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Chapter 846: 846

Chapter 846: Increasing the price

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“Antidote to the golden scorpion venom? How is that possible?!”

“The golden scorpion’s poison is incomparable . Once someone is stung, they’ll die within a few minutes . How could there be an antidote for it?”

Nobody believed them .

“You should be a new student and should have the antidote for the previous golden scorpion’s venom right? You guys may not know, but the venom is no longer the same as it was before . ” Hua Piao Miao ‘kindly’ reminded them .

“I am called Sima You Yue, not New Student . ” Sima You Yue said lightly .

This white lotus was very fake . She had been addressing her as ‘New Student’ the whole way . Was she not holding her in contempt?

“Hua Piao Miao, this is where you’re wrong . You don’t even know the situation, so how do you know what Sima You Yue is talking about?” Tang Yan said, “You Yue already realised on the second day that the venom of the golden scorpion was not the same . Then, he, along with Bei Gong Tang and the others, came up with a new kind of antidote . This antidote treats the current golden scorpion . ”

“Impossible! Initially, our alchemists just said that there was simply no way to research an antidote for this venom . He is a seventh ranked alchemist . If even he can’t do it, how could the few sixth ranked alchemists such as yourselves be able to?”

Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei were sixth ranked alchemists during the competition, and they recognised them now .

“Just because you guys can’t, doesn’t mean that we can’t . Are you an idiot?” Little Seven rolled her eyes .

“Did you guys really discover a cure? Can we see?” A lady in a sky blue skirt walked out from the back . Sima You Yue recognised her . She was the one who was a seventh ranked alchemist during the competition .

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She seemed to be called Shui Rou .

Humble and gentle, she did not disdain them or act arrogant simply because Sima You Yue and the others were new students .

“You can see it if you want, but you have to buy it after seeing it . ” Tang Yan said .

“How much is it? I’ll buy it . ” Shui Rong said gently .

“Guard Pill will be two hundred middle ranked crystals . The cure will be two thousand middle ranked crystals . If you only want to buy the antidote after being stung, it will be four thousand crystals . ” Tang Yan said .

Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows wordlessly . This guy had doubled the price!

“So expensive!” Someone at the back cried out .

“How is that expensive?” Tang Yan retorted, “Why don’t you guys think about it? How much money goes into the herbs required to refine it, how much energy goes into crafting it, how many brain cells of his died while researching it? How much does a usual sixth ranked pill go for? Also, there are scorpions all around the desert, how dangerous are they now? This is its exclusive antidote! We even took into account the fact that we are sectmates that we gave you a discount . If we sold this to outsiders, one pill would go for ten thousand middle ranked crystals . ”

“That’s right, do you want it or not!” Little Seven added on .

Shui Rong smiled, saying, “Senior Tang makes sense . Comparing the value with the price, it is worth it . Give me one each . ”

She took out a crystal card and handed it to Tang Yan . Tang Yan passed it over to Sima You Yue after receiving it, even giving her a wink . His meaning seemed to be that he had helped her to double the price and to give him a share of the profits later .

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Sima You Yue took out her own crystal card and took out two thousand and two hundred crystals . Then, she took out two jade bottles and poured a pill out each .

“The red one is the pill to guard against it . The golden one is the antidote . ”

Shui Rong took the pill and sniffed each one, asking, “What does the pill to guard against it do?”

“Most people only have a few minutes to live after being stung . If they eat the Guard Pill, they can hold on for three hours . ” Sima You Yue explained .

Shui Rong examined the two pills, saying, “The cure should be no problem, but I’ve never seen these kinds of precautionary pills before . Thank you . ”

She returned to the back of the group after thanking Sima You Yue .

“See that? Your alchemist has affirmed its effects . Who dares bluster and slander that it’s useless? I’ll pound you into dust!” Little Seven huffed .

However, even though Shui Rong had said that the pill was useful, everyone was still rather distrustful .

“If you don’t grasp this opportunity, once it’s too late, the pill will become three hundred middle ranked crystals and three thousand middle ranked crystals . ” Tang Yan said .

“Why did it increase in price again?! Where’s your business ethic?”

“I gave you one night time to think about it . ” Tang Yan said, “Things like business ethics? Leave it to the shops . We’re not businessmen, neither do we sell pills for a living . They are the ones who will need to care for things like that . If you’re not happy with it, I’ll give you two options . One, you buy it now for two thousand . Two, don’t buy it now and you’ll never be able to buy it . Even if I raise the price, it won’t affect you . ”

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“That’s right . Wang Si Miao, do you want to buy it or not? My Yue Yue’s pills are in high demand . ” Little Seven said to Wang Si Miao .

Wang Si Miao did not initially want to buy it, but when he saw that Little Seven had singled him out, he nodded, saying, “Then give me one antidote . ”

“How could one be enough? Although you are strong, there’s always a possibility . Now that it’s only two thousand, why don’t you buy a few more? Later on, it wouldn’t be worth it if the price increased . ” Little Seven looked at him and said very seriously .

Wang Si Miao pursed his lips . Was this guy hard-selling him?

“Give me two, then . ”

Since Wang Si Miao had bought it, a few of his followers did as well . However, everyone would see that Wang Si Miao had bought it because of Little Seven, not because he wanted the pills . It was because they didn’t believe in the use of the pill that they did not want to spend such an extravagant sum of money .

“Alright then, since you guys are not willing, we won’t force you . Just remember that 6am tomorrow morning, the price will increase again . ” Tang Yan warned .

When he said this, the few who had hesitated finally gave it . However, they were not rich, so spending two thousand crystals for a sixth ranked pill made it rather hard to swallow .

Finally there were a few who spent two hundred to buy a single pill .

Once the pills had been sold, it was almost six am in the morning . Everyone was tired and cared not about whether they were new students or not, whether they were together or not . They found their own places to rest .

On the morning of the second day, Sima You Yue woke up really early . Her eyes flashed, and suspicion flitted through .

“What’s wrong?” Bei Gong Tang asked .

Little Seven opened her eyes and said, “There’s a huge bunch of golden scorpions nearby . ”

“Golden scorpions have come?” Fatty Qu heard their movements and opened his eyes as well .

“Mm, there are quite a few of them too . ” Little Seven said .

“Everyone, eat the guard pill . ” Sima You Yue said as she took out the pills and gave each person one .

The pills to guard against their venom were easier to refine . If they were not stung, it was more worth it to eat it .

Seeing You Yue and Little Seven’s reactions, they all ate the Guard Pill .

Mo Bin, Tang Yan and the others ate one Guard Pill as well . They were completely focused and ready for the upcoming battle .

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