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Chapter 851: 851

After less than half an hour that the golden light shone, the first few strong opponents appeared in Karma Dessert .

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 “What’s happening?” The people who came later saw familiar faces asked in confusion .

 “I don’t know . Nobody knows where the golden light is coming from . ”

 “With this antique aura, something from the ancient time is definitely going to appear!”

 “Not only that, the ancient aura isn’t that dense and isolated . I’m guessing that it’s from the immemorial era . ” A long bearded old man said as he stroked his beard .

 “If it really is the aura from the immemorial era, then we can’t act blindly without thinking . If we are not careful, it could cost us our lives!”

 “Mo Bin!” Hua Piao Miao shouted and flew to the ground quickly . She picked up a piece of jade pendant before flying back at top speed .

 Yellow sand kept flowing into the vortex and the jade pendant was right beside the vortex, if she didn’t act fast and sharp enough, it would have gotten sucked into the vortex .

 “What happened, Piao Miao?” Mao San Quan felt slightly guilty when he saw how she had gone to get the jade pendant without regard for her own safety .

 “Instructor Mao, this is Mo Bin’s jade pendant!” Hua Piao Miao said .

 “Are you sure?” Mao San Quan’s face changed .

 “This jade pendant is always strapped to his belt, it’s a gift from his mother, that’s why I recognise it . ” Hua Piao Miao said assuredly .

 “If you say so, does this mean Mo Bin got sucked into the quicksand?!” A teacher standing by the side asked .

 “Possibly . ” Mao San Quan said solemnly, ” Anybody knows who he was with?”

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 “Tang Yan, He Feng and those from the Thunderbolt team . ” Pang Jia Nan said .

 “Sima You Yue and Little Seven were inside too?”

 “Yes . ”

 “Those guys, why are they here!” Mao San Quan scolded .

 “Instructor Mao, should we go down and see?” asked a teacher .

 “Go down? How? Look at them, can we even go down?” Mao San Quan got worried and angry .

 The vortex was surrounded by golden light, some of them wanted to go down, but were blocked by the golden rays of light .

 Even if Mao San Quan and the rest wanted to save You Yue and others, it was too far to help and they could only worry helplessly .

 “Those guys! Once they’re back, they are going to face the wall!” Mao San Quan scolded and called all the teachers to discuss the countermeasures for dealing with the situation, at the same time, they paid attention to the situation over where the golden rays came from, seeing if anyone could go down .

 The sect’s teachers were all anxious, worried that something terrible would happen to them . However, at the bottom, Sima You Yue and the rest were all fine, they were looking around, dumbstruck by their surroundings .

 After they fell in, the golden light was gone and everybody regained their freedom . They didn’t know how deep they were in the ground . It was not a yellow sand dessert anymore . There were hard concrete walls . There are different engravings on the wall, different spirit beasts and mankind .

 The spirit beast was different from the current spirit beasts, and mankind’s clothes were very different from how they are now .

 “These engravings look old . ” Tang Yan said .

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 “These are the clothing from the immemorial era . ” Mo Bin touched the engravings and said excitedly .

 “Immemorial era? Are you sure? How did they preserve those things till now?” Tang Yan said in shock .

 “No mistake, I read a book last time and it’s exactly the same from the book . ” Mo Bin said confidently .

 “After so many years, how are these engravings still here?” Wouldn’t they be eroded?” Sima You Yue asked .

 “Mo Bin, you studied about the immemorial era, is there something you know?” He Feng asked .

 Mo Bin looked carefully at the content of the engravings as well as the decorations and said, ” This place should be an altar from ancient times . ”

 “Altar? There’s only walls, there’s no altar . ” Sima You Le said .

 “This is the outside of an altar . The altar should be in the middle . ” Mo Bin said, ” It’s because it’s an altar, so the ancient people carefully protected it . ”

 “Shouldn’t the altar be in the open? This place looks like a cave . ” Fatty Qu said .

 “My guess is, this place should be protected by the spirit barrier . Later on due to the transformation of the world, this place sank into the ground and was covered with soil . It could only pile up outside the spirit barrier . After a long time, it became an underground cave . ” Mo Bin guessed .

 “Is that possible?” Everybody looked flabbergasted .

 “Look at this wall . It’s been nicely repaired, but it’s not natural rock . It’s manmade . ” Mo Bin said .

 “This is amazing! Let’s check out the front . ”

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 “Alright . ”

 They passed through the tunnel and entered a yard . in the middle of the yard stood a pot furnace, the ash in it had already solidified and hardened into stone .

 “Wow wow wow, treasure!” Fatty Qu saw the pot furnace and got excited, ran over and hugged it .

 “Things from the immemorial era are really not bad . ” Ouyang Fei said .

 ” So heavy!” Fatty Qu hugged onto it, realising it was too heavy to move .

 “Isn’t it just a pot? Is it that heavy?” Sima You Le walked over and tried . It couldn’t be carried at all .

 “Hahaha! At least I moved it a little, you can’t even move it at all!” Fatty Qu laughed while exclaiming .

 “Is it really heavy? Or are you both weak?” He Feng didn’t believe it, thinking they just weren’t strong enough and gave it a try, but that the pot moved a little before coming to a complete stop .

 “This should be an artifact from the immemorial era . ” Mo Bin said, ” People from the ancient times thought that sacrifice was important, so they used all the best things . ”

 “No wonder we can’t move it at all . ” Sima You Le said .

 “Fatty Qu is from the body refinement line, it’s normal that his body is stronger than yours, he’s a lot stronger . ” Sima You Yue walked over and continued,” If he wasn’t stronger than you, then all his years of training will be wasted . ”

 “You Yue, aren’t you in the body refinement line too?” How about you try it?” Fatty Qu said .

 “That’s right, try it . ”

 “Alright . ”

 Sima You Yue walked towards the pot . She placed one hand on the pot and the other on the handle . She used her strength and lifted it upwards, actually lifting the pot about ten plus centimetres upwards .


 The pot furnace dropped back on the ground, making a loud sound .

 “I can only move it a little, but You Yue can actually carry it around ten centremetres high!” Fatty Qu hugged the pot and bawled .

 “Alright, You Yue gets struck by lightning often . If you have nothing to do, let the lightning strike you a few times and you will also become strong . Stop bawling here . ” Wei Zi Qi suggested .

 Sima You Yue and Fatty Qu pouted, was that considered an encouragement?

 Once Mo Bin and others heard that she always got struck by lighting, they all got a shock .

 “How did you manage to survive that?”

 “Just like that . ” Sima You Yue didn’t intend to tell them about it as she changed the topic and said, “Let’s go inside and take a look . ”

 “Who knows, Little Golden might be inside!”

 “Possible . ”

 They created a fireball and lit up the front, walked past the yard and down a long corridor . Before they reached the end, they heard sounds of a fight coming from inside .

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