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Chapter 826: 826

Don’t talk to strangers? What the hell?!

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“Also, your gaze looks too shady and your smile is too showy . I can tell that you’re a bad guy with a single glance . ” Sima You Yue siad, “I can tell that a person like you isn’t a good guy . ”

“Not a good guy?” Shi Qian Zhi blinked . Although he really wasn’t a good guy, he was still a splendid, charming and elegant man . How was he anything like how she was making out to be? How was he a bad guy?

Also, his smile was obviously breathtaking and blessed by the gods . How was it too showy like what she said?

He wanted to speak, but Sima You Yue had already left without a care for him .

He stood where he was, watching her leave with interest .

“Sir Divine Envoy . ” A black clothed man appeared behind him .

“What?” Shi Qian Zhi’s eyes narrowed as he started to give off a sinister aura . It seemed that his refined and courteous attitude from before was mere pretense .

“I have already found out their location . ” That person replied .

“Since you’ve found it out, let’s give them a lesson . ” Shi Qian Zhi siad, “Seriously . That guy, Jun Xian, insists on taking revenge with his own hands and forcing me to grit my teeth and watch that guy with hatred without being able to kill him . This feeling is really… . Bittersweet!”

“Sir Divine Envoy, Jiang Jun Xian and Sir Right Emissary are twins . Are we really going to be so malicious?” That person asked .

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“Twins?” Shi Qian Zhi snorted coldly, “The Jiang clan has long since given up on Jun Xian . He has stopped being a member of the Jiang Clan since long ago . If Jian Jun Zhe’s life was not returned by Jiang Jun Xian, the blood in his body not Jun Xian’s, then he would have died over ten thousand times ago . How would he still be strutting around?”

“His blood is Right Emissary’s?”

“Mm . That year, the Jiang clansmen took those brothers out . Along the road, Jiang Jun Zhe’s attitude irritated a poison doctor and he was poisoned by him . It was said to be incurable, save for the blood of his closest relative . ” Shi Qian Zhi said slowly, “Jun Xian’s mother’s first thought was of Jun Xian . She wanted him to switch his blood with his brother, giving his older brother his hope of living . ”

“Why would Sir Right Emissary’s mother do that? They are both her children!”

“They’re both her children?” Shi Qian Zhi shook his head and sighed, “Jun Xian does not like to kiss ass, and does not like to flaunt his own power, but his brother is his complete opposite and loves showing off at every opportunity . At that time, the Jiang Clansmen thought that Jioang Jun Zhe was more powerful than Jiang Jun Xian, and that his talent was better . So the moment something happened, they wanted to save him and preserve the Jiang Clan’s talent . ”

“But it’s so obvious that Sir Right Emissary is so much more powerful than Jiang Jun Zhe . ”

“That’s true . Jun Xian spent most of his time cultivating, and he was also more talented than Jiang Jun Zhe . So how could he be worse than he? He was just less showy, so others did not know . ” Shi Qian Zhi lamented, “At that time, the moment Jun Xian heard his mother’s request, he was stunned . He didn’t believe that his own mother would say this . However, even if he couldn’t believe it, he couldn’t avoid the harsh reality . Later on, the moment his mother mentioned it, the others thought the same . They felt that it was worth it to use his life in exchange for his older brother’s . This way, they would be able to preserve their talent . ”

“Sir Right Emissary switched with him?”

“He did . Seeing how cold his clansmen were, he refused to say that he was more powerful than his brother . Although he was unwilling, although he was unresolved, he could not fight his clansmen’s pressure . They paralysed him and forcefully exchanged their blood . ” Shi Qian Zhi was beyond enraged when he thought of how much his friend had to suffer .

“What happened to Sir Right Emissary after that?’

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“After exchanging his blood, the doctor of the Jiang Clan said that he was a hopeless case . As such, when they saw the hatred in his eyes, they tossed him into the snow . If it were not for his father’s momentary compassion, who said that he wouldn’t be able to live for more than a few days and to just let him die off on his own, they were even planning to kill him off directly . It was such a cold day, but he was unable to use his spirit energy to fight it off . He just lay in the snow for three days . At that time, he was only twenty years old, but his heart had immediately aged .

“The Jiang Clansmen are so cruel! How did Sir Right Emissary survive?”

“Later on, the one who poisoned him walked past him and saw that he was still alive . He realised that he was not the one whom he had poisoned, and in a bit of fun, he took him back and rescued him . Later on, although his life was preserved, he lost his former power and is excessively sleepy all the time . Later on, they found a method that just so happened to complement his problem . During his sleep, he would be able to increase in strength . It was in that way that he became as powerful as he is now . ”

“Is the one who poisoned him, Sir Poison Divine Emissary?” That person guessed, “Sir Divine Envoy, those Jiang clansmen are so cruel . We should just eliminate them!”

“You can kill the others . Just leave Jiang Jun Zhe behind . Jun Xian said that he has to end him personally . ” Shi Qian Zhi said .

“Yes, Sir Divine Envoy . ”

“Go ahead . ”

That person suddenly disappeared as Shi Qian Zhi left that big banyan tree . He walked two steps forward, then turned around to look at a place in the tree above, the side of his lips hooking into a smile .

Oh Jun Xian, you have to properly thank me later .

Once he had left, a little scarlet bee flew out from the big banyan tree . It flew across two streets and landed in Sima You Yue’s hand .

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“I didn’t think that Eldest Senior’s sleeping wasn’t because of a hobby, but because of a lasting illness . ” She sighed, keeping the scarlet bee away before continuing to walk forward .

She kept the scarlet bee behind because she wanted to see what kind of identity and motive the person had in saving her . She didn’t expect to hear this kind of conversation .

She was thinking that Shi Qian Zhi had long since realised the presence of the scarlet bee, and had intentionally said those things to let them know the grudges that Jiang Jun Zhe had with Eldest Senior .

Although their encounter made them sigh, but, this was still not the reason why he took the devil sword out .

At the most, this would reduce the rage that she had towards him at the time that he had poisoned her .

Sigh, she would have to tell her seniors about this once she got back . They would probably feel a little better .

When she got back to the house, Sima Lie and the others had already finished packing up .

“Grandfather, Aunty Lan, Aunty Yu, do you guys really want to go in?” Sima You Yue asked .

“You just can’t keep coming out often when you go in there, but it’s even better for cultivation . ” Jun Lan said, “Dear Hang has been delayed for so many years . If he’s able to go in to cultivate, it would be so much better for him . ”

“Alright then . Have you packed your things?”

“Packed long ago . ” Sima Lie said, “I’ll have to leave the things of Memory Restaurant to you to handle personally . ”

“We don’t have to worry too much about Memory Restaurant . Then, I’ll take you in now . ”

“Alright . ”

Sima You Yue brought them into the spirit pagoda . When they saw the familiar environment, they felt a little nostalgic .

Actually, there were quite a few people in here . There were ten of the white egret clan elders as well as Little Roar and the others hanging around . It was rather lively .

“You can go ahead and look for a room . ”

“Mm . ”

Sima Lie and the others chose their old houses . As Sima You Yue had finished touring the place and was prepared to go out, Little Spirit suddenly appeared in front of her, looking at her with expectation .

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