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Chapter 855: 855

Chapter 855: Rules of the competition

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After ten or more days had passed, Mao San Quan and the other teachers returned . The moment they came back, they called Sima You Yue and the others to go over .

“The sect has made a large lapse in judgement for our competition this round . It is thanks to you guys that things did not end in disaster . This is the prize for the three of you . ” Mao San Quan said as he pointed to the three boxes on the table .

Sima You Yue wasn’t polite either, as she went up and casually chose a box . . After taking a look inside, she saw a purple crystal the size of a fist .

“Purple Fantasy Crystal Stone?!” She was quite surprised as she cried out . She closed the box once again and said, “Thank you, Instructor Mao . ”

Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei saw her keep the item away, and went up as well to accept the box, “Thank you, Instructor Mao . ”

“Instructor Mao, how are things coming along with the Ancient Altar?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Not bad . The few of us who went ahead managed to find quite a bit of quality items . Although a few fights broke out in the middle, our sect did not lose out . ” Instructor Mao said a little proudly .

Sima You Yue could imagine the scene . It was definitely one that would start a scene . It was a good thing that those from their sect would never lose out . She could tell based on Instructor Mao’s expression that others were the ones who had lost out .

They were the ones who had first found out about that place, it was just a pity that they were too weak and had no choice but to back out in the face of the other powers .

Mao San Quan felt like it was a pity as well .

“The items there that released a gold light were the most precious items in the Ancient Altar . It was a pity that some snake stole it . ” Mao San Quan said with regret, “If we could obtain it, the sect would really have won out . ”

Sima You Yue thought about that snake that was currently sleeping in her spirit pagoda, which had struck first for the sake of growing stronger . She couldn’t hear his lamentations .

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Mao San Quan merely complained about the treasure for a moment and it was over . In any case, he didn’t see it . Since it was gone, it was gone . If he had lost it after he had seen it, he might have spit out blood .

“Right, I heard that your scores are one of the best ones, you have to do your best during the competition . ” Mao San Quan said .

“It is totally based on the results this time?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Mm . ” Mao San Quan said, “Although some unexpected things have happened, some people have still obtained pretty decent scores even in the midst of it . That’s why we have decided to continue . Alright, you guys should go down and prepare yourselves . ”

“Then when is the competition set to begin?” Sima You Yue asked .

“In three to five days, I suppose . The sect will send out the notice . ” Mao San Quan said .

“Then we will return first . ”

“Go ahead . ”

The three of them exited the office and returned to the dorms . She wanted to tell everyone about the competition .

Once they knew that there was going to be a competition, their calm hearts suddenly grew anxious .

The sect’s announcement came out in the afternoon . One piece of paper wrote down the eve of the billboard ranking competition, while another was the name list containing the list of competitors .

The students of the sect saw it, and it was similar to what they expected . As such, nobody took much notice of the rankings .

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The billboard rankings began three days later .

On this day, You Yue and the rest went to the competition ground early . After the sect finished setting it up, the open plaza was already divided into five different areas . There was an elevated stage in each area .

“The sect really acts fast . They used so little time to set up the elevated stages . ” Fatty Qu sighed, “However, are these stages stable? It won’t collapse halfway through the competition, will it?”

“How could it be! If it really collapsed, wouldn’t the sect be too reckless . ” Tang Yan and Mo Bin walked over and sat with them .

“Were the previous elevated stages the same?”

“The competitions are the same every year . ” Tang Yan said, “It is the alchemist’s competition now . Once their competitions are over, they’ll turn this place into an elevated stage . Don’t look down on the fact that these are only here temporarily . The materials they’re made with are pretty good . I’ve never seen a stage break before . ”

“Really?” Fatty Qu chuckled, “Who knows, someone might break it this year?”

“Brat, are you talking about yourself?” Tang Yang laughed, “If we’re talking about you, you might be able to do it in a few hundred years . ”

Fatty nodded his head seriously, saying, “I will do my best . Before I graduate from this place, I have to break it at least once . ”


Everyone burst out in laughter . They really didn’t know what to say about this kind of goal .

When it was eight o’clock in the morning, the plaza was filled with people . Most of them were students of the sect, and whether or not they had classes, they were all here .

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The teachers of the sect came very quickly . There were many more teachers around here than in the competitions before . Most of them would judge the competitions to the end .

One of the teachers came to the center of the plaza and said with a raise of his voice, “Today, we will begin the first round of our Billboard Ranking Competition . I will now announce the rules . ”

It could be because too much had happened in the middle of it all, but the students did not find anything new about the competition .

“Today marks the first battle . Based on your results, the top fifty will automatically qualify . The remaining thousand of you will be in one group . Each of you will decide your opponents by drawing lots . The remaining hundred and twenty five of you will compete with the previous hundred…”

Fatty Qu ran over to Tang Yan, asking, “Didn’t they say that it would be a total of a thousand people? How did it end up to be one thousand and fifty of them?”

“Didn’t you see the notice?” Tang Yan said, “The announcement said that, due to the special circumstance, an additional fifty people were included . ”

“I see . ”

“Everyone, you should come up now and draw your numbers . ” That teacher waved his hands, and a box appeared in front of him . Inside the box were ten slips of papers . Then, ten people went up to draw it . Once they were done, he placed in another ten and let the next person draw .

You Yue and the others were in the top fifty, so they had no need to participate in the competition . They just had to sit and watch the show .

A thousand students meant five hundred competitions . With five elevated stages, each stage could host a hundred matches . This was still the first round .

In the second round, there would be two hundred and fifty matches . Each stage had fifty matches .

In the third round, there would be a hundred and twenty five matches . Each stage had twenty five matches .

Sima You Yue and the others watched as they battled on stage . They would occasionally discuss the good and bad points of each match .

“As expected of students of our sect . Each and every one of them is so powerful . ” Fatty Qu sighed .

“Even if they are on the same rank, their battle abilities can be as far apart as heaven and earth . That’s why battle experience is important . ”

“That’s right . ”

“We’ve all come to where we are after taking it step by step . If we’re talking about battles, we’ve had our fair share of them . We’ve even gone through a few more than others . ”Sima You Lin said .

Sima You Yue listened to their banter and her eyes suddenly shone as she said to them, “You guys keep looking . I have something to do, so I’ll be going ahead . ”

“You Yue, where are you going?”

“There’s someone looking for me outside . ” Sima You Yue said . “Little Seven, you should come with me . ”

“Little Seven too?”

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