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Chapter 801

These people were donned in black, only revealing their eyes . Their gazes revealed cruelty and they had a cold aura on them .

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“It seems that the plan has failed . ” The person in charge had a long scar in the corner of his eye . Although his vision was narrowed, his gaze made people terrified .

“I didn’t expect those people to be able to escape from that place . ” A person in the back remarked .

“They are from Heavenly Sect . I’m afraid we cannot stay here anymore . ”

“We did not complete master’s mission . I’m afraid going back would be…”

Speaking of this, these people exude intense fear and anger .

“Let’s take a look inside . Since we can’t save this place, those things can still be saved . We can only raise them somewhere else . ”

They went to the underground mausoleum . After entering, they did not see what they expected .

“Where are the Qi spirits?” All of them were shocked .

The person in charge took out a whistle and blew twice . There was still no movement .

“Those Qi spirits are gone? Were they killed by those people just now?”

“How is it possible? There are numerous Qi spirits . There weren’t that many lightning attribute spirit masters . It’s already rare for them to come up from below . How could they kill all the Qi spirits . ” Someone immediately retorted .

“It’s really gone . ” The person in charge squeezed the whistle . If it wasn’t a spirit weapon, it would have been crushed by him .

“There were so many Qi spirits . They’re all killed? How is that possible?!”

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“It smells of deviant fire . ”

“Deviant fire… deviant fire and lightning are the natural enemies of Qi spirits . No wonder…”

“This time when we return . . ” Someone’s complexion instantly turned pale . He was completely stunned .

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”

At this moment, a subtle sound transmitted from inside . Then the sound grew louder and wasn’t distant from the tunnel .

“What is this sound?”

“Damn it, this is mirage worm! Run!”

A group of people hurried out and condensed a protective layer . They flew up in the sky, except for one person who did not move .

“What are you doing? Run! Do you want to be killed by the mirage worm?”

Unexpectedly, the person took off his face mask, and smiled at them . “You go, I won’t leave . ”

“What are you trying to do?”

“We failed our mission . If we go back, we’re only gonna be thrown there . It’s better to end myself here than have a slim chance of surviving over there . Anyone, when I get bitten by the mirage worm, there will be no pain when I die . ” That person finished and ran back into the mausoleum .

“Let’s go . ” There was a trace of hesitation in the person in charge . But he made his decision in an instant and took the rest away .

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Although there would be no pain dying like this . They were still willing to go back and gamble on the chance of survival .

“What now? Do we go back and report?”

After exiting the swamp, they were all depressed .

There was a flash of cruelness in the eye of the person in charge . “Going back now is a dead end . Let’s go to the next place . This time, we have to change the plan…”

Sima You Yue and the other returned to Jialing City and went to find an inn to stay .

Upon arriving at the inn, Fan Lei called Xue Rong and Xu Yuan Yuan, as well as Jiang Jun Zhe and Sima You Yue over .

He had planned to call Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao too . But one was too busy looking for something to eat, and the other was busy taking a shower .

“Since we all came back, aren’t you going to let me sleep . Principal, this is not right . ” Jiang Jun Zhe leaned lazily on Sima You Yue .

Fan Lei glanced at him and helplessly shook his head . He said nothing .

“Is there something principal called us for?” Sima You Yue asked .

“In fact, it’s nothing on you . I’m letting you partake . ” Fan Lei answered . “Xue Rong, although the mausoleum is not hard to find, it is not easy to find it underground . How do you know there was a mausoleum and sent someone down?”

His harsh questions startled Xue Rong and Xu Yuan Yuan .

“We heard it from others . ” Xue Rong replied .

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“Heard it from others? How did you hear people talk about such secretive things?” Big Wei asked .

“That day, we were on a mission in the mountains . When we passed by a resting place, I heard two people talking about a mausoleum in the Violet Water Swamp . They said that it recently experienced some changes and there were some fortuitous opportunities . Then everyone suggested to see . ” Xue Rong said .

“If there really were fortuitous opportunities, would they accidently let you hear it?” Sima You Yue said .

“We also thought so at the time, but they insisted on going . The people who believed in it went down, while those who did not waited for them . But in the end, only Yuan Yuan came up alone . ” Xie Rong reiterated . “After Yuan Yuan came up, she only said one thing – dead, they were all dead – fainted . Then we returned to the sect . ”

Sima You Yue pondered . “Xiang Yi said that Jing Wen and the group were nearby . They entered when they heard something . ”

“It’s all heard, then it is a coincidence!” Jiang Jun Zhe who was dozing off suddenly exclaimed .

“Someone deliberately released the word . ” Big Wei said .

“Deliberately releasing words out, so people would go in and provide spirit power to nurture those Qi spirits to make them stronger?” Xue Rong inferred .

“It’s probably so . ” Fan Lei commented .

“It’s not probably, it’s indeed someone is controlling this matter . ” Sima You Yue remarked .

“How are you so certain?” Little Wei asked .

“Before I left, I let some bees behind . They returned the news, saying that as soon as we left, people came out of the swamp . According to their conversation, the news were released by them . ” Sima You Yue said . “But these people were very obscure that they did not give any useful information . ”

“During that time, we didn’t detect other people in the swamp . The strength of these people should not be underestimated . ” Fan Lei spoke solemnly .

“They went down for a while . After coming out, they said that they will continue at other places . I think, maybe there are quite a few places like that . ” Sima You Yue added .

“They just gave up there?”

“They can only give up . There are no longer any Qi spirits underground . Their efforts were in vain . ” Sima You Yue said .

“What about the Qi spirits?”

“Before we came up, senior brothers left behind deviant fire . They should already be burnt . ” Sima You Yue answered .

Jiang Jun Zhe squinted at her and said nothing .

For the flames she released, it’s better to find time to ask her later .

“It’s thoughtful of you . Leaving behind some deviant fire to wipe out the Qi spirits . ”

“I wonder which force is behind this matter, and where are they going next?” Fan Lei said anxiously .

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