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Chapter 81: Causing trouble (1)

"You Yue, how do you have the bitter-sweet smelling grass?" Wei Zi Qi asked in surprise.

"I harvested it the last time when I had nothing better to do." Sima You Yue explained, "Since we have the Bitter-sweet smelling grass, what should we do next?"

"We should set the bitter-sweet smelling grass on fire and the gas that it releases will drift over there. At that time, the knockout drug will be remedied." Wei Zi Qi explained.

"Will this work?" Fatty Qu asked.

"We'll know whether or not it works by testing it out." Sima You Yue lit the bitter-sweet smelling grass in her hands on fire.

Although the bitter-sweet smelling grass had the word 'bitter' in its name, the gas that it produced actually carried an almost indiscernible smell. The smell extended out from her hands, stealthily drifting over to where the camp was.


When they smelled the fragrance, because those few spirit beasts who had just been caught were not under the effects of the knockout medicine for a long period of time, they were not deeply affected by it. When they smelled the fragrance of that bitter-sweet smelling grass, they began to exhibit some signs of aggression.

"What's wrong with this guy?" When they saw the reactions of those spirit beasts, Hao You Cai remarked, "Elder Mu, there shouldn't be any issues with the things you gave us, right?"

"There won't be." Great teacher Mu ascertained, "Didn't those previous beasts all turn out fine?"

He just said those words when two men dashed over anxiously towards the campsite, saying agitatedly, "Boss, the Spirit Beasts inside appear not to be in good condition, it looks like the effect of the knockout medicine is beginning to wear off."

"How can this be?! The knockout medicine I have should last a month before wearing off." Great Teacher Mu said with confidence.

"Haha, it must be that you've done too many bad things that the knockout medicine no longer works!" Qing Wu Ya laughed loudly.

"You're talking nonsense!" Hao You Yue immediately threw a punch at Qing Wu Ya's face, directly sending him flying.

"This guy knows what we've done and will be a liability if we leave him on this earth." Great Teacher Mu looked icily at Qing Wu Ya.

"Great Teacher Mu is right, come, let's send the young commander on a journey." Hao You Cai said.

"Yes, Boss!" Two of the men responded as they took out their double edged swords, preparing to kill Qing Wu Ya.

The voice that resounded throughout the area caused the two men to pause, then they suddenly had the impression that a person flashed in front of them before they had been sent flying.

Qing Wu Ya had initially closed his eyes and waited to die, regretting that he had come here all alone. However, the pain that he had expected did not come. After that, he heard the cry of the two men and opened his eyes to see a distinct silhouette standing in front of him.

"Little Sister Bei Gong?" Qing Wu Ya said with disbelief.

"Big Brother Qing, are you okay?" Sima You Yue and Ouyang Fei came out from their hiding place, looking at Qing Wu Ya and asked.

Qing Wu Ya shook his head, saying, "I'm fine. What are you guys doing here?"

"We happened to pass by and saw that they were going to kill you." Sima You Yue said.

They initially thought that these people were from some great clans since they had been sent flying at their hands, but they never expected that it would be three brats who still stank of their mother's milk.

"You three are so young, but you actually learnt how to be busybodies. So, if you lose your lives, you shouldn't blame anyone." Hao You Cai coldly said.

Sima You Yue and the other three had bumped into and ruined their plans, furthermore, they were acquainted with Qing Wu Ya, so they would definitely not allow them to leave this place.

"Another three have come to meet their deaths!" Great Teacher Mu furrowed his eyebrows, saying, "We can't let others find out about our plans. Since they are together, we should send them on the same journey."

These heartless words were said, showing that these few lives were worth less than ants to them.

"You want to kill us, but that really depends on whether or not you all have the ability!" Sima You Yue smiled and said.

"Haha, what kind of ability would we need to deal with the three of you?" Hao You Yue guffawed loudly and said, "Any two men of ours would be able to take care of you! Ah Cao, Ah Cai, two of you go."

"Yes, Boss." These two large people walked out from the group and smiled coldly towards Sima You Yue and the rest as they drew closer. "Kids, if you want to blame anything, blame it on yourselves for being busybodies and for finding out about our plans. Throughout the times, dead men are the best at keeping their mouths shut."

"Ah Cao, why are you still speaking so much rubbish to them. Aren't you going to make a move!" Hao You Cai urged.

Sima You Yue and Ouyang Fei exchanged glances and watched Ah Cao and Ah Cai who were coming closer. The two of them took action at the same time, running towards them and sending them flying when they were off guard.

Ouyang took a step back, not rushing to meet the person that he had sent flying, shooting a glance at Sima You yue instead.

He had always been training his own body, so his body could handle more than a double edged sword master. It wasn't a big deal to send a Spirit Master flying. What really surprised him was that Sima You Yue would actually be so strong that he could actually send an adult flying.

It appears that it was not that his body was very agile; his strength was what shocked a person.

"Damn your mother!"

Ah Cao and Ah Cai felt it as they were sent flying by those two children and felt that they had lost face in front of their teammates. Especially since Great Teacher Mu was still standing there watching.

However, they thought that it was because they were overconfident that allowed these two brats to take advantage of gaps in their defenses. So, the two of them crawled back up from the ground to charge towards Sima You yue and the rest.

"Run!" Sima Youe Yue shouted loudly as she began to run away from the camp site.

She had just finished speaking when she realised that Ouyang Fei was already one step ahead of her.


Although this was something that they had discussed beforehand, she never expected that Ouyang Fei would move so quickly.

The two of them had already fully explored the entire place. They had not run far, and instead, were just going around in circles around the campsite. Ah Cao and Ah Cai were panting heavily from chasing them but were completely unable to catch up.

"Quickly chase after them, we can't let them get away!" Great Teacher Mu shouted.

"Quickly, quickly chase! If we let them get away, I'll definitely have your heads!" Hao You Yue also threatened.

As a result, a few more people joined the group to chase after them.

Qing Wu Ya saw that everyone's attention had been drawn by Sima You Yue and the rest. However, if he wanted to escape, he would definitely be noticed.

He walked beside Bei Gong Tang and whispered, "Little Sister Bei Gong, in a moment, I will draw their attention, and you must take advantage of the situation to run away quickly."

"My mission is to protect you, not to run away!" Bei Gong Tang cooly said, "We just have to press on for a little longer and it will be fine."

Qing Wu Ya saw that Bei Gong Tang appeared completely at ease and thought about how there were still two more people that were not present. He guessed that they had some kind of plan and no longer urged her to leave.

A few more people started to chase them and although Sima You Yue and Ouyang Fei's abilities were not bad, it was hard for a pair of fists to fight against four, especially since their side had so many people. The two of them were eventually pressured to come together as those mercenaries formed a group, encircling the two of them in the centre.

"Brats, where can you can run to now?!" Ah Cao never thought that they would actually spend so much time to surround these two people in the centre. These two people were just like mudfish, every time they were about to catch them they would always manage to escape.

"Run?" Sima You Yue looked at the people who were encircling them and shook her head, saying, "Right now, the ones who should run are not us, but you all."

"Haha, right now, you are about to go meet Yama the King of Hell, but you are actually still trying to scare us…"


Ah Cai had not even finished speaking when a roar came from inside the tent. After that, Spirit Beasts started to roar, one after the other, scaring all those who were at the campsite.

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