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Chapter 852: 852

When Sima You Yue and the others walked to the end of the corridor, they pushed the door open and saw a huge golden scorpion, standing opposite it was a snake that is less than a foot long, confronting the golden scorpion .

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 And behind the golden scorpion, stands a huge altar, on top of it sits a golden stone that shines so brightly that it penetrates right through the stone wall .

 This was the gold light that stopped them from moving!

 “Little Golden!”

 Fatty Qu’s hollow breath attracted Little golden and golden scorpion’s attention .


 TWhen the Little golden snake saw Sima You Yue and the rest, it waved its tail cheerfully, there wasn’t a sliver of any tension from the battle at all .

 “What a huge golden scorpion!”

 The common golden scorpion was not even a foot long . Perhaps this was a golden scorpion king . It measured three metres from its head to its tail, ten times bigger than the smaller ones .

 This golden scorpion’s strength had already reached Monarch’s peak . It didn’t see the humans who barged in as a threat and didn’t anything, except being on guard against the little golden snake .

 Sima You Yue took a glance, there are a lot of things here that were in disarray and there also some scars on the golden scorpion’s body . It seemed like they already had a battle .

 “What is that thing at the back?” Everybody looked towards Mo Bin because he knows ancient matters the best .

 Mo Bin shaked his head and said, “I don’t know . But I think it is related to the change in the golden scorpion . ”

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 “I think so too . ” Fatty Qu said, “If we get it, I wonder if there will be any changes!”

 “You can try, who knows you might grow two wings . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

 Fatty Qu imagined having wings on his back, shuddering, he said, “Forget it . ”

 “Let’s go back outside . ” Mo Bin looked at the little golden snake and golden scorpion, seeing that they were likely to fight, and asked everyone to retreat . He even made up a spirit barrier, protecting everyone .

 Sima You Yue watched as he did it skillfully . His spirit barrier rank should be good .

 Golden Scorpion swung its long tail towards the little golden snake as the little golden snake speedily dodged and opened its mouth wide, spitting venom .

 Although the golden scorpion’s body was huge, it was not clumsy at all . It dodged like a flash and propped itself up with its tail and dodged to the side .

 However, a bit of venom landed on its leg and a small hole was corroded in its hard shell .

 Golden Scorpion shrieked and continuously swung its tail to attack, but the little golden snake dodged it’s attack non stop as it waited for a chance to counterattack .

 Everybody looked at them . Their battle speed was super fast, in a blink of the eye, a few attacks had already been exchanged . But no matter how they saw it, it looked like the Little Golden Snake was just teasing golden scorpion .

 “Little Golden, if you keep teasing, the things are going to be stolen by others . ” Sima You Yue reminded .

 The striking gold light and the ancient aura would definitely attract many people here . If they came down here, the gold stone will stir up a commotion .

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 The little golden snake didn’t know the twists and turns, but after hearing Sima You Yue’s words, it blinked at her and turned its head looking at the golden scorpion and spit it’s tongue .

 After that… its tail became infinitely long, ranging from half a foot to four metres long . At the same time, its tail grew larger . Even though the head size remained the same, its tail became as thick as a human’s waist .

 The gold light shone on the golden scale resulting in magnificent rays of light . Although it was the same colour as golden scorpion, except it looks more elegant .

 “What a beautiful scale!” Everybody was stunned, they never knew, the snake’s scale could be so beautiful .

 The golden scorpion saw the little golden snake’s tail . Not knowing what to think of it, a look of fear appeared on its face as it turned its head and ran into one of the passages .

 However, the little golden snake was much faster . With one fling of its tail, the top half of the golden scorpion body was wrecked!

 What a formidable fight!

 Everybody’s jaw dropped when they saw the little golden snake, they came back to their senses and gulped .

 Although the golden scorpion’s best point was its venom, its body’s shell was still harder, especially at the golden scorpion king’s rank .

 The golden scorpion had the monarch’s peak strength, but was defeated by the little golden snake’s tail! Exactly how strong was it?!

 Little Golden Snake didn’t care about their reactions and used its tail to wrap around the golden scorpion’s tail . It brought it to Sima You Yue, seemingly giving her the credit .

 Sima You Yue used her spirit energy to hold the tail, only then did the little golden snake let it go . It started to shrink its tail, and very quickly became the usual small looking snake .

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 “Hiss ——”

 It flew towards the shining stone on the altar, opened its mouth wide and swallowed it!

 “Little Golden!” Sima You Yue saw the little golden snake’s action and was shocked . She wanted to stop it but it was too late . She could only watch as the stone was swallowed .



 After the little golden snake swallowed the stone, it laid on the ground straight .

 Everybody ran out of the spirit barrier, Sima You Yue carried Little Golden . She saw that its eyes were wide open but could move its body, it seemed like its life was not in danger .

 “You, you eat everything . Aren’t you afraid it’s poisonous?” Sima You Yue chastised it worriedly and put it down as she used her other hand to flick its small head .

 Little Golden couldn’t move but could only blink its eyes innocently and fell into a deep slumber .

 “Fifth Brother, is Little Golden alright?” Sima You Le asked .

 “Should be alright . ”

 Sima You Yue kept little golden back into spirit pagoda, Mo Bin they all noticed, but didn’t utter a word .

 “Let’s go and see that scorpion’s tail . ”

 This golden scorpion’s tail was half to two meters long, the poison gland inside must be huge .

 “The people on top might come down . Keep this first . ” Tang Yan said .

 “No need . ” Sima You Yue continued, “It will be harder to explain if we hide it . ”

 “Oh right . ”

 Sima You Yue looked at Mo Bin and the rest and said,” About Little Golden, please keep it a secret . I’ll thank you all with a gift . ”

 “It’s okay . ” Mo Bin continued, “There is nothing to talk about . ”

 “No no, he should give his thanks . ” Tang Yan stopped, “You can give us more of the spirit fruit as a gift . ”

 “Pfft——” Sima You Yue laughed, ” Alright, eat till you’re full!”

 “I don’t need it too, if you are willing, would you compete with me for once?” He Feng said .

 Sima You Yue didn’t think that he would be this persistent, she nodded her head and said . “Ok!”

 At this time, there was noise coming in from outside, a group of people came out from the passage, in front of them were Mao San Quan and two of the sect’s teachers . Behind them were people they didn’t know .

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