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Chapter 86: Pulling it out by the roots

Bei Gong Tang looked at Sima You Yue and said, "You want to go by yourself?"

"You've also seen the situation below. If we all go down, I'm afraid that we'll add on to the number of people who'll end up in between the teeth of these Spirit Beasts." Sima You Yue said, "I have an idea on how to secretly sneak in there, but I have no way of bringing you all along with me. Zi Qi, Ouyang, Fatty, the three of you have to be proper protectors of the flower. After you have scattered the medicinal powder onto the bodies of the people from the Nalan Clan, retreat immediately. We will meet in Salt City in two days."

"How can we let you go alone?!" Bei Gong Tang didn't want to take the pill bottle.

"We haven't finished doing our things, I won't take my life as a joke." Sima You Yue stuffed the pill bottle into Bei Gong Tang's hand and said, "Trust me, I will bring the Golden Snake Fruit back!"

After she finished speaking, she quickly flashed out from behind the shrub and dashed towards the bottom of the mountain.

"We should leave as well." Ouyang Fei said, "He's not someone who only talks big. Since he said that he has a way, it must be the truth. If we go, we may only drag him down."

Wei Zi Qi, Fatty Qu and the gang did not refute what Ouyang Fei said because it was the truth. They always felt that they were excellent amongst their peers and had never thought a day would come that they would drag someone else down.

Bei Gong Tang watched as Sima You Yue dashed down the mountain, disappearing completely amongst the crowd of Spirit Beasts and could not help but feel worry in her heart.

How long has it been since she felt worry for another person?

She clutched the pill bottle tightly in her hand and forced down her worry, saying, "You all wait for me here, I'll go and scatter this onto the bodies of the people from the Nalan Clan."

After she said this, she was going to leave but she was pulled to a stop by Ouyang Fei.

"We'll go together."

Bei Gong Tang saw the look of resolution in his gaze and nodded.

"We don't have to scatter this onto Nalan He's body. There will definitely still be people at the Nalan Clan's campsite, so we'll scatter this onto this inside of their tent before leaving." Wei Zi Qi said, "It's too chaotic here now, the earlier we leave the better."

"Mm, let's go!"
"Wait up." Fatty Qu pulled everyone to a stop as he took out four masks from his interspatial ring and handed it to everyone, saying "In order to avoid revealing our identities, it'll be better for us to put these on.

"Fatty, why would you have these masks?" Wei Zi Qi asked.

"You Yue gave them to me." Fatty Qu put on the face mask as he took the initiative to walk out.

Ouyang Fei and the three of them wordlessly put on the face mask. Was this something that Sima You Yue had prepared much earlier in order for him to do some misdeeds?

"Let us move out as well."

The three of them put on the face masks as the followed Fatty Qu and walked towards the Nalan Clan's tent.

Because they didn't know how many people still remained at the Nalan Clan's campsite, Bei Gong Tang and the others scattered the medicinal powder around the inside of the tent before leaving. They didn't see who was inside the tent at all.

Nalan Lan was outside, looking at the situation outside and was so afraid that her face was paperwhite and she charged right back into the tent. Because she was still so traumatised, she didn't realised that there was an additional faint fragrance within the tent.

After their plans had gone smoothly, Wei Zi Qi and the four of them began to run off in another direction on the mountain. They didn't run far when they saw Ya Guang in front waiting for them.

"Master told me to bring you all back." Ya Guang revealed himself as he told Wei Zi Qi and the others.

The inner areas were currently chaotic. If they met any crazy Spirit Beasts, as a Saint Ranked beast, Ya Guang would be stronger than those beasts by quite a bit.

Wei Zi Qi and the others did not refuse as they directly climbed onto Ya Guang's back, allowing him to carry them as he ran towards the outer regions.

Bei Gong Tang sat right at the back and she turned her head around to look at the mountain valley that was illuminated by the battles taking place, looking slightly as if she was holding herself back.

