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Chapter 800: 800

As each minute, each second ticked by, Big Wei’s array was becoming more and more unstable from the siege of Qi spirits . It was on the verge of collapsing .

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Fortunately, the pills that Sima You Yue provided were useful . At this time, everyone had mostly recovered their spirit power .

“It’s about time . ” Big Wei stood up and spoke to the crowd .

“We should proceed according to the plan . ” Fan Lei said .

While they were waiting, Fan Lei and Kong Xiang Yi discussed countermeasures . They decided that one group would open the way while the other would cover from behind .

“I’ll go last . ” Sima You Yue said .

The Qi spirits in front were decreasing while they were increasing in numbers behind . So those in the back would face more pressure .

“You Yue, you should go in the front . ” Kong Xiang Yi was worried for Sima You Yue .

“Right, if you are in the front, we won’t go into dangerous places . ”

“Big Wei and Little Wei are in the front . There shouldn’t be any problems . ” Sima You Yue said . “I have lightning . Principal Fan should be more clear on it . ”

Fan Lei understood Sima You Yue’s meaning . She was able to invoke heavenly tribulation . So her lightning was no ordinary lightning .

“Alright, you go in the back . ” Fan Lei agreed .

“Then we’ll also be in the back . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“You all? Be in the back…” Fan Lei wanted to say that they would only drag others down if they go behind . After Jiang Jun Zhe shot out a flame ball, he retracted the other part of the word .

Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao also shot out two flame balls .

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He glanced at the three senior brothers and sister . “Since you all possessed the deviant flame, then go to the back . Remember, if you can’t hold one, go to the front immediately . If you die, your master will be mad . ”

“Of course we know . We are not stupid . ” Han Miao Shuang retracted the flame and clapped her hands .

“Now’s that the case, everyone else should open a way ahead . ” Fan Lei told the others . “Others will be in the center . Everyone, be prepared . ”

“Teacher Big Wei, take that passage over there . ” Sima You Yue pointed to the leftmost passage .

Big Wei nodded . When his array broke, he immediately attacked the small bump that Sima You Yue found .



The lightning attribute spirit masters immediately attacked the passage that Sima You Yue indicated, and the foremost spirit beasts were struck by lightning .


Those spirit masters forged ahead as they attacked and entered the passage . As the others entered, Sima You Yue’s group of four stayed behind .

“I haven’t fought using deviant fire before . Now I can test its power . ” Han Miao Shuang bought her hands together and chuckled .

“Don’t laugh, fight!” Su Xiao Xiao shot out a green flame and burnt all the Qi spirits that were rushing forward .

Jiang Jun Zhe also fired a flame . The flame was like a lotus flying towards another passage .

Han Miao Shuang’s flame turned into a red whip . Her long whip flicked and swept across .

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Sima You Yue hadn’t made a move when the three of them finished the first horde .

“Go . ”

Han Miao SHuang pulled Sima You Yue along as she entered the passage, then Su Xiao Xiao entered, followed by Jiang Jun Zhe at last .

When Sima You Yue saw their flames, she knew she didn’t have to worry .

Like she said, why are these guys so calm . They must have other methods .

She didn’t expect that all three of them possessed deviant fire . She was really surprised to see the three of them so inconspicuous .

With the spirit masters making way, and Jiang Jun Zhe backing up, they quickly passed through the passage .

“It turns out we are not far from the exit . ” Jing Wen sighed .

“It’s not far, but there are many arrays here . If we don’t avoid them, we will be walking to other places . We may go further and further away . ” Little Wei explained .

“Since we are out, let’s get out quickly . ” A teacher suggested .

They came down without understanding the situation and suffered for it . At present, there were only a few lightning attribute spirit masters . If the Qi spirits caught up, it would be dangerous .

At this moment, Sima You Yue’s group of four came out .

“Let’s return to the continent first . ” Fan Lei started when they came out .

Everyone condensed a protective layer and flew upwards . Sima You Yue followed . She pondered for a bit and threw a flame down while ascending .

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Jiang Jun Zhe and Han Miao Shuang saw her do this . They also shot some flames down .


After the four of them left, those Qi spirits wanted to pursue but they were blocked by a spirit ward . They hadn’t retreated when they were swallowed by flames .

Little Birdie transformed into a big Birdie and flew in from the entrance and carried the two flames, sweeping across the mausoleum . All the Qi spirits that were close in pursuit were burnt .

Xue Rong and Xu Yuan Yuan were waiting at the swamp . They were both anxious when they saw they were not coming out after a long time .

“Rong Rong, will the principal and them be alright?” Xu Yuan Yuan’s complexion wasn’t very good . Although the poison was relieved, she did not fully recover .

“They should be . ” Xue Rong was not sure . They really took too long .

But neither of them could do nothing . If something happened to them, they could only return for backup .


The sound of muddy water splashing caught the attention of the two . A figure emerged from the muddy water .

“It’s the sect teacher!” Xu Yuan Yuan exclaimed in surprise . “Great, they are fine!”

Xue Rong was relieved . The sect teachers were alright, then everyone else should be alright .

Soon, the people below all came up .

“Principal” Xue Rong and her greeted them . They noticed that none of them were seriously injured, only some clothes were ripped and some were bloodstained .

In addition, there were some unfamiliar faces . They should be the people that were saved .

“Let’s go to the city first . ” Fan Lei said .

“Principal, do we just ignore the things below? What if they come out to hurt people?” A teacher asked .

“Qi spirits can only move in the mausoleum . They cannot leave . ” Big Wei answered .  “And we have reactivated the array outside . The feng shui will return to its original state, and those Qi spirits will naturally disappear . ”

Those teachers felt relieved from the explanation and said nothing more .

Since they would not come out and endanger people . Their sect did not need to worry too much . As for whether anyone will enter, this was not their responsibility .

Sima You Yue, Jiang Jun Zhe, and the others looked at the sky . They did not mention their arson .

“Let’s go back . I have something to ask you later . ” Fan Lei looked at Xue Rong and her companion .

Kong Xiang Yi also ordered the Kong Valley people to return to the city .

The group of people left on flying beasts . Shortly afterwards, several people came out of the swamp, watching in the direction of their departure .

Their location was not far from Fan Lei’s group . But even he did not detect there people hiding in the swamp… .

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