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Chapter 837: 837

Chapter 837: Alchemy contest

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“If you want to join the other contests, you can just ask Instructor Mao . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“I’m just asking, I don’t intend to go . ” Sima You Yue laughed .

She still had so much to do, how would she have the energy to participate in contests .

“If there is a chance, you still can try . I heard that for those outstanding contestants, it’s easier to mingle on the Continent . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “People here treat people with high ranks and occupations with more respect . Especially you, this sort of person . ”

“If everyone finds out about Junior Brother’s, he will be treated highly . ” Su Xiao Xiao said, ” But looking at you, you are unlikely to care about others’ respect for you . ”

“Senior really knows me well . ” Sima You Yue said .

She really didn’t care how strangers saw her .

“You just don’t care . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “If all your abilities are revealed, a bunch of geniuses will be crying, but you just don’t show off . I want to show off that I have an awesome junior but I can’t . ”

“The ability is mine, not others . Whether I’m capable or not, or whether others know about my capabilities, it doesn’t matter . ” Sima You Yue said while shaking her head lightly .

“Junior Brother’s attitude is better than ours . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

“Ugh, indeed . ” Han Miao Shuang admitted .

They had seen that through Jian Jun Xian’s betrayal, Sima You Yue was hurt badly . Especially in the ice room, the moment she collapsed, she gazed at Jiang Jun Xian with pain and anger .

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But she quickly got over it, understood the reason behind Jiang Jun Xian’s actions, and even enlightened them . Those days let them think of ways to heal from the blow they took .

They had seen her effort and thoughts . Come to think of it, their mentality indeed wasn’t as good as hers .

They had to pull themselves together! If not, this alchemy contest’s task wouldn’t be completed .

The people on stage were whispering, all the Alchemists competing with their recipes . After an hour, some alchemists began the task .

Sima You Yue couldn’t participate in the contest, but seeing the materials on top of the table, she already guessed the difference between grade seven and grade six’s medicine . Since she already knew, she lost interest and started chatting with Han Miao Shuang and the others .

People keep failing during the refining process, but they didn’t show any sign of panic, they put away the waste product and continued refining .

“Zi Qi, can you make a guess when Ouyang and the others are going to start refining?” Fatty Qu asked .

“I can’t guess . ” Wei Zi Qi shakes her head .

He was not familiar with alchemy . He only knew that they were capable of refining, but he couldn’t guess when they would start .

“Ouyang is going to start . ” said Sima You Yue .

After she finished her sentence, she saw Ouyang Fei put the recipe down, pick the materials up and start refining .

“You Yue you’re amazing, you could guess even that . ” Fatty Qu gazed at her with adoration .

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“I didn’t guess it, I saw his expression . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright, I thought you were aware of his strength, that’s why you knew . ”

“I don’t think anyone has refined this medicine before, so he had to learn it before he used it . It’s usually not difficult . ” said Sima You Yue .

“Not sure if they can succeed in one try . Let’s see . ”

This round of pill refininery was not too difficult, but for the first round, very few succeeded in the first try . Even Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei failed the first try before they succeeded .

After five to six hours, someone succeeded in refining the medicine . They raised their hand to indicate that they had finished . The teachers who were watching from the side walked up to them and recorded the data .

Most of them that started to finish were grade 6 alchemists, as grade six alchemy’s duration was shorter . There were also those who failed at the beginning, which delayed some of their time, causing some of them to take longer than grade 7 alchemists .

As the alchemists rested at their spot, they took pills to recover their mental strength . Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei’s medicine were specially refined by You Yue . With Spirit Fluid in pills, they could immediately feel their mental strength recover quickly .

While they were resting, the results for the first round came out . Grade 7 alchemists were ranked in order of their grade list, and the grade six alchemists were in another list .

They rested for two hours . When it was almost evening, the sect’s teacher announced the start of round two .

Sima You Yue and the others waited till late night before Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei finally finished refining their medicine .

At this moment, the square was brightly lit with the flames . As the second round of results needed some time to assess, the inspector would add up the student’s result and announce the end of the contest . The final result would then be published within the next few days .

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Sima You Yue and the others went down where Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei were already waiting for them downstairs .

“Ouyang, I saw that you were the first to finish among the grade 6 alchemists . Awesome!” Fatty Qu exclaimed in admiration while giving Ouyang Fei a thumbs up .

“Bei Gong, you weren’t bad either, only later than Ou Yang by ten minutes . ” said Wei Zi Qi .

“Seeing your performance, you should be rank one and two among the grade 6 alchemists . ” Sima You Yue said with a smile .

“If we’re ranked one and two, you both have to treat us to a feast!” Fatty exclaimed .

“If it’s true, who cares if we have to treat you?” Ouyang answered in a relaxed tone . He was in a good mood .

“Let’s go, we’ll go back and rest, Fatty has a contest tomorrow!”

“Fatty, if you don’t get into top ten, I’ll beat you up, how about that?” Little Seven said .

“What if I get in?” Fatty Qu asked .

“Then I’ll still beat you up, but I think that I will make you feel comfortable . ”

“What is this, I get beat up whether or not I get in top ten?” Fatty Qu jumped, that’s not a bet he wanted to make .

“If you get in, I will beat you up and let you get promoted, how about that?”

“This… I can think about it . ” Fatty Qu remembered the last time Little Seven beat him up . His strength did increase quite a bit .

Ugh, relying on getting beat up to grow stronger, nobody else could do that!

On the second day it was Fatty Qu’s Armament contest . Everybody went to watch it together, and Sima You Yue watched it especially earnestly .

She used to watch Fatty Qu smelt tools but didn’t feel anything, now that she wanted to learn it herself, her attitude changed .

The steps for Armament and Alchemy were similar . The first step was to gather the materials and melt them, fuse them together, then shape them . The only thing was that every step was much harder than refining medicine, because it was manual labour . Especially the last step, which needed continuous pounding and continuous repair in order to be a good spirit weapon .

Smelting tools also generally took up more time . The amount of mental strength needed was not little, which was why they only got Fatty Qu and the others to refine one spirit weapon . When they finished refining the spirit weapon, they could leave after the teachers recorded their results .

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