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Chapter 875: 875
Chapter 875: A housefly at the back of the mountains

Although Sima You Yue recognised him, he didn’t seem to remember her . He looked at Sima You Yue like he was looking at a stranger .

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It seemed… as if he had never seen her before!

Something was off!

She would often go borrow books, and could be considered to be a close acquaintance of that old man . How could he forget her? This was definitely impossible for a spirit master .

Unless he had amnesia and did not remember things from the past .

But could a spirit master even get amnesia?

“It’s not him . ” Little Seven knew what Sima You Yue was thinking, “I’ve seen that old man before . He never comes out from the outer library . Their auras are different . ”

So they only looked the same?

That old man had a twin?

A short moment later, Fan Lei came over and was extremely puzzled when he saw the person tied up and lying on the floor . He walked over with Mao san Quan and they muttered something before leaving .


After catching the person who was wreaking havoc in the sect, should Mao San Quan and him not settle it? Why did they ignore the person lying on the ground and walk off to the side to talk?

It seemed that they really recognised this person .

After another moment passed, there was some movement in the space and Sima You Yue looked over . She happened to see a spatial portal opening, and an old man walking out .

It was that old man from the library!

“Elder Li . ” Mao San Quan and Fan Lei bowed to him . It was as if they were juniors greeting their seniors with respect .

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Li Lao nodded towards them, then ignored the person lying on the floor . Instead, he looked at Sima You Yue .

Mao San Quan and the others had already greeted him, so the three of them had to greet him obediently as well .

“Elder Li . ”

“Not bad . ” Elder Li looked at Sima You Yue . She had improved in such a short period of time, and was indeed a great young seedling .

“Thank you very much for your care during the outer courts, Elder Li . ” Sima You Yue said .

When she went to borrow books, he would occasionally speak with her and give her pointers . Later on, because she was busy and had to settle Ximen Feng’s isuse, she rarely went to the library .

She didn’t think that she would meet him here today .

“I can’t say that I’ve taken care of you, but I have chatted with you occasionally . It’s a pity that you didn’t come visit this old man later on . ” Sir Lao said with a sigh .

After all these years, finding a youth that he liked was no easy feat!

“What have you been doing recently?” He asked .

Sima You Yue was about to answer…

“Elder Li, he…” Fan Lei reminded him as he looked at the person on the ground .

What was up with Elder Li . Should he not first settle this? Why did he have to chit chat with Sima You Yue during this juncture?

Elder Li looked at Fan Lei and saw that he was rather anxious and said, “Okay, I’ll catch up with this kid when we return . I’ll settle this first . ”

After speaking, he walked in front of the person .

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When the person on the ground saw Elder Li come over, his expression turned extremely pale . He trembled nonstop when he saw him stop in front of him .

“Li Jiu, stay away . ” He shouted at Elder Li .

Elder Li stood still after walking up to him and saw him trembling, “Li Ying, you’re still alive . ”

Li Ying turned his head away, refusing to continue the conversation .

“I thought that you were dead all this time . Who would have thought that you were not only alive, but concealed yourself in the sect to set up your assassin’s guild, lobbying for the students to enter the sect then digging up their fresh blood . ” Li Jiu said .

“How did you know?!”

“We’re twins, afterall . Whatever you’re doing, I just have to glance at you to know . ” Li Jiu siad, “Little Mao and the others are young and can’t settle you properly, so they called me over . You already knew long ago that you would be caught one day . ”

Elder Li’s voice was light . It was neither hurried nor anxious, but his words were cutting .

However, Sima You Yue and the others couldn’t help but want to laugh .

The students had to respectfully address Mao San Quan as instructor Mao, Fan Lei and the others had to address him as Ol’ Mao, and he was truly aged . However, someone had actually called him Little Mao!

Little Mao…

When she thought of this form of address, she couldn’t help but want to laugh .

Mao San Quan glared at the three of them, and they immediately wiped the grni off their faces .

“You guys should head back first . We’ll do whatever needs to be done . ” Li Jiu siad, “We’ve already broken off our sibling relationships long ago . You guys don’t have to worry about me . ”

“Yes, Elder Li . ” Mao San Quan replied .

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“Elder Li, will you not leave with us?” Fan Lei asked .

Elder Li glanced at the mountains behind them and said, “There are still a few house flies hiding inside there, but since they’ve already come outside, we might as well give you guys a look . Otherwise, when those old guys return, they will say that we didn’t take care of you guys properly . ”

Those old guys that Elder Li was referring to were definitely not the principals!

“Elder Li, did you guys know about it long ago?” Sima You Yue asked tentatively .

“We knew!” Li Jiu said, “However, they were just a few house flies and couldn’t do much . So we left them there and didn’t care about them . Who would have known that those guys actually didn’t do anything after so long, so we didn’t know if they found out or not . ”

“We haven’t dug all of them out yet . We initially wanted to smoke them all out and get rid of them all at the same time . ” Mao San Quan said .

“It’s been so many years… it seems that we should properly teach you guys a lesson . I’ve been too lax on you these few years, and you’ve messed around with the sect too much . ” Li Jiu siad, “Don’t think that I don’t know anything just because I’ve been hanging around outside . ”

After being reprimanded, Mao San Quan and Fan Lei lowered their heads .

“I’ll continue this once I’m back . ” Li Jiu did not want to shame them in front of the younger generation either . “Little Fan, take Li Ying back and keep an eye on him . Little Mao, follow me . We’ll splat some houseflies . You three kids can go back on your own . ”

After speaking, he went to the back of the mountains with Mao San Quan . Fan Lei picked the person up from the ground and left . At the same time, he reminded the three of them to leave quickly .

The three of them agreed on the surface, but once they were gone, they still remained where they were .

“Elder Li . He’s so domineering!” Sima You Yue sighed, “in the past, I thought that he was just in charge of the library . I didn’t think that even Instructor Mao and the rest would treat him with such respect . ”

“Hearing what he said, Ol’ Mao and the others may have been under his tutelage . I wonder what his identity is . ” Little Seven said .

“It’s said that the previous vice-president had the surname ‘Li’ . ” Wang Si Miao said .

“Could it be him?” Little Seven said with disbelief, “Didn’t they say that the previous generation of oldies aren’t around anymore?”

“There will always be that one or two…”

“The person that Pang Jia Nan met with has been caught . ” Sima You Yue said .

“The scarlet bees sent the news?”

“Yeah . ”

“Seems like Elder Li really did know about the others . ” Little Seven said, “Then he should know about Li Ying as well?”

“He probably doesn’t know . ” Sima You Yue said, “Li Ying and Elder Li are twins, so he should know him very well . Based on how long he knows his brother, this shouldn’t be too difficult . ”

“It’s true . ” Little Seven nodded . She smiled, “Old Mao and the others are in trouble . Elder Li said that he will clean them up . Their future days will not be that great, hahahah”

“What a gleeful guy!” Sima You Yue slapped her on the head . She was also a little excited to see how Mao San Quan and the others would end up!

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