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Chapter 806: 806

Chapter 806: The last great emperor of the ancient times

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With one hand, she held onto the oil lamp . With another, she held onto the rusty knife .

“These two are the core of the array?” Han Miao Shuang asked .

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “Eldest Senior Brother is right . This person is one who loves to live life . He loves drinking, which is why the wine glasses and dishes are arranged neatly . However, he doesn’t care for the oil lamp and rusty knife . However…”

“What?” Kong Xiang Yi ran over as well .

“Most people don’t use the things they like as the core of the array . However, this guy might end up doing the exact opposite . ” Sima You Yue put down the oil lamp and knife as she spoke . She took the wine jug and smashed it on the stone table . The inside of the stone table immediately changed .

The wine jug in the stone room was still there, as if the smashing didn’t even happen .

“The wine jug was the core?! How was it the wine jug? You Yue, how did you think of that?” Han Miao Shuang picked up the jug and looked at it . It was the same as the one Sima You Yue had smashed before .

“Guessed so . ” Sima You Yue said, “Alright . Since the array has already been broken, let us quickly be on our way . ”

“I was just saying that nothing would be a problem if you were with us . ” Han Miao Shuang said with confidence .

“You really believe in me . More than I believe in myself . ” Sima You Yue samiled .

If it were not for the array text that Wu Lingyu had given her, how would she have understood the array?

Now that she mentioned it, it had been a long time since she saw him . At that time, when she had entered the formless world, he had rushed back to see her . At that time, she realised that he was rather flustered .

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In the past, he would always be able to sense whenever she was hurt or upset . He would rush back to look for her . However, recently, when things had happened to her, he did not appear . He did not reply to her at all . Based on her understanding of him, he would not simply disappear without a trace . Even if not for her, he would come over and take a look at the contract .

This was why she was a little worried whether or not something had happened to him . The damned old undying man from the Sage Pavilion would watch over his body non stop . Could it be that the old guy had already done him in?

He had always been the one to help her . It seems that once she came out from her, she should check up on him .

The few of them continued to walk forwards and came to another few stone houses . There was nothing much else . After reaching the last house, they came to an underground cave .

The underground cave was around a few tens of metres wide and you couldn’t see the depths . It was probably a tunnel of darkness .

On top of the cave was a metal bridge . Opposite the bridge was a large door . No one knew what material the door was made out of . After so much time had passed, it didn’t seem weathered at all .

“We’ll reach the tomb if we keep walking forwards . ” Jiang Jun Zhe waved his hands towards the cliff as he looked pensively towards it .

“Jiang Jun Zhe, you damn guy, did you go to a lot of tombs already? You’re so familiar with them . Could it be that your clan changed its specialisation and started robbing graves?” Han Miao Shuang teased as she walked beside him .

Jiang Jun Zhe looked pointedly at her, saying, “Have you ever heard of a great emperor in the ancient era who had, because of a certain power, had to escape from the city as an outlaw?”

“Are you talking about the Azure Great Emperor?” Han Miao Shuang was wondering why he would suddenly talk about that person, but she still said what she knew . “They say that the Azure Great Emperor was the last great emperor of the ancient era . He was more favoured than any other great emperor . Later on, although other great emperors had appeared, they had never been able to reach his level . ”

“The Azure Great Emperor’s existence has always been an enigma . Those who passed down his stories were merely aware of a few things here and there . However, just based on those few stories, it made people rather expectant . ” Jiang Jun Zhe’s eyes filled with respect and awe as he spoke of those ancient great emperors .

Sima You Yue walked on ahead as she heard them listening .

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This was the second time she had heard of a great emperor after coming to the ancient primordial lands . The last time, she heard of Emperor Qingdao at the auction . Now, Azura Great Emperor was the second one .

“Why would you suddenly mention the Azure Great Emperor?” Han Miao Shuang asked .

“Do you guys know? The outer areas were not like they are now . It used to be a place that was suitable for cultivation, and there were many ancient civilizations that were flourishing beyond what we can imagine . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said, “Also, there used to be many who lived here . ”

“Was there a time where they were flourishing that much?” Sima You Yue asked with curiosity .

The ancient texts in the spirit pagoda didn’t mention this, so this was the first time she heard about this .

“That’s something that happened a long time ago . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said, “Because it’s been too long, not many people know about it anymore . ”

“Senior, how did you know?”

“I saw it once in an ancient text . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“Jiang Jun Zhe, is there something you know about?” Han Miao Shuang looked at him with narrowed eyes .

“In the ancient text, there was something written inside . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“What was it?”

“The azure Great Emperor had a lady he loved . When she died, he was devastated and buried her body in a place with a lot of feng shui . That place looked like a fire dragon that had spit out a pearl . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said softly .

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“No way? You’re saying that this is the place where that great emperor buried his beloved?” Su Xiao Xiao cried out .

“Oh damn, are you for real?” Han Miao Shuang couldn’t help but curse .

This news was too explosive! Everyone was struck silly .

“There’s more . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said, “The text said that, although the Azure Emperor did not have much accomplishments with cultivation, he was very powerful . For the sake of that girl, he left behind a divine knowledge to accompany her . ”

“It’s been a long time since a great emperor appeared . If we really got instructions from one, it would definitely be beneficial!” Kong Xiang Yi exclaimed, “Who knows, one of us might be the next great emperor . ”

Sima You Yue had zero interest in the divine knowledge of the Azure Emperor . So many years had passed, and so much had changed . Even if that divine knowledge had once been here, it would not still be there .

She was still more interested in the things he left behind .

However, since this place had that much Qi Spirit even if there was anything good here, it would have been reduced to waste .


Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but sigh .

Her sigh was like a bucket of cold water on their flaming enthusiasm . They had thought the same . Even if there was anything good in here, it wouldn’t have remained behind .

“However, even if there’s nothing good, the Azure Emperor’s tomb is still worth worth taking a look at . ” Han Miao Shuang was more optimistic as she beamed . She wasn’t disappointed much .

“Then we should continue going forward . ” Kong Xiang Yi said .

“Alright . ”

“They wanted to fly over to the cliff, but found that they couldn’t . They had no choice but to use the bridge . ”

“It’s such an old bridge . I wonder if it can support anyone . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“We’ll know once we try . ” Jiang Jun Zhe wasn’t worried at all as he walked forwards with large strides . He finally reached the end safely .

When they saw he was fine, Han Miao Shuang and the others walked over as well .

You Yue was the last and, once everyone had reached, she stepped on the little bridge . However, before she had reached the centre of the bridge, the bridge that was perfectly fine before, suddenly broke . She, along with the bridge, fell into the dark abyss below…

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