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Chapter 861: 861
Chapter 861: Narcissistic Little Roar

“Young Valley Master? Young Valley Master?” The shopkeeper noticed Sima You Yue was in a daze and wasn’t listening to him, so he called out twice .

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“What’s up?” Sima You Yue refocused and asked .

“I was saying do you want to send a letter to the valley? The Valley Master asks you to visit the valley when you’re free . ” The shopkeeper said .

Sima You Yue thought it over before replying, “Okay, I’ll write a letter and have someone take it back . ”

“Yes . ”

Sima You Yue explained her situation in the letter and also announced she was going to participate in the alchemy test and so on .

“Yue Yue, shall we go back now?” When she finished writing the letter and left the shop, it was already dark outside .

“Go back . ” Sima You Yue said . “I don’t know how the competition went today . ”

“I think it’s nothing much . ” Little Seven disdainfully said . “It’s like a group of children playing with each other . There’s nothing to see . ”

“It’s nothing for you, but it’s different for us students . ” Sima You Yue said . “The higher one’s billboard ranking is, the more resources they can get, and the more likelihood of becoming stronger . It might not be important for you, but for them, it’s something that can affect their life . ”

“Alright . ” Little Seven hadn’t thought of this issue . Listening to her speak so, it really seemed to be the case .

“Let’s go back . ” Sima You Yue patted her on the head, smiling .

They returned to the sect, and today’s competition had concluded . Sima You Yue contacted Sima You Ming and went directly to the parting garden .

Later, Sima You Yue did not go watch their competition, but entered the Spirit Pagoda to study Shi Qiu Shuang’s condition .

Her blood was almost completely toxic with all kinds of poisons fused together, thick and squishy . It was very difficult to flow in Shi Qiu Shuang’s body .

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“Sigh . ” Sima You Yue sighed in the face of the thick bowl of blood .

She told them two months of external time . Two months in the real world was not enough for her to research it . She could only borrow the time difference in the Spirit Pagoda .

“Yue Yue, you can do it!” Ling Long appeared beside her . Her little body floated in the air with her little fists together and cheered for her .

“Sigh, Yue Yue, you’ve been busy recently . You don’t even have time to play with us . ” Little Roar laid on the table with her feet on the ground and spoke with sorrow .

Sima You Yue poked his head and reprimanded, “You only know how to play! Haven’t you seen how busy I am lately!”

“I know, so I have been very obedient lately . I didn’t go out to cause you trouble!” Little Roar retorted .

“You also know you are a troublemaker!” Thousand Resonance appeared beside him with a paw over his stomach and said in disdain .

“Don’t, don’t press down or I will throw up what I just ate!” Little Roar shouted . His small claw wanted to push Thousand Resonance away, but found it was useless and could not touch the paw .

The funny appearance made everyone laugh .

Sima You Yue was also amused . Seeing Thousand Resonance’s furry paw and Little Roc and Halcyon were both in humanoid figures, she said, “Thousand Resonance, Ya Guang, I will take you out to evolve . ”

Both beasts were a little surprised that Sima You Yue suddenly thought of this .

“Yue Yue, you are so busy . We can evolve later . ” Thousand Resonance said .

“Yeah yeah, You Yue, we’re not in a hurry . You deal with your issues first . ” Ya Guang chimed in .

“It’s no problem . I won’t be busy in a brief period of time . ” Sima You Yue said . “Let’s go, we’ll go do evolution . ”

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“Okay, okay!” Little Roar twirled his claws .

“What are you so excited about? You’re not transforming . ” Sima You Yue poked his bulging belly .

“I’m not transforming . But I can watch them get struck by lightning!” Little Roar said . “This is still a happy thing . ”

“But why can’t you evolve?” Ya Guang asked curiously .

“My soul is damaged . It hasn’t completely recovered, so I can’t evolve . ” Little Roar sighed . “If I can evolve, I would be a handsome, graceful and suave man!”

“You keep on being narcissistic!” Sima You Yue mocked, but she still hugged him . “I think if you evolved, you’ll be ugly . ”

Because of her, his soul got damaged, which made her distressed .

“How can it be! I’m so handsome . My evolution will surely fascinate a group of beauties!” Little Roar moved in You Yue’s arms and found a comfortable position .

“Will it, you’ll know when you evolved . ” Little Roc said .

“I still don’t believe it . ” Scarlet Queen Bee said .

“Maybe if there’s a miracle . ” Thousand Resonance complemented .

“No matter what, I think he will still think he’s handsome . ” Little Dream said with a smile . “Right, Little Roar?”

“Humph, I’m ignoring you!” Little Roar ignored them . He always believed in his heart that he would become a handsome guy!

This group of guys were laughing because they were jealous! Right, it must be so!

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Everyone thought of it and laughed secretly .

He was a little arrogant!

“Let’s go and help you evolve . ” Sima You Yue went out hugging Little Roar .

Su Xiao Xiao was cleaning the courtyard when he saw Sima You Yue excited . “Little junior brother, you’re going out?”

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue said . “My beasts have not had a evolution yet, so I want to take them to evolve . ”

“To be struck by lightning!” Han Miao Shuang leaned out from upstairs . “I haven’t watched a spirit beast struck by lightning for a long time . Take me along . ”

“Okay . You are familiar with the back of the mountain . You can find a remote place for me . ” Sima You Yue said .

“No problem, i’m familiar with the back of the mountain!”

“Xiao Xiao should also go . Don’t sweep the courtyard all day . When master came back and saw you, he complained again . We’ll go watch little junior brother’s spirit beasts . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

Su Xiao Xiao had no interest at first, but got interested when he heard the last part .

“Let’s go . ”

The three went to the back of the mountain . They flew for a half a day yet they didn’t fly out of the mountain range, but the distance was far enough from the inner sect . When the lightning tribulation came, it would not alarm the people in the sect competing and watching .

“Here it is . This area is remote enough . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

Sima You Yue felt the surroundings . There were no powerful spirit beasts nearby . The three landed on a hill .

“Do you need some preparation?” Su Xiao Xiao asked .

“No need . ” Sima You Yue said . “We can overcome it . ”

“You don’t need any array, pills, or spirit weapons?”

“No need . ” Sima You Yue said . “You can all come out . ”

With a wave of her hand, all the contract beasts, except Little Dream came out .

When Han Miao Shuang and the group saw so many contract beasts, their mouths formed an “o . ”

“Little junior brother, they all need to evolve?”

Sima You Yue nodded . “No . ”

The two were relieved, and it was terrifying to have so many evolutions at once .

“Little Roc and Halcyon have already evolved . They won’t participate, but the rest will evolve today…”

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