Sima You Yue took out and wore a face mask the moment she came out from behind the boulder and then ran towards the bottom of the mountain.

During the moment in which she entered the hoard of Spirit Beasts, the aura she released changed unexpectedly. It was as if her entire person’s presence suddenly disappeared. Even if she walked past those people and Spirit Beasts, they didn't notice her. As a result, she quickly passed by the hoard of Spirit Beasts and came to the bottom of the overhanging cliff, flying towards the side of the Golden Snake Fruit in a single leap.

"Wow, I never thought that I would ever be able to experience the feeling of flying." Sima You Yue sighed to Mo Sha the moment she landed.

Mo Sha didn't reply her, saying "As you near the Golden Snake Fruit, the strength that I poured into your body will disappear. When that time comes, you can only depend on yourself to pick that Golden Snake Fruit. Furthermore, you have to be quick, or else, if the people or Spirit Beasts downstairs realise it, I don't have to tell you what the consequences will be."

"I understand." Sima You Yue nodded.

There were so many powerful Spirit Beasts and experts down below. If they were to take any action against her once she dug out the Golden Snake Fruit tree, even if she didn't die, she would still walk around the gates of death.

"If you're prepared, I'll retract my strength." Once Mo Sha finished speaking, Sima You Yue felt the strength that was just poured into her own body disappeared, along with the lithe feeling.

She took out the trowel that she usually used to dig out weeds within the Spirit Pearl as she squatted beside the Golden Snake Fruit and began to cautiously dig out the Golden Snake Fruit.

This Golden Snake Fruit Tree was shorter than fifty over centimeters in height, but its roots were not small. In order to minimise the damage done to the Golden Snake Fruit tree, she tried hard to dig the roots out entirely. Just as she was going to complete it, an angry roar sounded from the air.


The Full Ape that was battling Sima You Yue felt that someone was touching the Golden Snake Fruit, and although it was initially at an advantage and was relentlessly pursuing Sima Lie, it turned around and charged towards Sima You Yue at a high speed.

Sima Lie had battled a few rounds with the Full Ape and was preparing to withdraw, however, the Full Ape did not give him any opportunity to escape. Seeing the Full Ape leave, Sima Lie seized the opportunity to fly to a neighboring mountain peak and came beside the Golden Snake Fruit Tree as he wanted to see what it was that actually avoided the detection of so many people and Spirit Beasts.

Other people also noticed the situation that was occurring on the overhanging cliff and headed towards the Golden Snake Fruit tree one after the other. They saw someone wearing a face mask and a large mantle, squatting there digging up the Golden Snake Fruit.

"Who is that?"

Nobody could think of anyone they had met these few days that looked like this person. Even upon close scrutiny, they could not figure out this person's identity.

Sima You Yue felt that the Full Ape was charging towards her but saw that a bit of roots still remained in the dirt. She hardened her heart and immediately pulled up the Golden Snake Fruit Tree and threw it into her Spirit Pearl.

When the Golden Snake Fruit Tree disappeared, Mo Sha's power bubbled up in her body once again. Before she was prepared, the Full Ape had rushed over and she had no choice by to receive one of its blows.

"Pfff-" Sima You Yue was sent flying by a single punch by the Full Ape and spat out a fresh spray of blood, eventually flipping her body and flying in the air.

It was only at this time that everyone could see her figure clearly and saw that it was clearly slender and thin. However this was unable to conceal the aura that was emanating from her body.

"Spirit, Spirit Paragon?" Sima Lie said uncertainly.

"Master, when did a Spirit Paragon appear on our Continent?"

"It's not a real Spirit Paragon. Her aura is clearly superficial and it's obvious that its not her real strength."

"Daring Human, you actually dare to steal my Golden Snake Fruit!" The Full Ape saw that even the Golden Snake Fruit Tree had been uprooted and was incomparably angry. Furthermore, she had not died even after receiving its punch, causing him to become even more furious. Its body suddenly rose up as it launched its large fist towards Sima You Yue once again.

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