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Published at 25th of April 2020 05:00:14 AM
Chapter 823: 823

Chapter 823: Interested

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Half a day later, everyone came out of the hall . They conversed about what happened today .

Jiang Jun Xian and Shi Qian Zhi were the last to leave .

“After so many years, you finally come back . If you don’t come back, I might forget what you look like . ” Shi Qian Zhi walked on the stone steps as he said .

“It’s only a few decades . ” Jiang Jun Xian said in disdain . “It’ll be good if you really forget about me, then I don’t have to face your pathetic face . ”

“Don’t mention it . You have no conscience . When you’re away, I miss you very much . ” Shi Qian Zhi punched out .

“Don’t be so disgusting . ” Jiang Jun Xian grabbed his hand and pushed it back .

“Sigh, this kid without any consciousness!” Shi Qian Zhi stood firm and looked at him begrudgingly .

“What is conscience? Can it be eaten?” Jiang Jun Xian asked .

“… . It really can’t . ” Shi Qian Zhi sighed . “You haven’t come back for so long . Let’s get a drink . ”

“Not interested . I still have things to do . ” Jiang Jun Xian said .

“Is it the Jiang family matter?”

“Mm . ”

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“We neglected Jiang Jun Zhe’s matter and allowed the Jiang family to rescue him . If you didn’t come back this time round, we would have called you back . ” Shi Qian Zhi said apologetically .

“This is not your responsibility . ” Jiang Jun Xian said . “Jiang family is no ordinary force . It is not unexpected that they can find him . ”

“So what are you going to do next?”

“With Jiang family’s work style, after they know how I replaced Jiang Jun Zhe, they will surely go to the sect to find me . They don’t know that you caught Jiang Jun Zhe?”

“They don’t, our people did not expose the information . ” Shi Qian Zhi said .

“Then they will surely go to Heavenly Sect . ”

“Are you going back to Heavenly Sect?” Shi Qian Zhi looked at him . “You must be a wanted person by now . You’ll be pursued to the end of the world . Don’t do stupid things!”

“I didn’t say that I would go back to Heavenly Sect . Don’t overreact . ” Jiang Jun Xian murmured .

“Aren’t you going to get revenge against Jiang Jun Zhe?”

“I will, but I don’t have to go to Heavenly sect . ”

“Then where are you going?”

“The alchemy contest is about to start . The Jiang family will definitely take him . ”

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“Are you going to the alchemy contest? Are you going to participate?” Shi Qian Zhi looked at him in surprise .

“Participating is another matter . I’ll still go anyway . ” Jian Jun Xian said . “How much longer?”

“Less than two years . One session of closed cultivation will be enough . ” Shi Qian Zhi replied .

“Mm, help me get the qualifications to enter the city then . ”

“We will definitely go participate by then . ” Shi Qian Zhi said . “It will be fine if you are with everyone . ”

“Alright . By the way, Divine Envoy Mu will go to the outer regions tomorrow . When are you going to leave?” Jiang Jun Xian asked .

“I’ll tell you in about two days . Doesn’t he think he is very powerful? Let him grind the stone first, then he will know that arrogance is not allowed!” Shi Qian Zhi despised Divine Envoy Mu . He was fat with big ears, had eyebrows like a thief and had the face of a mouse . He liked to target people better than him . He made him feel disgust .

“Although I have been in the sect for many years . I don’t fully understand it . Their relationship runs deep . ” Jiang Jun Xian said, “You’ve been instructed to inspect Divine Envoy Mu’s matter, so be careful over there . It’s better not to confront them . ”

“Looking at how much you’re talking, you still have feelings for that place . ” Shi Qian Zhi saw him staring at himself . “Don’t deny it . Although you look okay, I know that you are still sad in your heart . ”

“Don’t talk as if you understand everything . ”

Shi Qian Zhi patted him on the shoulder . “Don’t be stubborn . I’ve known you since you came here . Who knows you more besides me? There’s nothing embarrassing to be sad . If I had to betray my master and them, I would also be sad . ”

Jiang Jun Xian slapped his hand away .

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Shi Qian Zhi did not care . “Let’s go . Let’s get some drinks . Take it as introducing me to the matter of outer regions . This is the first time I went to the outer regions . You can’t let me go in the dark and know nothing . If so, how can I handle this matter, right? Let’s go———”

Jiang Jun Xian was helplessly pulled by him . It would be good to tell him things about outer regions . This guy was too lazy . He wouldn’t know the situation when he went to the outer regions .

But when he saw the fruit wine Shi Qian Zhi took out, he was silent .

“Jun Xian, this is the popular fruit wine . Try it, and then let’s drink other wines . Let me tell you . It’s created by Memory Restaurant . It generally cannot be taken out . I managed to get some of it . ” Shi Qian Zhi said proudly .

Jiang Jun Xian took a sip of the fruit wine and said nothing .

“Why, it doesn’t taste good? I specially reserved it for you . Then you wait, I’ll dig out the few jars of wine buried in the courtyard . They’ll be strong enough . ” Shi Qian Zhi noticed his expression and thought the wine was not strong enough .

Jiang Jun Xian did not answer him . Shi Qian Zhi accepted him as the default and got up to dig the wine buried underground .

Jiang Jun Xian poured himself one cup after another and by the time Shi Qian Zhi came back, he had almost drunk an entire jar of wine .

When he saw that his favorite fruit wine was gone, he immediately blew up, “You…you . . you, you, you sent me away and drank all the wine?! I still haven’t drunk any!”

Jiang Jun Xian waved his hand, and several jars of fruit wines with all kinds of flavors appeared before them .

“I’ll compensate you so stop shouting . ”

Shi Qian Zhi opened all the wine jars, smelled each one, and finally looked at him in surprise . “Isn’t it said that this wine is not to be taken out? I spent a lot of energy to get one . Why do you have so much? Did you work in the Memory Restaurant when you were in the outer regions? Did you work as a waiter?”

Jiang Jun Xian rolled his eyes . His imagination was admirable .

“This is brewed by my little junior brother . Miao Shuang and Xiao Xiao like to drink it, so he gave us each dozens of jars . ”

When he mentioned them, his mood sank .

“Several dozens?!!” Shi Qian Zhi jumped . “Jun Xian, we have been good friends for so many years . Since you have so many, give me some more . ”

“Mm . ”

Shi Qian Zhi collected these jars of fruit wine and replaced them with hard liquor that he dugged up . “Let’s drink this today and tell me about the outer regions… . ”

One day later, Shi Qian Zhi looked at the drunk person on the table . He murmured to himself, “You must have drank too much fruit wine and your liquor hold had worsened . Listening to you, I am really curious about your three martial brothers and sisters . I thought about going a few days later, but I can’t wait any longer . You can lie down here . I’ll go to the outer regions . By the way, I’ll check if Jiang Jun Zhe really went there…”

After he finished, he took out a boundary breaker talisman, opened a space tunnel and left,leaving Jiang Jun Xian, who was drunk, lying in the courtyard alone .

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