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Chapter 838: 838

Chapter 838: Sect’s teacher was shocked

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Fatty Qu completed his refining earlier than the rest . In order to find out the result of the other contestants, he did not go back immediately but waited at the viewing platform with the rest .

Little Seven saw Fatty Qu walking over, waved her fist at him and said : “Do you think you will let me beat you up for nothing, or to let you advance?”

Fatty Qu glanced downstairs, realising there were still students who were refining, and confidently said, “You just have to prepare to help me advance!”

“Hehe, if you can’t get into the top ten, I’ll definitely kick your ass . ”

“Then you won’t have the chance . ”

“Not necessarily . ”

Sima You Yue saw Little Seven and Fatty Qu bicker and laughed . Little Seven liked to tease Fatty .

The refining tools contest cut-off at twelve midnight . Sima You Yue watched till nine o’clock and left . Fatty Qu completed his at five to six o’clock, and the remaining students were not going to do better than him .

Third day, Array contest, Sima You Lin’s turn .

The array contest was divided into 3 stages . The first stage required everybody to enter into arrays that were activated . The results would be based on the amount of time it took them to deactivate it . The second stage of the contest required them to set up an array according to the sect’s rules . The results would be according to the time taken to set it up . The third stage gave them free reign over what array they wanted to set up within a fixed period of time . Its results would be based on the arrays and ranks of the array .

Sima You Lin’s talent and attainment on arrays was pretty good, with much of You Yue’s advice, and his sect’s teacher’s strong training, it was possible for him to get into the top ten .

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The Beast Tamers contest was on the fourth day . The contest style was simple . Everyone could freely choose to tame one of the beasts that were prepared in the sect . Their results would be based on the ranks of the beast . Those that had the same ranked beasts would be ranked according to the time it had taken them to tame .

Wei Zi Qi’s mental strength was previously strengthened by You Yue’s secret soul art and had become much stronger than others . So, he was the first one to complete the task . However, the rank of beast was lower by one grade as compared to two other students, if the other two students succeeded in taming, he would come in third .

Seeker Spirit Master’s contest was on guessing the spirit stones . The sect would write a number on each spirit stone then place it out, and the students would have to guess which stone was inside according to the numbers . They would also have to guess the value of the spirit stone and record it on a paper .

Sima You Yue realised that the sect had less than fifty Seeker Spirit Masters, which was much less as compared to the other occupations .

After the Seeker Spirit Masters contest was completed, the sect announced for them to rest for two days . The results would be out on the billboard two days later .

After resting for two days, the first few contest’s results came out one after the other . Ouyang Fei and Bei Gong Tang ranked one and three respectively in grade six Alchemists . Bei Kong Tang’s medicine quality loses out a little in the second round .

After hearing the results, everyone was happy, they planned to drag her for a celebration in the afternoon, but after knowing the Armament result would be out soon, everyone dropped the idea .

Soon after, results for the armament contest were out as well, Fatty Qu was on the edge, exactly ranking on the tenth . He was elated, and kept repeating ‘I am going to be promoted, I am going to be promoted’, till Little Seven waved her fist at him, causing him to fall silent .

Followed closely by the results of Array Masters, Sima You Lin got rank eight, which was not too bad . After all, his age was but a fraction of the others .

On the second day, Wei Zi Qi’s Beast Tamer results were out as well . They originally thought that he would only get third place, but he unexpectedly got second place . There was a beast ranked higher than his was, but he had failed to tame it .

Other than Sima You Yue, the others got good results .

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Mao San Quan was in the office confirming the billboard’s related matter, simultaneously waiting for all the teachers of different occupations to hand over the summary of results .

Different department’s teachers came in one after another after bumping into one another, so they came in together .

“Instructor, the statistics of the result are out . ”

The teachers then put the results on Mao San Quan’s table . Mao San Quan picked it up and took a look . There were red lines on some names on all the different results .

“What is this?” He asked while pointing at the red lines .

“Those with red lines are the new students . ”

“Mine too . ”

“Me too . ”

Mao San quan saw that other than Seeker Spirit Master’s list, the other name list top ten has one or two new students .

“Why do these names look so familiar?” Mao San Quan pondered .

“What a pity this time Sima You Yue didn’t participate in the contest, otherwise, my alchemist’s top ten ranking would have three new students by now . ” Alchemy’s teacher sighed .

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Sima You Yue? Mao San Quan’s eyes lit up, oh yes, these few new students were the ones with Sima You Yue, no wonder he felt that the names are familiar .

“Given his strength, he doesn’t need this contest to be identified . ” He put down the name list, “These people in top ten are all his mates… so they all have astonishing strength as well, eh!”

“Isn’t that so? I got a shock when I saw the results . ” The Armament teacher excitedly said, “In the past, new students couldn’t even get into the top fifty, not to mention top ten . The last time there was one that got in top seventy, everybody was excited . This time it’s the top ten, okay!”

“That’s right, everybody was elated . ” The Beast Tamer teacher said, “This batch of students are so talented!”

“Also, they are young, only around thirty plus . ” Alchemy teacher said, “Thirties, you know . How many thirties just joined not long ago . ”

Mao San Quan was also happy, telling all the teachers, “This group of kids are not only talented, but their backgrounds are clean too . They came from the lower Continent, they don’t belong to any forces, we can nurture them with ease . ”

“What? They came up from the lower Continent?”

“How did the lower Continent nurture such awesome students?”

“Yeah, even besides their occupation, these students’ spiritual energy is not bad . Can those people before their thirties in the lower Continent become divine rank? This is impossible!”

“Why is it not possible? Mao San Quan asked, “There is talent everywhere . ”

“But when you compare these students with Sima You Yue, they don’t seem very outstanding anymore . ”

“This You Yue, he is the unbelievable one!”

“Since their background is clean, let us nurture them . ”

“That’s right . ”

“You all can nurture them on your own arrangement . ” Mao San Quan said, “Oh right, let these few join the billboard . ”

“Ok . ”

After all the occupation results were released, those from the cliff mountain team were the first to find out that Fatty Qu and the rest got in the billboard . They sighed, hoping that the news would not spread out . Everybody knew the occupation masters from the Thunderbolt clan were impressive, and wanted to have a glimpse at their training, almost breaking Sima You Lin’s yard in the process .

The good thing was that the billboard ranking matches were on the second day . The craze only lasted for a day before stopping . Otherwise, they would not have been able to live in the sect peacefully . If they left the door, they would probably have been blocked by students .

On the second day, You Yue and friends went to the square early, awaiting today’s billboard’s ranking match .

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