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Chapter 842: 842

Chapter 842: Situation changes, hurry!

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“Are you worried that we’ll steal your golden scorpion?” Tang Yan didn’t wait for them to speak before he said, “Relax, we won’t snatch it from you . Didn’t we already tell you earlier that we wouldn’t fight you guys for it?”

“That’s not what we meant . We just didn’t want to delay your journey and hold you back from killing the golden scorpions . ”

“You guys can relax, we won’t be delayed . ” He Feng said, “We don’t need any golden scorpions at all, so it’s fine even if we don’t have a single one . ”

“You don’t need any golden scorpions?”

“Yeah, don’t you guys know?” He Feng was puzzled when he saw how surprised Fatty Qu and the others looked .

“Know what?”

“Ranks one to fifty don’t have to participate in the next year’s qualifying round . They pass immediately . ” Tang Yan explained .

“Didn’t they say the top thousand people?”

“Yeah, the top thousand people, but the first fifty aren’t included . ” Tang Yan said, “That’s why later on, there will be one thousand five hundred participants . ”

Everyone was speechless . There was actually a rule like that .

“Then what are you guys still doing here?” Fatty Qu asked .

“Although we don’t have to come, in order to ensure fairness, we will still compete with everyone else . ” Tang Yan said, “That’s why you don’t have to worry . We won’t snatch your spoils of war . ”

It seemed that they had hardened their hearts to come along with them .

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Sima You Yue was inside her tent and didn’t say anything as she listened to what was happening outside .

She put on her special gloves and took a sword that was held beside her . She cut open the golden scorpion’s tail and looked for its poison sac . She cut away all the meat inside before placing the poison into a jade bowl .

A golden scorpion was about twenty to thirty centimetres, and its tail was twenty centimetres . However, it only had a few drops of venom .

However, it was just these few drops of venom that could kill over a hundred divine king ranked .

She took out a basin and placed medicinal powder in before taking a jade stick and dripping a drop of golden scorpion venom on it . She used it to stir the water, and it immediately started boiling .

“What potent venom!” She said it softly, but she was incomparably surprised .

It was such a potent venom that if they got stung, it would not bode well for those students . Why did the sect like the students undertake such a dangerous mission?”

“Could it be that the instructors do not know?” She frowned .

Thinking about how dire the situation was, she placed the venom down and went outside .

“Done?” Sima You Lin asked when he saw her come out .

Sima You Yue shook her head, saying, “I found something and want to discuss it with you all . ”

“What?” Sima You Ming asked .

Sima You Yue looked at Mo Bin and his gang, asking, “Are you familiar with the golden scorpion?”

“Encountered them before, but we’re not that familiar . Why?” Mo Bin saw her solemn expression and asked .

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“Encountered them before? Then have you seen the effects of their poison before?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Of course . We have come here before to do a mission for the sect, which was precisely to collect some golden scorpions . However, that was a hundred years ago . ” Mo Bin said .

“Then you should come in here with me . ” Sima You Yue turned around to lead the way .

Mo Bin and the others exchanged glances before following her in . It was a good thing that her tent was big, and it wasn’t squeezy even though there were more than ten of them inside .

“Let me give you a demonstration . ”

As Sima You Yue spoke, she poured away the water in the basin before filling it with fresh water and medicinal powder . Then, she dropped a drop of the golden scorpion poison . The water started bubbling again .

“Such a strong poison!” Bei Gong Tang and the others were very familiar with medicine and cried out when they saw this reaction .

“Is the poison very potent?” Fatty Qu asked, he didn’t understand .

“The reaction is so strong . This shows that the venom will be able to kill a monarch ranked expert in a few minutes . ” Bei Gong Tang said .

“Ss- so powerful?!” Fatty Qu stepped backwards as he cried out . He was afraid of the little jade bowl and the basin of water .

Sima You Yue looked at mo Bin, saying, “Did the venom of the golden scorpion use to be so powerful?”

“No . ” Mo Bin was sure of it, “At the time, we were not that powerful, and there were those who had been strung by the golden scorpion, but the venom was not that strong . ”

“So you’re saying that the golden scorpion has become more venomous . ” Sima You Lin said .

“Fifth Brother managed to halt the venom spreading after Fourth Brother got stung, which is why you had time to treat him . If it were anyone else, their lives would be forfeit in a moment . ” Sima You Ran said .

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“Why would the sect use a mission this difficult as the qualifying round?” He Feng asked, confused .

“It’s not that the sect chose a difficult mission, but that the nature of the golden scorpion venom had changed, but the sect did not get the news . ” Mo Bin’s expression was solemn, “If the others students are stung by the golden scorpion, I’m afraid…”

“We have to quickly alert the sect to tell them what’s going on . ” Tang Yan said .

Mo Bin nodded and Tang Yan turned around to leave as well .

They returned very quickly, saying, “There’s a problem with the waves around here, we can’t send out any news at all . ”

“So we can’t reach the sect?”

“Theoretically . ” Tang Yan said .

“Theoretically? What do you mean?”

“I’m saying that there are other methods, but they may not necessarily work . ” Tang Yan explained, “If they’re not, then we won’t be able to reach the sect . ”

“Then I will head back first and let the sect know . Wouldn’t that solve the problem?” Fatty Qu said .

“Without the sect’s permission, leaving Karma desert would be forfeiting the right to participate . ” He Feng said .

“Aren’t you guys not competing? Then you can just head back!”

“The moment we entered, we couldn’t just casually return . ” Mo Bin said, “If we don’t leave with you guys, we forfeit as well . ”

“What kind of rule is that!” Fatty Qu cried out, “Then what do we do now?”

“No matter what, we should go outside and think of a way . ” Sima You Yue said, “You guys think of a way . Ouyang Fei and Bei Gong Tang will remain behind and we’ll research an antidote for this . ”

“I won’t head out either . ” Little Seven said .

Finally, the rest left and only the four of them remained in the tent to research the medicine .

Sima You Ran and the others came out . Thinking of how their younger brother were so close to death, they were immediately terrified . It was a good thing they had Sima You Yue with them . Otherwise, the outcome would be unthinkable .

“Mo Bin, have you ever wondered why there have been more golden scorpions these few years?” Tang Yan walked beside Mo Bin and asked, “Not only have their numbers increased, but even their venom has become more potent . This is too abnormal . ”

“It really isn’t . ” Mo Bin said, Furthermore, we can’t send word out . This is really hard to understand . ”

“This might be a reason!” Fatty Qu casually said .

“A reason?”

“Yeah! It could be because of that reason that the waves around this place and the space have changed, and news can’t get out . It’s also because of this that the Golden scorpions have changed into their current state . You Lin, am I right?”

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