of them would take his place to make up ten people, enough for the contest .

“Now, all of you come up here to draw lots to decide who your opponent will be . ” The teacher said to those ten people .

The one who got the lot to get in was happy . Initially, he was depressed that he had gotten eliminated, and never expected that he would have a chance to compete again . However, his happiness didn’t last long and his excitement was doused by a pail of cold water .

His opponent was Little Seven!

In the ring, Little Seven looked at him and said, ” If you surrender then I won’t beat you!”

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“No . ” His opponent had backbone,” Although you are strong, I want to try fighting with you . ”

“Alright . ” Little Seven said, “Since you are so bold, I won’t make it difficult for you . Can we start?”

She turned around and looked at the judges . The judges nodded, she rushed over at high speed… . And punched her opponent which made him fly away .

It was a perfect curve that made him fall from the ring to the bottom of the ring . She controlled her strength well, such that when the opponent fell, he didn’t have many injuries .

Another match that was settled in one hit!

After everybody saw her like that, they weren’t excited anymore .

“Ring number one, Little Seven wins . ” The judges announced .

After it was announced, Little Seven gently jumped down the ring and smiled at Sima You Yue, who was below the ring .

“Yue Yue, come down quickly!”

The middle ring was destroyed by Little Seven, so there were now only four rings that were usable . Sima You Yue, who was in the fifth team, had to wait .

“I’ll do my best . ” Sima You Yue said while heading up the ring .

He Feng was excited . After waiting for so long, finally he was able to fight her . Although the chances of him winning were little, at least he achieved his dream .

He went up the ring and called out his contract beast .

“We’ll fight by ourselves, we won’t use our spirit beasts . ” Sima You Yue said .

If they used their contract beasts, there was nothing to compare .

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He Feng agreed and kept his contract beast away .

“Let’s begin . ”

Both of them mobilized their spiritual energy at the same time, and You Yue’s beginner divine saint’s strength was revealed .

“It really is a beginner divine saint!”

“I always thought that was a rumour, but it was real!”

“A freshman is so much stronger than me, it’s… too much!”

“Stop bawling, let’s watch their battle!”

He Feng was a beginner divine saint too . His attacking attribute belonged to the gold colour, which was a metal attribute . Because he had many experiences in battles, he was skillful in his spirit skill, and was able to quickly materialise hundreds of little swords . Each and every one of the swords looked incomparably sharp .

Sima You Yue was of the fire attribute, and she materialised a flaming sword .

“A knife versus hundreds of small swords, can he handle it? In this situation, he should use fire rain instead!”

“He’s so young, he probably doesn’t have much experience in battle . If the huge sword can block a small portion of the small sword, he shouldn’t have many injuries . ”

Those in the viewing platform were nervous for her and some of them were discussing .

“Go!” He Feng controlled his spirit sword and attacked as Sima You Yue waved her huge sword and charged .

Suddenly the clumsy huge sword was wielded swiftly, looking like there were multiple copies of the swords as it scattered all the spirit swords .

“He actually… . ”

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Everybody was shocked at her skills .

The swords scattered, but the sword had yet to be dispelled even after she scattered all the swords . Under her control, the large sword lunged towards him .

He Feng saw the huge sword coming towards him, and a shield appeared on his left hand in a flash, blocking the huge sword in front of him .

Instant Spirit Energy Evasion!

This reaction, this speed . If it were not for his experience, it would be impossible to do .

His left hand blocked the sword as he took out a long sword and inserted his spiritual energy into it . He cut the huge sword several times before it finally fell apart .

Sima You Yue didn’t think that one spirit skill could defeat He Feng either . She watched as the huge sword fell apart while he took out a long sword, and she quickly materialised a fiery dragon whip .


As the fiery dragon whip hit, He Feng waved his sword and cut off a part of it .

However, this wasn’t the real length of the whip . After a part of it was cut, it back and speedily wrapped around his long sword .

He pulled back hard, but the sword was tightly wrapped too tightly around it .

So powerful!

He secretly gave a command as his hands materialised spiritual energy, attacking towards Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue quickly made a flaming shield as tall as a human, and blocked his spiritual energy . As she moved her hands, the fiery dragon whip released his long sword and seized the opportunity to pull it away from him .

One hour later, He Feng had used up all his spiritual energy, but Sima You Yue didn’t show any signs of exhaustion and difference .

The dagger was already pointed at his neck, and he couldn’t do anything but concede defeat .

To him, he had battled to his heart’s content, but he knew that Sima You Yue didn’t use much energy . If she wanted to, she could have finished him in a shorter time .

She was only accompanying him in the fight .

“I concede, you are awesome indeed!”

This was his first time he had so willingly conceded defeat . Last time, no matter how badly he was beaten, deep down in his heart, he never once conceded defeat . He always thought that he could improve his strength and fight with them again . This was the first time that he had actually accepted his defeat .

Sima You Yue kept Ling Long away, saying with a laugh, ” You’re not bad yourself!”

When the judges saw this, they announced, ” Ring number one, Sima You Yue wins!”

Both of them walked down the ring . Although He Feng lost, he was still excited . Even more than when he had won the previous rounds .

After the students in the viewing platform watched their battle, they all looked at Sima You Yue differently .

Although last time the students watched Liu Ming Yuan and her fight in the sect often, they didn’t last long . She always aimed to end the battle quickly . It was exciting the last time, but it was too short . Also, there were many people in closed door cultivation, so not many people knew about it . When they were released, the issue was already over .

Today, however, was different . In front of all of the students, she used her own strength to defeat He Feng, whom everyone saw as a battle madman . She used her strength to tell everyone that she came this far not because of luck, but her fame was because of her real skill!

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