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Chapter 850: 850

An overwhelming number emerged as they covered the land!

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 Ten of thousands of golden scorpions came out of the yellow sand together, and instantly, the entire oasis was occupied!

 “Damn it, so many! Take this young master’s thunderbolt bullet!” Fatty Qu looked at the golden scorpions covering the sky and took out a thunderbolt bullet, injecting it with spirit power before throwing it .


 The thunderbolt bullet exploded, directly blasting the golden scorpions to pieces .

 “Such great power!” Tang Yan stared dumbfoundedly at the blasted corpses and exclaimed, “It looks fun . Let me try one!”

 He also took out a thunderbolt bullet and imitating Fatty Qu, he injected spirit power in it and threw it .


 As soon as the golden scorpions surrounded the air, they were hit by another thunderbolt bullet . The ones in the center were blasted to ashes, not to mention their tails .

 Outside the center were killed, but their limbs were left behind . There were some with a complete corpse .

 “It’s a pity . ” Fatty Qu examined the effect and felt sorry . It would be nice if they could leave their tails behind .

 “You still have time to feel sorry . Hurry up! Don’t cry if you get stung!” Ouyang Fei stood beside Fatty Qu and shot a glance at him .

 “I know!” Fatty Qu replied . “How about let’s see who can kill more? Bei Gong, you too . ”

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 “Okay . As you wished, if you lose, don’t cry . ” Bei Gong Tang chuckled .

 “You don’t know who’ll win or lose!” Fatty Qu flew over .

 “Fatty Qu, you’re cheating!” Bei Gong Tang laughed and scolded . She and Ouyang Fei flew over .

 Sima You Yue watched them fly out . She told He Feng, “Didn’t you say you want to compete with me? We don’t need to fight directly . We can just compete and see who gets more tails will win . How’s that?”

 “Alright!” He Feng nodded . “If I have more than you, you will have to fight me!”

 “Okay . ” Sima You Yue said . Lower divine saint strength erupted as she condensed her spirit power to attack .

 “Divine saint!” Mo Bin was shocked by Sima You Yue’s strength .

 Such a young divine saint!

 “I’m coming too!” He Feng quickly recovered from his surprise and chased .

 “You’re all competing! I’m joining as well!” Tang Yan flew over as well .

 Thunderbolt bullets were thrown out one by one, and those golden scorpions were unable to fight in front of them .

 Although there were numerous golden scorpions and flew out of the sand consecutively, half of them were dealt with the thunderbolt bullets . Moreover, they weren’t embroidered pillows and possessed strength . After some hours later, they were almost wiped out . Seeing the unfavorable situation, the rest quickly hid in the yellow sand and escaped .

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 He Feng flew over . “I have two thousand eight hundred . What about you?”

 “Two hundred more than you, precisely three thousand . ” Sima You Yue smiled .

 “Two hundred more than me!” He Feng was a little discouraged when it seemed that he couldn’t fight her .

 “Maybe we can encounter each other during the examination . ” Sima You Yue said . “I’ll go check on their situation . ”

 She flew away, leaving He Feng alone in the air .

 “Crazy, you lost . But losing to him is not a shame . ” Tang Yan flew over and patted him on the shoulder . “I didn’t expect him to be a powerful divine saint . ”

 “I know . It’s two hundred less than him . ” He Feng sighed . His combat ability wasn’t as good as a freshman!

 “Not only that, you took a spirit power recovery pill, while he did not take any from the beginning to end . ” Mo Bin said what Tang Yan wanted to express .

 “He…” He Feng opened his mouth and watched Sima You Yue talking to the others and did not close it for a while .

 Fatty Qu and the group were counting their results . Although he had started off with high morale yet the end result was he had the least .

 While he was depressed, he noticed Sima You Yue coming over and waved . “You Yue, how many golden scorpions did you kill?”

 “Three thousand . ” Sima You Yue replied . “How about you three, who won?”

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 “It’s needless to say, of course it’s Ouyang Fei . Beside you, he has the strongest combat power . ” Fatty Qu said reluctantly . “But I have just two hundred less than him . ”

 “How about Bei Gong?”

 “I have two thousand three hundred, just between them two . ” Bei Gong Tang smiled . “You’re still the best, killing three thousand alone . ”

 “Since there are more golden scorpions this time, everyone’s gains are quite good . If you take these back, maybe you can rank in the top thousand . ” Sima You Yue remarked .

 “Why are there so many golden scorpions?” Bei Gong Tang asked .

 “I think this should be the source of the changes in Karma Desert . ” Sima You Ran who cleaned up her area had come over and overheard Bei Gong Tang’s question .


 “There are more golden scorpions here than in other places . Their strength is also higher and their bodies are lengthier . ” Sima You Ran replied . “What’s more, a place that Little Golden would go regardless is no ordinary place . So it is most likely the cause of the changes in the Karma Desert . ”

 Fatty Qu was interested . “Shall we go down and see?”

 “What are you doing down for . ” Sima You Lin said . “We don’t know the situation . Do you think you have the same strength as Little Golden?”

 Fatty Qu rubbed his nose and was unable to refute .

 “You Lin is right . We don’t know the situation underneath . Let’s wait for Little Golden to come up first . ” Sima You Yue said . “When the teachers of the sect come over, we can tell them the situation here and let them decide whether they want to investigate further . ”

 “With so many golden scorpions here, we don’t have to go elsewhere . We can go to the oasis and wait for the Little Golden . ”

 “Mm, let’s wait . If Little Golden doesn’t come up in two days, I’ll go down and check . ” Sima You Yue said . “Let’s first head back to the oasis . ”

 As soon as her words fell, a golden light burst out of the yellow sand, enclosing them all and rendered them immobile .

 “What’s going on?” Fatty Qu cried out .

 No one had the time to speak . The yellow sand below moved and formed a huge vortex that rolled them all down .

 At the same time, everyone else saw the beam in other parts of the desert .

 On the oasis where You Yue’s group met Wang Si Miao, the two teachers had just arrived to understand the situation . After seeing the golden beam, they glanced at each other . “Let’s go check . ”

 They opened a space tunnel and led everyone .

 The other teachers did the same . They took the students they found and opened the space tunnel and rushed over .

 Within the range of hundreds of thousands of kilometers outside the Karma Desert, those forces felt an ancient aura from the desert . Many powerful forces rushed over . Seeing the golden beam, they had no time to explain . They directly broke the void .

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