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Chapter 874: 874
Chapter 874: A familiar person?

Pang Jia Nan was already out of sight, and the black cloaked man was pondering over the information he had just gotten about Sima You Yue . He felt like this person would be rather thorny .

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He was actually able to refine this kind of poison, which wasn’t something the average person could do .


He could feel someone’s aura, and when he turned around, he saw three silhouettes fly out from the back of the huge boulder .

He recognised Wang Si Miao, but who were the other two? He actually didn’t know that they were so close by?!

The three of them were extremely quick and landed beside him in the blink of an eye . He was already surrounded at three ends .

“Wang Si Miao . ” The person looked at Wang Si Miao, not thinking that he had already been discovered .

“Who are you?” Wang Si Miao looked at him, his black cloak hid him completely, and he was unable to recognise him at all .

“Hehehe… you don’t have the qualifications to know who I am!” The black cloaked man said, “I didn’t think that those people would actually fail to kill you, and that you would be standing here in front of me . ”

“So you are the one who sent those people to kill me!” Wang Si Miao siad, “However, they didn’t manage to kill me . Instead, I sent them to their graves! It’s a pity that I didn’t find out who you were from them . ”

“They’re my people, so how would you be able to find out my identity from them?!” The man called out, “Since they failed to kill you, then you can die by my hands!”

“Yue Yue, didn’t they say that they were going to kill you just now?” LIttle Seven clutched both hands into fists as she looked at the cloaked man with murderous eyes, “Hmph, it’s fine if you want to kill this guy Wang Si Miao, but you dared think of killing Yue Yue? I’m furious . We’ll see if I don’t beat you to death today!”

Wang Si Miao was speechless . What did she mean that he could kill him, but couldn’t kill You Yue?”

“Yue Yue… you’re Sima You Yue?!” The black cloaked male immediately recognised YouYue, “Hmph, you guys knew that he would look for me here, so you came along, didn’t you? I’ll say it, you sure are gutsy!”

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“Your damned aunty guts aren’t small either . Otherwise, you wouldn’t have run out here where we would catch you! You should obediently crawl back home to your nursemaid . Who knows, we might even give you an easy death!” Little Seven said as she touched her chin .

Sima You Yue felt as if there were three black lines on her forehead . When did this brat learn to say such things?

“Hahaha…” The black cloaked male’s raspy voice really made one feel uncomfortable . It was as if it were grating against the heart .

“Although I rarely personally act, since you’ve encountered me, I might as well one of the missions . I’ll kill Wang Si Miao, then I’ll clean up the both of you!”

“Then we’ll have to see whether or not you have the capability!” Little Seven pulled up her sleeves as she sent a punch flying over .

Sima You Yue pulled Wang Si Miao backwards to avoid him being injured in the crossfire .

Little Seven’s strength was far from average . Even Lei Tian Quan, who was an advanced Monarch Ranked, was killed in a single punch . However, who would have thought that this black cloaked man would be able to fight her for such a long time .

“This person is strong . It’s no wonder that he can move as he wishes throughout the sect grounds . ” Sima You Yue said .

People like the one in contact with Pang Jia Nan would not dare to casually walk around . He could only hide in the mountain without coming out .

“Maybe he dares to walk around the sect grounds because he’s familiar with it . He wouldn’t be worried about being exposed . ”

“Do you think that he might be a teacher of the sect?” Sima You Yue asked .

“That’s my guess . ”

“Why would a teacher of the sect do something like that? Killing students? Nobody would believe you if you tried to tell them . ” Sima You Yue said, “If it was really true, how would so many outsiders manage to get in? The sect isn’t that low right?”


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“Noob shit . ” Sima You yue changed her words .

“Noob shit? What is that?”

“I’m just saying the sect is really bad, it’s weak . That’s why so many outsiders could infiltrate the sect . ” Sima You Yue said .

“No way, the sect wouldn’t be that low . ” Wang Si Miao wanted to learn this new word . “Although I’ve never seen how powerful the sect really is, I’ve heard it before that the sect has many powerful defenses . Not just anybody can enter . ”

“What about that person from the Pang clan?”

“He’s an exception . ”

Instructor Mao’s body suddenly flashed beside them, giving them a huge shock .

“Instructor Mao, what are you doing here?” Sima You Yue asked .

“You guys caused such a huge commotion . How could I not be here?” Mao san Quan said, “This guy appears and disappears unpredictably . How did you manage to find him?”

“We followed Pang Jia Nan . he contacted this person, and we encountered him after tailing him . ” Wang Si Miao explained .

“Instructor Mao, you know him?” Sima You Yue asked .

“I do . Not only him, but about the few of which you spoke about before . There are still many others like him hiding in the sect grounds . ” Mao San Quan siad .

“Since the sect already knows, why did you not do anything?” She didn’t understand .

“Isn’t this considered doing something?” Mao San Quan siad, “It’s only after agitating the top of the waters that those hiding in the bottom of the pot will come to the surface . ”

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“Little Seven? It’s no wonder you let Little Seven join the competition . It was to force these people to act?” She thought about Little Seven and looked at him puzzledly .

“Hehe, something like that . ” Mao San Quan said .

Little Seven was listening to the conversation from the side and almost stomped her feet in anger .

“You damn Old Mao, you still dare join the fun here!” She shouted .

“Who’s joining the fun? I specifically rushed here!” Mao San Quan said .

“Then why aren’t you taking this guy down yet!”

“I believe you can do it . ” Mao San Quan looked at her as he said with a smile, “If you really can’t do it, I’ll take over you!”

The black cloaked man was a little anxious when he saw Mao San Quan appear . How did he come here so quickly? Since he was here, what about the rest of the sect’s experts?

This wouldn’t do . He had to escape .

Little Seven could sense what he was thinking as she grabbed his arm, saying, “I haven’t seen your true appearance . Why are you leaving so quickly? If I let you leave just like this, wouldn’t I be too muddle-headed?”

When he was grabbed, he subconsciously resisted, but it was futile . He had collapsed in front of Mao San Quan .

“How passionate . ” Mao San Quan took out a tope and tossed it over, tying him up tightly .


It was like the rope was alive, as it tied him up so tightly that he couldn’t break free . He was tied up like a rice dumping as he fell on the ground from midair .

“Come, let me take a look . Let’s see just who you are that you’re actually so talented and able to hide in the sect and do these things, trying to kill my students!” Mao San Quan walked over and said .

Sima You Yue followed after him, very curious as to what his identity was .

Mao San Quan walked over to him and squatted down . He stretched forth a hand and pulled off his cloak .

“It’s you?” Mao San Quan cried out with shock .

Sima You Yue rushed over and took a look . She was stunned as she pointed at him and said, “Isn’t this…”

“It’s not . ” Mao San Quan knew who she was referring to . He denied it before taking something out to contact the others .

Sima You Yue looked doubtfully at Mao San Quan . This old face was clearly the old coot from the outer library . Why did Mao San Quan say it wasn’t?

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