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Chapter 847: 847

Chapter 847: He can’t be with her

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“Attention everyone, the golden scorpions are here!” Pang Jia Nan stood up while telling the crowd .

Once they heard that golden scorpions were coming, all the students of the sect stood up . Some of them looked alarmed and their faces went pale after remembering the past bitter encounters .

“You freshmen, come and join everyone . ” Hua Piao Miao still called them freshmen .

“It’s okay . ” Sima You Yue rejected coldly .

Those who do not respect others don’t deserve to be respected!

“Piao Miao, since they can’t tell right from wrong, we don’t have to care about them . ” said Pang Jia Nan .

“Yeah . ” Hua Piao Miao nodded, she didn’t really want to invite them over anyway, she was just putting on an act .

“Coming . ”

“Coming . ”

Wang Si Miao and Sima You Yue said it at the same time, once he finished his sentence, he looked at her surprisingly .

One by one the golden scorpions flew out from the sand, flying rapidly towards everyone .


Not knowing who shouted, everyone scattered towards different directions, attacking the golden scorpions that flew towards them .

The students already experienced many rounds of contests these past two days, they had some chemistry with each other . Those who were weaker would form a team and fight with one golden scorpion .

Hua Piao Miao killed all the golden scorpions near her . Once the spiritual energy died down, a tail was left in its place .

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She kept the tail and in between, she looked over at Mo Bin’s side , making sure that he could handle, then turn her attention to the side .

“How did they… . ?”

She thought freshmans like Bei Gong Tang were still freshmen and their fighting strength should be weak, but they handled the golden scorpion alone, skillfully and easily .

How did their fighting strength get so strong?!

Other than her, the others realised too, these freshmen were really powerful . Other freshmen needed at least 2 people to defend themselves from getting killed by the golden scorpions . Not only were they fighting alone, they still time to keep the tails! Their actions were better than those trained .

These freshmen, they were amazing! No wonder they were told that they would be refuted!


One of the students didn’t pay attention and got stung by a golden scorpion and collapsed immediately .


The other guy who was also from his team got stung by the golden scorpion and collapsed with him .

The others found out and wanted to help after realising the two got stung, but got surrounded by more golden scorpions .

“Damn it!”

They killed all the ones around them with all that they could . But more of them emerged later, one wave after another . There was no room for rest . Needless to say, they could not save the others .

After Wang Si Miao killed the golden scorpions around him, he leaped towards the two students wanting to feed them the antidote . Instead, he got surrounded by more golden scorpions, forcing him to have no energy to do other things .

One hour later, everybody finally killed all the golden scorpions . Other than those two students, the others didn’t get stung .

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“Such a pity for those two students . ” Hua Piao Miao sighed while looking at the bodies and shaking her head, “If we were faster, they wouldn’t have to…”

“No, there’s still one alive!”

Wang Si Miao squated, pulling the two students apart, one of them turned black, the poison already spread throughout his body and died . Another one turned black too, but he was still breathing weakly .

“How can he still be alive?” Pang Jia Nan asked shockingly .

Tang Yan walked over and said ” Why not? He ate our Guard Pill earlier on, those who ate the Guard pill and got stung can hold for three hours . It’s only past one hour, of course he’s alive . ”

“That’s right, it seems like he ate the Guard Pill . ”

“This Guard Pill really works?!”

“If I’d known earlier, I would have bought one!”

“It’s not too late to buy now!”

“Give him the antidote quickly!”

“Oh yes, it’s pointless to talk about those, we should give him the antidote quickly!”

“Don’t look at me, I don’t have the antidote!”

Wang Si Miao took out his own pills, feeding him with it, the blackness from his face went away quickly .

“That’s it, that’s it, he really got better!” The people around them called out .

“This antidote is actually real!”

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“Luckily I bought it earlier, if not it’ll increase in price!”

“God, why didn’t I buy it earlier?!”

“Go go go, we should buy it now . Didn’t Tang Yan say it’s limited in quantity? It will be gone if we are late!”

While talking, those people swarmed towards Sima You Yue .

Hua Piao Miao walked over, squatted down,checked on him and said, “The poison is counteracted, looks like this pill really is useful . ”

“Shui Rou already said it’s real, it’s nothing odd . ” Wang Si Miao looked at the other body, “What a pity, he wasn’t that clever and lost a life for nothing . ”

“The quantity of golden scorpions is higher now, our situation is getting more and more dangerous . We don’t know how others are holding up . ” Hua Piao Miao said worriedly .

Wang Si Miao glanced at her and looked at the other far side, faintly said “We have to report this to the sect, let them handle it . I’m going back . ”

“Go back? Even if it’s me or you, if you go back now, you will be disqualified!” Hua Piao Miao’s pitch went high as she was astonished .

Those who were clearing after the mess heard her and glanced over .

He is going back? If he goes back, what about them?!

“This matter, someone must go back . ” Wang Si Miao said, “Furthermore, the person has to be strong enough to be able to leave here alone . ”

“Then what about your contest?!”

“Give up . ” Wang Si Miao said without hesitation . “Although the contest is important, these people are more important . ”

“As long as they remain with us, we can still protect them for two months . You don’t have to give up on the contest to go back . ” Hua Piao Miao said disapprovingly .

“Although these people are together with us, then what about the others? There’s only ten plus of us here, there are ten thousands of students coming here, what about them? Do they have protection? No! So I have to go back . Or, one of us will go back, who do you think is the best to go back? ”

He looked at Hua Piao Miao . Seeing her remain silent, he smiled faintly .

After being silent for a minute, Hua Piao Miao asked ” When do you intend to leave?”

“Now . ”

“Are you really not going to reconsider?” Hua Piao Miao tried to convince him .

“Please take care of these students . ” He left her right after he finished speaking to explain to the others .

Sima You Yue already noticed the situation here . Seeing how Wang Si Miao treated Hua Piao Miao coldly, she curiously asked Mo Bin who was standing beside ” I thought they were an item? Why don’t they look like one?”

“Who said they were an item?” Mo Bin shaked his head and said “It’s impossible for Wang Si Miao to be together with Hua Piao Miao . ”

“Why?” You Yue asked astonishingly, seeing how confident he was .

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