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Chapter 828: 828

Chapter 828: Mysterious metal, Ling Long’s request

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Before You Yue was a piece of metal . Despite having been around for a hundred thousand years, it didn’t show any signs of rust . It just lay peacefully on the ground .

She flew downwards and picked it up . That piece of meta wasn’t big, merely the size of two fists put together . It was pretty heavy, though . She wasn’t that weak, she still cultivated her body . Although she couldn’t pick up ten thousand kilograms with one hand, she could still pick up one thousand .

However, right now, she felt like even a small piece of the metal was really heavy!

“This metal is really strange . ”

“You You, You You, let me out . ” Ling Long called out from inside the spirit pagoda .

Sima You Yue called Ling Long out and she appeared . When she saw the metal, she immediately pounced over .

“Wulala, this really is the Mysterious Metal! Such a big piece too! I’m rich, I’m rich! Lalala, I’m so happy!”

Ling Long even drooled, and her saliva landed on You Yue’s hand . Disgusted, she waved her hand and Ling Long hugged that mysterious metal and landed on the ground .

“Yue Yue, you actually threw this treasure on the ground! What a waste of natural resources!” Ling Long cried out .

Sima took out a napkin and wiped away the saliva that dripped on her hand, saying in a huff, “Aren’t you a spirit tool? How do you drool?”

“I’m a human now, of course I’ll have drool . ” Ling Long chuckled, “Yue Yue, you don’t know, but this is a real treasure . ”

“What is this?” Sima You yue knelt down . She saw that Ling Long was so excited that she was lying on the ground without letting go of it, spiking her curiosity .

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“This is called Mysterious Metal . You can say that it’s the epitome for all spirit tools . As long as you put one the size of a fingernail during its creation, that item will at least be of the divine tool rank!” Ling Long cried out .

“So powerful?”

“Yeah yeah! Even my own body only has a half of this . Who would have thought there would be one of this size here! We got it! We got it! As long as you can fuse it into my body, I’ll definitely improve by another rank!” Ling Long hugged that mysterious metal and refused to let go, wishing she could just go inside of it .

The moment Sima You Yue heard it, her eyes shone . She took the metal and looked at it closely . Seeing Ling Long kneeling on the ground, she stretched forth a hand and patted her head .

“You’re already evolved, though . Can you continue to be refined?”

“Of course I can! Didn’t you see how Little Spirit became after mo Sha helped to reconstruct him?” Ling Long siad .

“But wouldn’t it be difficult to refine you?”

“It wouldn’t be easy for others, but not so for you . ” Ling Long looked at her with wide eyes .

“Don’t . You better not look at me like that . I don’t know how to refine tools . There’s no use looking at me like that . ” Sima You Yue siad, “When we head back, I’ll get fatty to help refine you . ”

“No way . If Fatty did it, it would take a few hundred years . ” Ling Long refused .

“Then let Mo Sha do it . ” Sima You Yue suggested . However, before Ling Long could reject it, she felt as if it wouldn’t work . “Mo Sha’s condition is too ba dnow . If you let him do it, it might not work . ”

“That’s why you have to be the one to refine me . ” Ling Long said .

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“But I don’t know how . ”

“You can learn! Nobody is born knowing how to do it . ” Ling Long siad, “You’re so good at refining pills, learning how to refine tools shouldn’t be too hard . ”

“Fatty Qu has a lot of talent in refining tools . ”

“He has the talent, but he hasn’t reached that point, so he’ll take a few more years . Only you fulfill my requirement . ” Ling Long said .


“Because you’re my contracted master . We’re the same . Just based on this, you save on doing a lot of things!” Ling Long explained, “If it were others, here would be many things that aren’t available in this world . Even if they could, if you made it known, I believe that everyone would come to snatch it from you . You would also expose me . ”

“Sigh, so you’re saying that I really have to learn it myself . ” Sima You Yue said helplessly, “t’s a good thing I’ve been refining my body constantly these few years, so my strength isn’t bad . Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to . But-”

“But what?”

Sima looked begrudgingly at Ling Long, “Spirit tool refining is too ugly . It affects my image too much . It looks like it’s made to produce soy sauce and not money . Sigh, I really don’t want to learn it!’

Ling Long almost fainted when she heard it . The reason why this guy disdained learning was because she felt like becoming an armament master was too bad for her image??!

She flew in front of Sima You Yue, immediately grabbed onto her face . Her two little paws kept pinching her cheeks, shooting, “Spirit tool, spirit tool, learn how to refine spirit tools!”

Sima You Yue pushed her away immediately and left holding that mysterious metal . In her head, she was thinking of letting Fatty bring her the books he’s read before once his competition was over .

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Who asked her to keep Ling Long and the Mysterious Metal a secret!

Ling Long flew one round around the area before landing on You Yue’s head, rolling around nonstop and pulling at her hair . Her entire person was so excited that she couldn’t calm down .

You Yue flew quite a distance inside the little realm and realised that the little realm could be disposed of already . The herbs growing here were dotted and irregular, not like the orderly way it was kept in Little Spirit’s spirit pagoda .

There were no spirit beasts here either, not even a few animals . Perhaps it was because the fog had yet to lift .

“This place is really big, I wonder how Azure’s Great Emperor managed to refine it into an auxiliary little realm . ”

Although there were few little realms in the world, they could be refined into auxiliary ones . Those that allowed humans to open them weren’t that big . She didn’t manage to take a good look at Wu Ligyu’s little realm, but she knew about Third Aunt’s little realm . The entire area was as big as where she was now .

Based on what she knew, there were only those secret clans . The little realms they lived in were the big ones .

After going for a stroll, she left the little realm and it just happened to be the time where Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao returned .

“Senior Sister, Senior Brother, did you guys go out again?” She leaned on the door and greeted them .

“I followed Xiao Xiao out for a bit . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “Did you already finish refining the little realm?”

Sima You Yue shook her head, “This little realm is a lot more difficult than I thought . ”

“Then you’ve gained big time . There will definitely be a lot of treasures . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“I’ll bring you in for a look . ”

She brought the two of them in and saw the spacious little realm, making them both really excited .

“Oh damn, this little realm got so big! There are so many unopened spaces . Hehe, once you’re done refining it, it wouldn’t lose out to those little realms that belong to the secret sects . ” Han Miao Shuang called out .

“It’s a pity about those herbs . If we can clean them up,they’d grow better . ” Xiao Xiao looked at the messily growing herbs, feeling heartache .

“Many of them are from the ancient times, quite a few have already gone extinct . I didn’t expect there to be so many . ” Han Miao Shuang’s eyes shone, “It just so happens that Master brought back quite a few ancient pill recipes . I can give them a try and see whether or not I’ll be able to refine those pills . ”

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