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Chapter 816: 816

Chapter 816: A love that carried for millions of years!

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As she spoke, You You’s body released black rays of light . She released both hands as her body slowly drifted up, stopping a little above the ground .

A black whirlwind spun around her as she closed her eyes . The black whirlwind increased in intensity, whipping her long skirt .

“You You!”

Azure wanted to dash forwards, but he was stopped by some powerful energy, so he couldn’t get close .

Sima You Yue felt as if she was also being torn apart by that energy, wracking her body with pain . However, no matter how painful it was, You You did not utter a single cry .

“You You-”

Azure was on the outside, heart filling with self-blame and pain . Tears covered his entire face . If it wasn’t’ because it was the wrong time, You Yue might even have laughed .

She could feel that the body was quickly losing strength, as it was all absorbed into the Sky Splitter Devil Sword . Finally, her body turned into a black ray of light and shot into the Sky Splitter .

You Yue’s consciousness flowed with it . Before she sank into darkness, the last thing she heard was Azure’s cry as he fell apart .

“You You, I won’t let your soul scatter-”

When Sima You Yue woke up, her face was already covered with tears . She did not know why she would cry . The one who went through it clearly wasn’t her, but she still felt terrible and couldn’t stop crying .

She finally understood that it was not that reaching a monarch rank was not powerful enough to destroy the devil sword, but that once Azure reached the monarch rank, he was not willing to destroy it .

Because she had fused with the Sky Splitter, it was a place where she resided . He could not destroy the only thing he had left of her .

As such, he kept the sky splitter in here, refusing to destroy it . He left a part of his soul here, as if he was accompanying her .

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“You You…”

That pained and broken cry echoed beside her one again, filling her with heartbreak . She clutched both hands to her chest, tucking her head in between her knees as she continued to cry nonstop .

“You You… Sigh…”

Sima You Yue could feel that there seemed to be one more person beside her, and he lightly patted her black her .

When she lifted her head, she saw someone who looked just like the person in the picture .

“Azure…” She involuntarily greeted him .

“You You, you’re back . I finally managed to wait for you . ” Azure lifted her face and said with a smile .

Although his appearance had changed a lot since then, his eyes still filled with tenderness . It did not change with the passing of time .

“Azure…” You Yue called back, her voice sounding like You You’s did back then .

She felt as if this was not her voice .

“I thought… I’d failed . That I’d ever be able to see you again . ” Azure pulled her up and hugged her, resting his forehead on hers .

Sima You Yue could feel her head getting hot . She stretched out both hands to wrap around his waist, snuggling sweetly inside his embrace .

Suddenly her heart was chilled as Mo Sha’s aura rushed into her brain . It helped her to regain clarity .

She released him and stepped backwards, leaving his embrace .

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“You You, what’s wrong?” Azure lowered his head and looked at her, his eyes carrying traces of hurt .

Sima You Yue looked at him, saying, “Sorry, but I’m not your You You . I’m You Yue, Sima You Yue . ”

“I know your name . But, you are my You You . The You You that I’ve waited so many years for . ” Azure said .

“I think you have it wrong . ” Sima You Yue shook her head, “I’m from the human clan . I’m not the black lotus from the Ninth Underworld Mountain . ”

“You are . ” Azure stretched forth a hand to stroke her cheek . He slowly rested on the space between her eyebrows, as if he were gently caressing her, “You are You You . I know, you’ve returned . ”

“But I…”

“Ssh-” Azure stretched forth a finger and placed it on her lips, “I’ve read your memory . Whatever you want to say, I know . ”

“You know?”

Azure nodded, “Ever since you entered this place, I awoke . That is why I know about everything . I also know about him . ”

He moved his hand down from her cheek and came to her bracelet, stroking her devil snare bracelet .

Sima You Yue was shocked . Just now, Mo Sha was the one who let her come back to her senses . He knew!

He was the emperor of the human race while Mo Sha was the Devil King of the devil realm . Would he…

“Do not worry . I will not harm him . ” Azure said, “I will not harm myself . ”

“Yourself?” Sima You Yue was confused as she looked at him with round eyes, “You, you’re saying…”

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Azure smiled, scaring her .

“You You, being able to wait for you before I leave has already made me very happy . However, thinking that I have to lose you again makes me very upset . What should I do?”

“I…” Sima You Yue saw the pain in his eyes . She could no longer say that she was not You You .

After a moment, she asked what she was the most curious about, “It’s been so many years, how did your soul survive this long?”

“Sealed it . ” Azure said, “When I realised that you had indeed disappeared, I sealed myself until you would return . Because I sealed myself, although millions and millions of years passed, I remained .

“But you said that you were going to disappear…”

“This seal can only buy me some time . But once the seal is released, I will disappear . As for the way to release the seal, that would be you using your blood to open the door to this little realm . ”


Sima You Yue didn’t know what to say . In order to wait for the one he had loved the most, he had chosen this kind of method . He had sealed himself for ten million years . He had waited for ten million years just to see her again .

Although the one he was waiting for was not her, she was still moved .

“You You, you are her, but you are also not her . Your physique is rather special, however, it is still incomplete . You are in a bit of danger . ” Azure siad, “But, there is not enough time…”

He placed a hand on her shoulder and her clothes slowly turned to ashes . She was a little embarrassed as she was left with only a little red undergarment .

Sima You Yue didn’t think that he would suddenly destroy her clothes . Before she said anything, she could feel a bout of aura enter her body . Then, her back began to heat up, and it was the same as when she saw the black lotus from before .

When Azure came behind her, her perfect back only had two little lines, it was extremely enticing .

He looked directly at her perfect back and saw a black lotus slowly appear . Its long stalk slowly extended below her waist, on it were nine beautiful petals .

It looked exactly like the black lotus on the door of the little realm .

Azure watched as the black lotus slowly appeared, his eyes filling with tenderness . He stretched forth a finger, stroking every petal, as if he was caressing his most beloved one .

“Inside your body flows the bloodline of You You’s clan . ”

Sima You Yue did not know how long her back continued to burn for, but she felt as if her bones were going to turn to ashes . Just as she could take it no longer, an icy chill brushed away her pain .

And what he said filled her heart with surprise .

She had the bloodline of the black lotus?

“Only those with her bloodline will be able to inherit her soul . ” Azure continued .

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