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Chapter 825: 825

Chapter 825: Mother said not to talk to strangers!

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Feng Dong fell silent for a moment and then said, “Right now, it’s not something that pertains only to our valley . It’s something that will upset the entire central region . We just happen to be at the heart of it . ”

“What’s going on?” Sima You Yue frowned . The Divine Devil Valley was one of the powers in the central region that most dared not provoke . However, seeing how Feng Dong was acting, it seemed like the situation for the Divine Devil Valley was bad .

“It’s not just some forces . With the help and encouragement of some forces with ulterior motives in the inter regions, they continue to challenge others in the inner regions, annex some small forces and provoke large forces . It causes the inner regions to be unsafe . ” Feng Dong said with a sigh . “Young Valley Master, do you remember what happened to you in the Little Realm?”

“I remember . Cloud Cave and Sage Pavilion joined forces to kill people of Divine Devil Valley . ” Sima You Yue recalled .

At that time, she sensed something abnormal and now something happened .

“Presently, people of Cloud Cave and Sage Pavilion often find trouble with us . We are not soft persimmons, so we will fight back . So our relationship with them has turned into water and fire . ” Feng Dong said . “In addition, other forces also participated, therefore, sigh…”

“It seems that some forces in inter regions and inner regions are not satisfied with the status quo!” Sima You Yue sighed .

In fact, this problem did not start now . The destruction of the Ximen family should also be part of it .

“If Young Valley Master wants to go back to the valley . It is better to go directly through the teleportation array . Don’t go alone from the outside . ” Feng Dong advised .

“I know, thank you Uncle Feng for the reminder . ” Sima You Yue said .

After a while, Mo Ping Yuan returned and reported the letter had been sent . You Yue conversed with them for a while before departing .

She walked with her head lowered . She thought about the information she had just heard, not paying attention to the front . Suddenly she sensed that someone was standing in front of her . She moved to the right, and the person came to the right .

She went to the left and the person went to the left again . In short, the person was in front of her again .

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She looked up and saw Jiang Jun Zhe’s arrogant face .

She didn’t understand . It was said the twins were similar in character . Although Jiang Jun Xian betrayed them, at least he was good . But this guy had arrogance and disdain written all over his face, as if everyone were ants in his eyes .

“Great barkers are no biters, move away!” Although she was angry at Jiang Jun Xian, she disliked Jiang Jun Zhe even more .

She walked to the right, trying to bypass him and go home .

Jiang Jun Zhe blocked her path and asked, “Where is Jiang Jun Xian?”

“You don’t know . How would I know where he is . ” Sima You Yue gave him a cold glance .

“Don’t you know? I heard that you have a good relationship with him . He ran away . You must know his whereabouts . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said affirmatively . “Don’t think you can hide him . When I find him, I won’t let you off . ”

“You’re insane!” Sime You Yue bypassed him and saw that he wanted to come over . She punched him directly on the face .


Jiang Jun Zhe stepped back with his eyes covered . When he lowered his hand, all the onlookers laughed .

Although she controlled her power, she gave him a black eye on his left eye .

“I don’t know where Jiang Jun Xian is . If you dare to come ask me again, my fist is not well-tempered . ” Sima You Yue rubbed her fist . “Your Jiang family should be a great force . Since it is so, then go check yourself . Don’t be a blind **** in front of me and my senior brother and senior sister . ”

After she said that, she waved her fist at him, bypassing him .

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Jiang Jun Zhe was beaten on the street . The anger got to his head . Without thinking, he attacked Sima You Yue with spirit power .

Sima You Yue narrowed her eyes and protected herself with spirit force .


A spirit force was shot from upstairs to dissipate Jiang Jun Zhe’s spirit power .

Sima You Yue looked up, and the male on the side of the teahouse glanced at her with a teacup in his hand .

Sima You Yue nodded at him without any thank you .

She looked at Jiang Jun Zhe . “Jiang Jun Zhe, do you want a taste of my flame?”

Jiang Jun Zhe remembered the horrible flame of Sima You Yue and his impulse disappeared instantly .

Sima You Yue glanced at him and turned away . This time, he did not stop her .

“Young Master!” Jiang Cheng came from the street and passed by Sima You Yue .

Their eyes met, and he felt her murderous gaze .

But he was not an impulsive person like Jiang Jun Zhe . Although he was dissatisfied with her and wanted to kill her, he definitely would not do it in Heavenly City or in public .

“Young maser,are you okay?” He came to Jiang Jun Zhe and noticed his black eyes . He was infuriated inside .

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“Uncle Cheng, he…” Jiang Jun Zhe pointed at Sima You Yue’s back angrily .

“Young Master, now is not the time to move against her . ” Jiang Cheng said .


“Mao San Quan made it clear that no one is allowed to move against their students . This place is within the scope of the sect . When we leave here, there will always be a chance to kill her . ” Jiang Chen appeased .

“But if he stays here, won’t we never have the opportunity to kill him?” Jiang Jun Zhe was not reconciled .

“Young Master, rest assured . He will participate in the alchemy contest . ” Jiang Cheng said . “As long as he goes, we will make sure he won’t come back alive . ”

“Can he even participate in the alchemy contest?”

“Mao San Quan said so . He won’t lie . ” Jiang Chen replied . “Alright, Young Master, let’s go back . ”

“Humph, if she dares to participate in the alchemy contes, I must make her lose completely!”

“Young Master, let’s go back . There is still some time before the alchemy contest . You can use the time to practice well . ”

“Then Jiang Jun Xian…”

“Mao San Quan and they said they really don’t know where he went . But with our strength, we can surely find him . ”

“Humph, let him live two more days . ”

At the corner of the street, Sima You Yue stood under a big banyan tree and smiled faintly when she heard the words from the scarlet bee . ”

Want to kill her? Do they have the ability?

“They want to kill you, aren’t you worried?” A male revealed his head behind the big tree . Sima You Yue knew when he came .

She turned her head and looked at the person who appeared suddenly . “You follow me just to say that they want to kill me?”

“I saved you just now . But you didn’t thank me . I am Shi Qian Zhi . What’s your name?” Shi Qian Zhi introduced .

“Thank you . ” Sima You Yue continued walking forward after she said that .

“Such a cold person . Where is the kind of enthusiasm he mentioned?” Shi Qian Zhi saw that she had just left and chuckled . He ran after her . “Hey, you haven’t told me what’s your name yet!”

Sima You Yue stopped and replied, “Have your mother taught you anything?”


“Don’t talk to strangers . ” Sima You Yue shot him a glance .

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