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Chapter 797: 797

Chapter 797: Qi Spirit

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The lightning she condensed wasn’t strong, but it frightened the people present .

The spirit beast that was struck instantly turned into a small speck and vanished in midair .

This time, no similar spirit beast appeared again .



Sima You Yue took advantage of the stupefaction of the spirit beasts and the humans to strike down twice more and dispersed the two spirit beasts .

“Use the lightning attribute, quickly use the lightning attribute!” Kong Xiang Yi shouted .

There were still a few people here who possessed lightning attributes . Although their powers were not as pure as You Yue, their effect would still be good if they hit the spirit beasts .

Half of the spirit beasts that besieged them were wiped out a while later, and the rest after seeing that their casualties of their companions retreated, as if they were an organization .

“They…retreated?” Those people couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the spirit beasts retreating like a tide .

“Although I don’t know why, it’s good they retreated . ”

When Fan Lei saw the spirit beasts retreat, he recalled the first lightning bolt that Sima You Yue struck . He curiously asked, “You Yue, how did you known that lightning is deterrent ot them?”

“I guess . ” Sima You Yue replied .

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“How did you guess?” Fan Lei asked .

“…” Sima You Yue silently looked at the guy who had a desire to get to the bottom of everything . “Because they are not real spirit beasts . ”

“Not real spirit beasts?”

Everyone’s attention was drawn over as if waiting for her to explain .

“These spirit beasts matched those in the ancient books . Some are from antiquity and some are from the ancient times . ” Sima You Yue said . ” No spirit beasts can live this so long, so they can’t live until now . If they’re sealed in the spirit stones and recently break out of their seals, their strength would not be this weak . And there won’t be so many spirit stones in the mausoleum . This is neither an ancient mine nor a relic of an antiquity sect .

“So you guess they are fake?”

“Yes . ”

“But you said that we aren’t in an illusion array . ” Someone asked .

“Those are not illusions!” Sima You Yue remarked . “It is not related to the illusion array . ”

“Then what are they?”

“It’s some Qi spirit . ” SIma You Yue replied .

“Qi spirit? What is that?”

It was a strange term for many people, it was the first time they heard of it .

“They’re spirit beasts formed from Qi spirit under a certain environment . They will form the type of spirit beast that existed during that period . But they are weaker than the real ones . ” Big Wei explained .

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“This mausoleum is isolated from outside with a spirit ward . So when the environment here changes, they are formed by the Qi spirit . ” Little Wei said . “No wonder they are so weak, so it was this”

“Has the Qi spirit’s power always been this weak?”

“No . Their power would increase with time . If they are beaten, they’ll absorb our spirit power and form a more powerful Qi spirit . ” Big Wei said .

“That’s right, I discovered that after killing some of them, more powerful ones appeared . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Their strengths are so low, it should be because they formed not long ago . If you encounter one who formed a long time ago, it would not be easy to deal with . ”

“But… . if the spirit power is tonic to the Qi spirit, why can lightning attribute?”

“In fact, fire is also possible, but ordinary flames are useless . Unless you have the deviant flame . ” Sima You Yue explained . “After all, this Qi spirit is an abnormal thing, and lightning attributes is it’s natural counter so it would work . ”


A scream came from deep within the mausoleum, making everyone’s heart stirred .

“Miss, it’s our valley’s brother . ” A man beside Kong Xiao Yi spoke .

“Let’s go and see . ” Kong Xiang Yi also recognized the voice to be someone she knew . She led people rushing over .

“We’ll also go over to see . ” Fan Lei commanded and the people of the sect followed .

They passed a long corridor . After exiting the corridor, they weren’t able to hear anything outside, as if they entered a silent world .

“Today, we’re inside the array . ” Big Wei didn’t panic, instead he worked together with Little Wei and broke the array quickly .

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They seemed to be in a huge cave at this time . There were passages in all directions, and they weren’t sure where to go .

Although the formation was broken, they couldn’t hear Jing Wen’s voice . But it was not as quiet as just then .

“I heard their voice just then, why can’t I now?” Kong Xiang Yi was puzzled .

We should have gone astray from their direction when we came in . ” Little Wei said . “There are many arrays here, everywhere . Maybe different arrays will lead us to different ground levels .

“What should we do? We don’t even know where they are now . ” Kong Xiang Yi said anxiously .

“Don’t panic, Xiang Yi . ” Sima You Yue assured . “There are many arrays here . I think they probably are not far . They should be near us . We just need to find their way . ”

“But it’s so dangerous here, how do we find them?” Han Miao Shuang grabbed her shoulder . “Don’t go running around . How dangerous would it be if you encountered a trap array . This is an antiquity mausoleum, who knows what is inside it . ”

Sima You Yue saw the worry in Han Miao Shuang’s eyes, she smiled, “I won’t run around . I will let people find it for us . ”

“Who will you ask?”

Sima You Yue summoned hundreds of Scarlet bees . After explaining to them, they flew to the various passages .

Currently, the number of scarlet bees in the Spirit Pagoda skyrocketed . Several hundreds of them were a drop of a bucket to her . At this rate, she wasn’t sure if the scarlet bees would flood .

Should she have the Scarlet Queen Bee controlled her reproduction?

“Scarlet bee!” The teacher of the sect recognized the scarlet bee . After the scarlet bees left, they turned their eyes to Sima You Yue .

“Little junior brother, why do I have so many scarlet bees? Several hundreds of them came out?” Han Miao Shuang looked at Sima You Yue with bright eyes . She excitedly exclaimed, “You have all these scarlet bees, do you have scarlet honey?”

“I do . ”

“You do?! Why don’t you share some with me, little junior brother . You’re too stingy . ” Han Miao Shuang poked at her head .

“Didn’t you eat it before?” Sima You Yue grabbed her finger . “Everytime, I barbecue, I add honey…”

“Are you saying it’s scarlet honey?” Han Miao Shuang cried out .

“Yes . I only have scarlet honey, what else could it be?”

“Like I said, the taste of honey was different from the past! Aahhhh… . I actually ate scarlet honey yet I didn’t know!”

Jiang Jun Zhe and Su Xiao Xiao were shocked, but they wouldn’t act as embarrassingly as her!

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