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Chapter 857: 857
Chapter 857: Seeing light again

Such a warm tone!

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Shi Qiu Shuang nodded . The face that lacked any facial features scrunched together in pain, but she didn’t make another sound .

Shi Qian Zhi stood by the side and his heart ached when he saw her this way .

“Junior Sister, just hold on for a bit . ”

Shi Qiu Shuang looked up and glanced at him, only then did the fierce look in her eyes fade a little .

Shi Qian Zhi wanted to urge Sima You Yue to hurry up, but when he saw her eyebrows scrunched together in focus, he swallowed his words .

After a long moment had passed, she retrieved her hands .

“How is it?” Little Seven was even quicker than Shi Qian Zhi in asking .

“The situation is a little complicated . I’ll tell you guys in a bit . ” Sima You Yue came to the center of the room . She took out a furnace and a table before taking out some herbs, beginning to refine right there .

Shi Qian Zhi watched as she began to refine pills in front of everyone, and thought of how the alchemists in the sect never let anyone watch them refine . His impression of her changed once again .

Sima You Yue refined for half a day before she finally produced a furnace full of pills .

She placed four pills into a jade bottle and fed the remaining pill to Shi Qiu Shuang .

“This pill will make your body numb for a while . You won’t feel pain with a single touch and won’t have to hide from the sun . ” She said after feeding her a pill .

“You’re… serious?” Shi Qiu Shuang looked at her with joy . Her eyes were filled with tormented joy, but she also dared not believe it .

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Ever since she had become this way, she could never see the sun again, no, not only the sun . She could not see any form of light . She was shut away in that room day after day, and all she saw was darkness .

She… had already forgotten what it was like to see the sun .

“Of course . You can try it if you do not believe me . ” Sima You Yue said, “Wait a few more minutes . You just have to wait ten minutes after eating this pill . ”

“Senior…” Shi Qiu Shuang looked at Shi Qian Zhi with joy .

“Jun Xian was right, wasn’t he? His Junior Brother is very talented . He might really be able to cure you . ” Shi Qian Zhi said .

“Mm!” Shi Qiu Shuang nodded her head hopefully .

Sima You Yue kept the table away . Once she had kept the furnace and table away, the time was just about right .

“Give it a try . ” Sima You Yue siad, “Has the pain lessened?”

“I don’t feel anything now . ” Shi Qiu Shuang said .

Now that she was feeling less pain, she had more faith in Sima You Yue’s words . She was also a lot more hopeful that she would be able to see the sun .

“Give it a try, then . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’m going to touch you first, and you should try to sense it . If it’s okay, we’ll open the window . ”

“Let me do it . ” Shi Qian Zhi .

He sat down beside the bed and stretched forth a hand to touch her arm, asking, “How is it, does it hurt?”

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“I don’t feel anything!” Shi Qiu Shuang cried out emotionally .

“How about here? Shi Qian Zhi touched somewhere else .

“Nothing either! It doesn’t hurt, it really doesn’t hurt!” Shi Qiu Shuang started to cry . When it mixed with the fresh blood, it was truly terrifying .


As the two of them were caught in their emotional moment, Little Seven pulled the black cloth off the window .

Bright light shot into the room, and Sima You Yue immediately covered Shi Qiu Shuang’s eyes .

“What’s wrong?”

Shi Qian Zhi and Little Seven looked at her weirdly .

“Young Miss Shi has not seen sunlight for so many years, and her eyes have grown accustomed to darkness . If you immediately expose her to light, you’ll injure her eyes . If it’s serious, she will lose her sight . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Ah, I didn’t know that would happen!” Little Seven stuck out her tongue . She just wanted to see whether Sima You Yue’s pill would be so miraculous that it would be able to stop her from feeling pain .

“Young Miss Shi, I’m going to release you . You should close your eyes . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright . ” Shi Qiu shuang heard her say that she might lose her sight, and was immediately so frightened that she stopped moving .

It had been so difficult for her to be able to see the sun . She didn’t want to be stuck in darkness forever .

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Sima You Yue released her eyes and took out a piece of black cloth and tied it around her head, saying, “You can take it off once your eyes have adapted . ”

“Mm . ” Shi Qiu Shuang replied . She was still so excited from being about to see light .

“Little Seven, take down all the black cloth . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright . ” Little Seven bounced around taking down all the black cloth . The room immediately filled with light .

“How is my Junior Sister? Can she be cured?” Shi Qian Zhi asked .

“It’s rather troublesome!” Sima You Yue said, “Young Miss Shi has been poisoned . The moment I heard you say that she had gone to a place last time and only became like this upon returning, I knew where it was . Describe to me the gist of the place you went to . ”

“I went to Devil Cave . ” Shi Qiu Shuang said .

“Devil Cave? How did you end up in Devil Cave?” Shi Qian Zhi asked with shock .

“So it was the Devil Cave…” sima You Yue was rather puzzled as well when she heard where it was .

Devil Cave, Heartbreak Valley and Ten Thousand Poison Mountain Rage were known as the three most poisonous places . Ten Thousand Poison Mountain Range was the most poisonous of all, in the inner regions . Very few people went inside it . Devil Cave as the second, in the inner regions . The third was Heartbreak Valley, also in the inner regions .

Heartbreak Valley was the place where she and Dear Feng had split up .

Basically, very few people would go to these three places . Most people who went there were asking for death . Heartbreak Valley was a little bit better, as you could go a little near to it if you had the antidote to the poison . It was said that even if you had the antidote to the other two places, you would still die .

“Junior Sister, why would you go there? Is it because of that jerk…” Shi Qian Zhi raged .

“Eldest Senior, don’t ask anymore . ” Shi Qiu Shuang asked, “I don’t want to speak of what happened that year . Otherwise, I would not have kept it from you for so many years . ”

Although one could not tell clearly the expression on her face and couldn’t see the pain in her eyes, Sima You Yue could feel the waves of pain radiating off of her .

Shi Qian Zhi had grown up with her, so there was no way he didn’t understand her . When he saw her acting this way, he did not continue questioning her, saying, “We’ll wait for you to heal up before we speak of it . ” He turned to Sima You Yue again, asking, “She went to Devil Cave . Is this information useful to you?”

“A little . ” Sima You Yue said, “I still have to do some research into her condition . After all, it’s a big place . Young Miss Shi, later on, can you tell me about what you encountered inside? It may be able to help me come to a quicker conclusion . ”

“What if you cannot find the reason? Will you be unable to cure her?” Little Seven ran over and asked .

Shi Qian Zhi and Shi Qiu Shuang were anxious as well as they waited for her answer .

“Not really . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’ll just need a little more time . ”

“As long as you can cure me, it’s okay to take a little more time . ” Shi Qiu Shuang said .

It seemed that she did not want to talk about what happened .

“Since Young Miss Shi is willing to wait, it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me . ” Sima You Yue did not press her for an answer, “However, I’ll say this now . I only have five pills and each pill will only last three days . After half a month, these pills will be useless . If I have to figure out a cure on my own, I’ll need one to two months . You need to think this over properly . ”

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