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Chapter 813: 813

Chapter 813: Poisoned

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“Ten Fragrance Powder!” Han Miao Shuang lay on the ground and her expression changed the moment she thought of the item that Jiang Jun Xian just took out .

“Ten Fragrance Powder? What is that?” Kong Xiang Yi guessed it, but she still asked .

“A kind of powder that turns your muscles and tendons soft . Even a monarch ranked expert will lose his strength in the face of it . He won’t be able to move his spiritual energy . Not only that, it is effective against one’s mental strength and it can also break all connections with spatial items . ” Han Miao Shuang explained, “Very few powers possess this medicine . ”

Sima You Yue understood now . It was no wonder her connection to the spirit pagoda was severed .

“I just knew you’d be able to recognise it . ” Jiang Jun Xian said .

“When did you poison us?” Han Miao Shuang asked .

“Was it not just now?”

“No . Just now was just the trigger . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “Ten Fragrance Powder requires one to first get poisoned, and then you release the trigger . If there was no trigger, the poison would disperse in our bodies on the tenth day . ”

Which was why, if they did not stop him, he did not want to fall out completely .

“It should be when we were looking at the picture in the house . ” Sima You Yue said, “At that time, did we not detect a light scent? That should have been the time we smelled the ten fragrance powder . ”

“That’s right . ” Jiang Jun Xian waved his sleeves, and no longer cared about them . He lowered his head and looked at the Sky Splitter Devil Sword, “I thought that they were just rumors . Who would have thought that it really existed . ”

He put on that silk glove and touched the crystal coffin gently, not anxious to get it at all .

“It’s already been asleep for such a long time . Only a small portion of its devil characteristics remain . I’ll need some fresh blood to awaken it . ”

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He looked at the person on the ground and came beside Ximen Feng, wanting to use him to awaken the Sky Splitter .

“Don’t touch him!” Sima You Yue cried out .

Jiang Jun Xian turned around to look at him . Her expression was more serious that before, and her eyes continued to watch him, showing him how serious she was .

If he dared to touch Ximen Feng, she would chase after him and kill him, if she had to die trying .

“You want to kill me . ” Jiang Jun Xian saw the murderous intent in her eyes . Her eyes were filled with violence and the hand with which he gripped Ximen Feng with could not help but tighten .

“You know how much I’ve put in to rescue him . You know how important he is to me . ” Sima You Yue siad, “If you dare to kill him, I’ll make you pay! If you don’t kill him, I won’t kill you either . After all, I still call you my Eldest Senior . ”

Jiang Jun Xian was appeased by her address of Eldest Senior . He looked at Ximen Feng for a little longer and tossed him on the ground .

Ximen Feng was currently mobilising the qi in his body . Although that qi had been refined by him that time, he could still mobilise it . Although it took a lot of effort, if he wanted to kill him, he would have used that bout of qi to fight back .

He didn’t think that he would be let off this easy .

Jiang Jun Xian tossed a glance at Kong Xiang Yi, thinking of catching her . After walking two steps forward, he stopped .

He returned beside the coffin and bent over to pick up the Sky Splitter, examining the surface carefully .

The sharp point of the sword gleamed in the dark . When it landed on his face, a chill rose from the bottom of his heart .

However, that chill did not quench the rage in his eyes . He seemed to see himself standing at the summit of the world, hand holding the Sky Splitter, worshipped by ten thousand men .

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He hurriedly placed the Sky Splitter down, and the scene in front of him disappeared .

“What a powerful devil sword . Although so many years had passed, a mere glance at it will set the heart racing . ”

He bent over and picked the sword’s scabbard up and placed Sky Splitter inside . That evil qi was sealed inside it .

“The devil sword has a very strong devil characteristic . Jiang Jun Xian, you can’t take it out . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

Han Miao Shuang took off his silk glove . When he heard what Han Miao Shuang said, he placed the sword beside her neck with a swish .

“If you keep talking, I’ll use you to awaken it . ”

Even though it was sheathed inside the scabbard, Han Miao Shuang could feel the chill . However, she did not fear .

“You won’t . If you wanted to kill us, you wouldn’t have used ten fragrance powder . ” She looked at Jiang Jun Xian, “Although you’ve stopped concealing your aura and you’ve changed completely, it won’t change the fact that you’re someone who’s lived with us for tens of years . You won’t kill us . ”

“You’re smarter than you usually are . ” Jiang Jun Xian kept the sword away and everyone let out a breath .

“Jiang Jun Xian . I have something to ask you . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Since I’m in a good mood right now, go ahead . ” Jiang Jun Xian carrassed the Sky Splitter, incredibly fond of it but he did not unsheath it casually .

“The qi spirit . Did it have anything to do with your backer?” Sima You Yue asked .

“No . ”

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“Of course . ” Jiang Jun Xian did not seem to be lying, “Before coming to the violet water swamp, I didn’t know about this . I didn’t even think about it before seeing that qi spirit . ”

“Which is why, at that time, you really came because you were accompanying me?”

“Kind of . ” Jiang Jun Xian did not admit it, neither did he deny it .

At that time, he had really come to protect her, but what his deeper motive was… known only to him .

“Alright, it’s now my turn to ask you . ” He kept Sky Splitter away and knelt beside Sima You Yue, asking, “Where is Little Seven?”

“Even if I knew, I wouldn’t’ tell you . ” Sima You Yue didn’t think that he would bring Little Seven up at a time like this . It was a good thing that she had remained inside the Spirit Pagoda and didn’t come out at all .

“What are you asking about Little Seven for?” Han Miao Shuang didn’t know what Jiang Jun Xian was thinking .

“Of course I want to bring her back . ” Jiang Jun Xian said .

“Bring her back? She’s a student of the sect . ”

“Student?” Jiang Jun Xian stood up, “Can the Eye of the Earth really be considered as a student?”

“Eye of the Earth?”

“What, did you not know that Little Seven was the Eye of the Earth?” Jiang Jun Xian raised his eyebrows . It seemed that the sect had done a good job keeping this a secret .

However, seeing You Yue’s reaction, she should have guessed it earlier .

“My other mission is to bring back the Eye of the Earth . ” Jiang Jun Xian said, “Junior Brother, hand her over . ”

“Little Seven isn’t here . ” Sima You Yue would never admit it, “If you want to look for her, you should go to the sect . ”

“Little Seven isn’t in the sect, that much is clear to me . ” Jiang Jun Xian stood up, saying, “Actually, with the Sky Splitter, I can already go back and clear my mission . I have no interest in the Eye of the Earth . It’s fine to me whether I have her or not . Today, on the account that we were both disciple brothers, I’ll let her off . However, I still have to report everything about you guys, without lacking a bit of detail . ”

Sima You Yue suspicious . She thought that he would ask about Little Seven relentlessly . She didn’t think that he would only mention it without truly wanting to snatch her away .

However, if he didn’t want to take her, why would he mention her?

“I really do not want to take your lives today, since we have lived together for a while . The ten fragrance powder will only last a few days . You’ll be fine after a few days . ” Jiang Jun Xian finished speaking as he stepped over her body, preparing to leave .


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