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Chapter 873
Chapter 873: Keeping an eye on this

Sima You Yue went to look for Mao San Quan, thinking of letting him know, but his reaction was surprising .

Mao San Quan said, “It’s better for you not to let Little Seven wander around on her own for now . ”

So what he meant was that he already knew there was someone hiding in the sect grounds?

However, he did not wait for her to ask before he waved his hand, sayig, “You should head back to prepare for the competition tomorrow . I have high hopes for you . Remember, don’t let Little Seven go out on her own . ”

“I got it . ” Sima You Yue nodded as she left .

“How did it go?” Little Seven waited for her below the office and hopped over to ask when she saw her come out .

She didn’t go along with her because she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from beating him up if she saw him .

“I think the sect knew a long time ago . They just have not acted yet . They must be waiting for something . ” Sima You Yue said, “Instructor Mao said that you should not go to the back of the mountains alone . It would be best for you not to wander around the sect grounds by yourself . ”

“So they did come here for Little Seven after all . ” Wang Si Miao said .

“You know it as well?” Sima You Yue was on guard as she looked at him .

“Calm down . ” Wang Si Miao said, “I don’t have any ulterior motives . ”

“No ulterior motives?” Sima You Yue stared at him . If he actually dared to plot against Little Seven, she would have to think properly on what to do .

“Yeah . ” Wang Si Miao looked at her calmly, “I know that Little Seven is the Eye of the Earth . However, I’ve never planned to tell this piece of information to anybody else and I don’t plan to kidnap her either . Also, I don’t have the ability . ”

“How did you find out?”

“Little Seven’s ability supersedes human capacity, this is already an anomaly . Little Seven was so powerful even when she was very young, so at that time, we were already suspicious . ” Wang Si Miao said, “At that time, we still thought at Little Seven was a beast who had transformed . However, when we asked the teachers, they said that there are no transformed beasts in the sect . At that time, we guessed that Little Seven was the Eye of the Earth . ”

Sima You Yue looked at him, evaluating whether or not he was telling the truth .

“Later on, Little Seven and I interacted quite a bit, but I didn’t think too much about it . Later on when I saw her evolved state, I ascertained her real identity . ” Wang Si Miao said, “But I’ve never told anybody else . ”

“That is why, the fact that you’re able to guess it means that Pang Jia Nan is able to as well . Or you can say that a bunch of you will be able to . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Not necessarily . ” Wang Si Miao siad, “Pang Jia Nan knows because his purpose for coming here was to get Little Seven . It is because I have interacted quite a bit with Little Seven that I guessed it . That’s why not everyone will be able to make the connections . If others don’t pay attention to this, they won’t necessarily find out . ”

“Yue Yue, he won’t hurt me . ” Little Seven said .

Sima You Yue saw how confident she was in Wang Si Miao and thought of how she had gotten her to give him the antidote . This proved that Little Seven trusted him .

Since Little Seven didn’t say anything, she didn’t either . She just had to pay a bit more attention to him .

“Ah?” Her expression changed and she had a new discovery .

“Whats up, Yue Yue?” Little Seven asked .

Sima You Yue glanced at Wang Si Miao saying, “The scarlet bees have sent word back that Pang Jia Nan has met up with that cloaked man . ”

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“Where are they?” Wang Si Miao asked .

“Back mountains . ”

When Sima You Yue went to the back mountains, she saw the long stretch of mountains and couldn’t help but sigh . These back mountains were really the ideal place to conduct bad deeds . Those who plotted evil just had to hide here and nobody would be the wiser .

She led Little Seven and Wang Si Miao to the front of the mountains and said, “The other party isn’t powerful . Can you withdraw your aura?”

Wang Si Miao nodded as he used one of his martial arts . His initially faint aura immediately withdrew . If he were not standing in front of her, she would not notice him at all .

Such a powerful concealing art! It was even more powerful than her own!

If she were able to learn it, and then pass the art on to her own people from her organisation, she would be a lot more powerful .

She just didn’t know if this guy would be willing to form a deal with her .

Wang Si Miao noticed Sima You Yue staring at him and a bad feeling arose . He felt like a mouse who had been locked onto by a cat .


“Nothing . ” Sima You Yue beamed at him, “Since you’ve properly concealed your aura, we can go ahead . ”

The three of them stealthily creeped nearer as they found a secret place to hide in as they eavesdropped on what Pang Jia Nan was saying to the cloaked man .

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“Do you remember what I’ve told you?” Pang Jia Nan said .

“I already committed those people you’ve mentioned to memory, but the price…” The voice of the cloaked man was raspy . They didn’t know if that was his original voice, or if he had disguised it .

“A hundred thousand middle ranked crystals per person . ” Pang Jia Nan said, “This is already a reasonable price . ”

“A hundred thousand middle ranked crystals? It’s barely adequate . ” The black clothed person replied, “We’ll act based on our past rules, pay half upfront the remaining when you see their heads . ”

Pang Jia Nan took out a crystal card and tossed it at him, saying, “I hope that you’ll do it as soon as possible . ”

“Even if you want to do it soon, it won’t be that much quicker . We can’t act within the sect grounds . Once they head outside, we will definitely arrange it properly . ” Black cloaked man said .

“Alright, I got it . ” Pang Jia Nan said, “You may return . ”

However, the black cloaked man did not move .

“What wrong?” Pang Jia Nan said with annoyance .

“The previous situation . You actually hid Wang Si Miao’s identity . ” The black cloaked man said, “You used the excuse that he was your love rival to get us to kill him, but our recent information tells us that it isn’t the case . ”

“What news?”

“Wang Si Miao is a person from the Wang Clan . Just like your Pang Clan, it’s a strong influence . You didn’t want to bring to light the rivalry between your two clans . However, you used us and kept the truth of the situation from us, causing us to lose so many comrades . Do you not feel that you owe us due compensation?” The black cloaked man said .

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“Wang Si Miao’s situation had nothing to do with his identity . It is because Sima You Yue gave him the poison before he left the Karma Desert . You men fell because they were poisoned, only then were they killed by Wang Si Miao . That is why, if you want to blame anybody, you can only blame him . ” Pang Jia Nan shrugged, saying unconcernedly .

“Sima You Yue…”

“That’s right . I got you to kill him not only because of me, but because he knows about what we’re doing . If you kill him, you’ll keep your own secret as well . ” Pang Jia Nan said, “If you don’t leave, then I will . If someone sees us, the situation will be problematic . ”

After speaking, he flew away and left the black cloaked man behind .

“This is the assassin clan hidden in the sect grounds?” Sima You Yue looked at Wang Si Miao with puzzlement .

Wang Si Miao shook his head, “I don’t know either . It’s my first time hearing of it . ”

“That person is leaving, what are we going to do?” Little Seven said as she pulled on Sima You Yue’s sleeve .

“What else can we do? We’ll catch him, then we’ll talk!” Sima You Yue flew out of their hiding place after she spoke . ”

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